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  1. My direct GSP to MIA flight in October was canceled and rebooked on a connecting, so sounds like AA might have changed that routes offering.
  2. Starting @ $750k, then there is $825k options and $850k options. Home | Norden on Stone
  3. They started clearing the land this week. Also looked like quite a bit of activity today @ old Rite Aid rehab for the Prisma office.
  4. Hopefully they still have the brewery lined up for the first floor/rooftop.
  5. Gville2012

    The West End

    I think it was announced a while ago. Random thought... but dont the two evergreen trees in the middle seem like a very odd placement? It basically eliminates the ability to utilize the courtyard area when someone is on stage. Seems like shade trees would be a much better option.
  6. Planned is an art gallery and artist residency/airbnb with the intent of hosting international artists.
  7. I think it is one sided, presumably, because of the parking garage next to it that could be something different in the future.
  8. I saw the sign this weekend, how disappointing.
  9. I believe there was pushback from North Main regarding traffic, so this was the compromise.
  10. Anyone know is 225 E. Stone Ave (Old Bo Stegall Salon) across from Universal Joint sold? They tore it down last week. 225 E Stone Ave, Greenville, SC 29609 | LoopNet Also - The townhouse project Blom is doing (Norden on Stone) has a website and based on Blom's IG page there should be some progress here very soon. Home | Norden on Stone
  11. Ah makes sense, I thought it was the opposite corner.
  12. This is a pretty prominent corner, right? I cant image someone paid $2.5 for the building there.
  13. This stinks... my guess is partially due to decreased lunch crowd w. more people working from home vs in office still. I always felt like it had potential and filled a nice void downtown, but it was never consistent and pretty pricey for what it was.
  14. Gville2012

    The West End

    I for one really hope they don't eliminate the painted advertisements... adds so much character in my opinion.
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