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  1. Is there retail space on the other end of the building?
  2. So looks like residential now vs the boutique hotel originally planned. I wonder if condo or apartment,
  3. I feel like that sign has been there for years...
  4. I bet a second location... they just remodeled that location to add a bar, however I cannot confirm.
  5. Gville2012

    The West End

    Looks like the listing was just updated last month https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/1122-S-Main-St-Greenville-SC/7973443/
  6. They told me that location was completely closing.
  7. Must have changed plans. Pharmacy moving to E. North soon and full store closed by mid-June.
  8. Rite Aid officially closing mid-June. They are clearing the store out and pharmacy service is moving to E. North Walgreens soon. No word on future of the site... anyone have any insight?
  9. Anyone know what is going on with the townhomes next to WestStone on Stone Ave?
  10. There is a huge backup... means lots going on. Its the same for single family residential. Looking to do something simple like a garage can take 1-2 months just permits.
  11. Maybe they accidentally posted on their website too early? I do not remember hearing about all of these businesses.... http://www.commonsgvl.com/#foodie-haven They also posted some pics/videos from groundbreaking on their instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_commons_gvl/
  12. Wow - Nice addition, and something somewhat new to Greenville. Been there multiple times in Ashville and never let down. Seems to be quite a few things going on down Laurens. Cant help but think how nice it'd be to have spinx plaza redone...
  13. I believe the owners were just doing updates. There has been an "available' sign on it throughout the upfit. Inside is still unfinished, although they did fully divide into two separate interiors (obviously this could be changed fairly easily).
  14. The condo/office building crane base was in last night when I walked by.
  15. Was this just listed? Nearly $7MM still seems high for this, right? Interested to see what comes based on Gman's insights...
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