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  1. Bruh, they ain't even bowl elidg-ble. Just stop.
  2. "We would like to announce, we have replaced the burned out accent lighting bulbs around the top of Amway, so it doesn't look as hideous, as we have not converted them to dynamic DMX LED yet anyway, therefore our prestigious building will still be boring visibility. Go Magic. Thank you."
  3. Silver Airways in a 18-seat SAAB puddle jumper is much faster than any of the aforementioned choices.
  4. Love the broken inconsistent led wrap! So neat!
  5. Boy, you sure watch the progress of it from up yonder. Thanks again for always reposting or late posting stuff, WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT.
  6. Your Duval ass ain't welcome to opening night this Fri then. Enjoy Veterans Memorial Pkwy sleaze.
  7. See through LED mesh-like is popular with wrap style. Air-flow, visability, and appearance factor.
  8. Will we see your sassafras self at the non-conference conflict upcoming? I'll be in Carl Black like usu. I'll wait for your aluminum bench gripe.
  9. We can't be havin' that now. Hell naw. Share that root complexity with us here on zee ole UP forzem. We'd luv to hear abouts it. SAVE THE TREE :::tear:::
  10. Old news. They just started the wood frame apts 1st floor today.
  11. Are you going to repost a giant link to something we already looked at a day or two earlier and regularly on his own site or wait for your paper route to bring it by when it's hot off the press!? Movable type is going to be all the rage, to hell with bulletin boards!
  12. Oh Que Bueno is currently going in FL Mall Pizza Hut.
  13. Essentially a garage sale style scope of parking.
  14. The pic/view is directly from Mr. Tree himself:
  15. You still wish you could get your supper at Gary's Duck Inn.
  16. The residential construction burial site is out past Hamlin and out past the hidden water treatment facility. Wasn't jack out there, now the hidden facility and pile-o-drywall is smack in the middle sprawlcity USA.
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