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  1. (Parcel Map: scroll back in thread prob 1 click back.)
  2. For the sake of renderings folks. You can't be serious. C'mon now.
  3. Nope. I was just sayin and jokin. And don't y'all ever call me a yuppie from wp! Lol
  4. How about "mosey around" or "poop in bushes" or "beg for money" then.
  5. It's easy to jump on the free grapefruit and come over from the delightful Terry St and infiltrate the neighborhood. So, yeah, 2 years ago, grapefruit coincidence.
  6. jgardnerucf


    Go down there in person and watch it move at 2mph.
  7. Plenty of independent bike shops all around. Plenty of independent hardware stores all around.
  8. Yepper. Knew the other much cooler deal too going down at same time, but pinky swore to keep my yap shut.
  9. The parking lot parcel was for proposed presidential tower way back on SSC eons ago.
  10. You think Tallatrashy is gonna win 2 more games this season?
  11. My bad, the Ray J is bad boy mowers. Way better club level than the Citrus bowl. Beats the hell out of the Trop for it. Makes for a fun hard rock weekend at least. ($) #CinncyLose3
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