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  1. All that townhome, housing, and orange groves was supposed to be golf course before collapse, surrounding that Hilton. (Mirror World Marriott and mirror JW.)
  2. Sheesh, ya musta lost some Lol. How about you go to that gem in Ft. Pierce then.
  3. Airport Blvd being renamed to Dr. MLKjr Blvd in Melbourne. Like our Division Ave should be renamed to Envision Ave.
  4. The outraged lady at having to change her drivers license on the news was an embarrassment. Hey, whydontchamovethen? Ya didn't when they went to 4 lanes years ago. Get over yourself. Lol
  5. Notta good locale on orange. Needa drive thru. Battle for old sbux continues.
  6. July 11th is coming up... Just sayin'.
  7. Prius pulls up with millennials, pops hatch in goodwill drive thru drop off, donates absolutely nothing, seeks dunkin franchisee cold brew.
  8. Old news. Get on with it or level the brownfield. Yawn on this this.
  9. Oooooooooo, 30 minutes earlier! Stop the presses!
  10. The fence panels atop the 250 N Orange, (newer seacoast locale; keeping score) haven't gone anywhere in decades, heck ever.
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