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  1. I heard Mikes Cheesesteak and CocoBowlz were taking two of the spaces in the West End (not sure which) and moving out of Gather.
  2. Also - Does anyone know who bought the land the townhomes are ultimately going to be built on? Seems like everyone of the townhome type projects that get built sell out very quickly.
  3. There still hasn't been any tenants announced for this, correct?
  4. So they did end up connecting the garage to the Bowalter garage I see, which is what the pillars in question were for a few weeks back.
  5. I thought Column street was planned to be abandoned as part of the Northpointe project anyway?
  6. Gville2012

    The West End

    Seems odd to me... there are already so many coffee shops on Main St, including one across the street... although no drive throughs. We certainly have pizza, tacos, and coffee covered downtown! Applicant is SBX 100 Main St. LLC so would lead me to believe it is a Starbucks... making it the third on Main.
  7. Gville2012

    The West End

    I saw that earlier this week also, then drove by today and it was gone.
  8. Gville2012

    The West End

    I sure hope this thing happens!
  9. Did we know it was 'official' that Larkins was moving to below the G'ville news building?
  10. Gville2012

    The West End

  11. When I drove by last night the street was closed. Not sure if it has been, or if maybe they were closing it in preparation of the arrival?
  12. Maybe this is the restaurant - Barberitos for NorthPointe. Hopefully they can land some quality tenants, but not a bad start albeit a chain. https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/real-estate/new-barberitos-location-coming-to-stone-avenue/?fbclid=IwAR3QQL1URrM5eeJFvrfCcivFD6xKVg1Lo-baVev2SKmpOmrIkFavys6yH2U Still curious to see what they do with the out-parcels at Column St. and at the corner of Stone and Wade Hampton.
  13. https://gvltoday.6amcity.com/pods/22606/nourish-greenville-announcement/ Bath Products - They are out of Savannah.
  14. I know this isnt the exact plan, Page 27 really gives a great view of the impact this could have on the foot print of what we now consider downtown, and growth it could drive even outside of this development around Church and the West End. With everything that is happening with the park to the west and down Academy the footprint is sure to continue to evolve.
  15. Yeah I knew O-ku, it was something else.
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