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  1. Both Heisman's. Hence Heisman house sponsored by Nissan. (That's a 6-speed prototype non-production, you can see it this weekend at the OCC.)
  2. Quite the Lynx ride from Club Orlando for 'ol Spenser! Oy!
  3. jgardnerucf


    What happened to the World's Largest Board?
  4. Looks more like out window of Raymond James above 310.
  5. Why is everyone going crazy over this? Put some damn lights up and put some damn parking spots back and call it day. The drummer man will keep playing and the dollar lady will keep asking.
  6. That Canadian is a little off with knowing stuff usually, since he ain't from here. O-boy's was good for college park. But nuthin beat that double decker Sizzler! Tell you what!
  7. Simon and General Growth have been kickin 'em out of food courts for years. Not renewing leases.
  8. Nor does he mention the economy's fuel of Diesel...
  9. No one up there walks anyways. They just ferment in their rent.
  10. I just won $5 bet on the under of 6 months before it would happen. Yay!
  11. No biggie. They're used to chainsawing down trees in that area.
  12. jgardnerucf


    Tacky powerlines, no decorative lampposts, solid concrete everywhere. Woof. Good luck. Lol
  13. Your carrier pigeons will reach you eventually about Frosty.
  14. Don't drink and urban planet surf. Bad mix. Lol
  15. Stop saying "we". Going to Boca? Or I'm guessing Wilton rather?
  16. Wood framed mold infested apartments jumped. Saw the future. Ruined it. Sucks. Decades of nothing, then you get dumb topgolf ruining sightlines and a bunch of apartments for grumpy unattractive servers and bed sheet changers. Gheeze, I went overboard. But, just sayin. Lol
  17. Whoop dee doo. That area is behind more than an fanny pickin turnips in Oakland.
  18. Welp. Route it. And make it happen. I mean c'mon.
  19. Don't cut Florida in half! Lol
  20. You should've incorporated a jenga pun here instead. Would of hit much better. Missed opportunity. :-)
  21. I hope they put up fencing around the entire perimeter, because you know why...
  22. Join the sleeping bums over at Lake Dot! Fun! More the merrier!
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