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  1. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    The good 'ol Dixie Doodle Lounge. Dad would take that way back after the shaq-penny days. --Wait, are we in the coffee house???
  2. Church Street Station

    $5 it becomes a chipotle by year end?
  3. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    The only bad and crime breaking thing is located on this thread about this subject matter. Good lord. It's a soccer match with 25k neighbors. Not a bum fight. Get over yourself. You need to walk and drink.
  4. That is not the right rendering for that location.
  5. Mills/50

    Will the Racetrac roller dogs have white sauce?
  6. The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    Waiting for the bald eagle to fly the nest.
  7. Creative Village [Proposed]

    Arizona State duplicate. Could you imagine the spur being utilized with electric small instead of sunrail?
  8. While you toast the yupps, you can peer over and check out the vagrants and shake fists!
  9. Other Metro Area Projects

    Laterial from Cubic.
  10. Creative Village [Proposed]

    That Gainesville cityTarget and hipPublix next door across OBT are really, really nice. Again, we come to the point in this thread about where the babyWalmart will go. CV? Or OrlandoSentinel?
  11. They built a better parking garage probably...
  12. Trails / Bicycle Infrastructure

    Lots of twisted ankles at Food & Wine with those curbs added on Robinson. Should just be an elevated bike lane with a widened redone sidewalk at the same grade IMO.
  13. Lake Nona - Medical City

    DriveShack opens in a week or 2.
  14. Parking lot, just like all the other ABC renos.