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  1. jgardnerucf

    Novel Lucerne [Under Construction]

    Looks good!
  2. Ya shoulda' seen what they were wearin' to Rent the other day. Boy I tell ya what.
  3. jgardnerucf

    Creative Village [Proposed]

    The Citrus Tower.
  4. jgardnerucf

    Winter Park & Maitland

    Same blueprint for the south John Young locale.
  5. jgardnerucf

    Economic Development

    Oh, thank heaven he's back!
  6. jgardnerucf

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Gosh darn ghost town out tonight honestly.
  7. I could go for a pattymelt at McCory's right now with this nostogila.
  8. jgardnerucf

    Lake Nona - Medical City

    Cheers to Sophia! That was a great read.
  9. jgardnerucf

    Cool Stuff in Other Cities

    They make a jitterbug smartphone now. Just sayin'. Lol
  10. jgardnerucf

    Radius | 13-Story Residential [Proposed]

    I always check out the fresh drunk smashings of landscape girders and oaks and wait months for fixing and replacing.
  11. jgardnerucf

    Lake Eola Neighbourhood.

    It's too bad the left turn lanes encroached so much in the intersection reconfig with the beam ruining pictures of asparagi.
  12. jgardnerucf

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    4th Fighter on Thurs nights was good times.
  13. jgardnerucf

    The Milk District

    What a wasted use of a great location. That's my reason. First, the Chi Chi's and now this? It's tacky.
  14. jgardnerucf

    The Milk District

    Dumb. And it sucks.