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  1. Mooresville NC has a great one in that. Giant antique mall, brewery, restaurants. A delight indeed.
  2. You mean Alafaya/McCollough. No tis not. That is the OG "Club Publix" however. Even though it's in Seminole county...
  3. Stop at Buc-ee's and get a brisket sammich while you drive back to boring duval. You seem hangry. Lol.
  4. I like pork. Brightline OCC beeline garage stop!!!! Do it!!!! Big ol curve right into downtown disney beside btu2!!! Amazing!!! Do it!!! Damn y'all, do it!!!
  5. Price you pay, deal wit it, or move. Simple.
  6. Several of that era format still littered around outlying areas. Big whoop though imo.
  7. jgardnerucf


    They're still all along i10 in Lawzeeanna.
  8. Welp, just kidding, order placed for tomorrow to dt. (Still nothing can f with Shipt, gold standard imo.)
  9. Hell no. Out of radius. They can only stare down 50 and wish. Btw, WD is murdering PB on the memorial day weekend MEAT! Just sayin'...
  10. Fyi: NO RELATION! I suggest she move to Lake Nona and quit yer yuppie beotchin!
  11. No one stops at 'em on OBT or Hillsborough. If you do, brace yourself and watch your mirror for rear end collision.
  12. Aren't all the street bikes and rice burners in hunters creek anyway? Lol
  13. Traffic light city and 3 swaths of school zones letting out back to back to back sucks.
  14. Self explanatory annual event.
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