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  1. This is a new development that I guarantee you will look "shiny and new and neat as a pin." I'm not sure how a brand new strip center with drive-through outparcels = cool scruffy neighborhood. I personally subscribe to the idea that every remaining lot in this city—especially with zoning as valuable as an "urban activity center"—should be developed as close to its full potential as possible. And yes, this is an issue with a zoning and building code that allows for great things but doesn't really enforce it. It's also an issue with citizens who willfully support any mediocre chain store developments while often actively fighting diverse, independent, or creative developments. We only have so many large lots with high zoning capacity left in the city limits. I don't think it's too much to expect new development within a two-mile radius of the city center to strive to be something well-designed.
  2. Assuming City Hall as the "center" of Orlando, this development is the same distance from the center as is North Quarter. If they built something this car-centric in North Quarter or Creative Village, I'd be pretty disappointed. This development kind of negates the efforts put in by SoDo, Orlando Health, and Novel Lucerne to urbanize South Orange. Something more urban down there would've been a great terminus for a Lymmo expansion or streetcar.
  3. Church Street SunTrust I-4 Ultimate Marriott Rosie O'Grady's Plaza—or whatever it's called now—peeking up between CNL Tower II and Lincoln Plaza:
  4. A bunch of traffic lights were out on my way to work this morning (down Fern Creek and west on Central), and I have to say that I've never has such a quick commute. Makes you realize all those countries reducing/removing street signs and lights might be on to something. (Probably helps that it was Friday during summer, too.)
  5. Video tour of the new Orlando Brightline station over at The Next Miami: https://www.thenextmiami.com/video-tour-of-brightlines-newly-completed-orlando-rail-terminal/
  6. Saw some white trucks parked on the lot and a group of guys walking the perimeter this morning. Not sure if it was 520-related or if they were looking at the surrounding right-of-way.
  7. Thanks! Map lives here. Like I said before, it's not perfect, but the shapes link to the renderings and articles with more information. (You might have to uncheck the transportation layer to hide the Lymmo route if you want to select the shapes inside it.) Looking forward to adding new projects ;-)
  8. This gallery had some good shots of Creative Village progress. Below is one that I annotated with some of what we know so far:
  9. alex


    The irony is that a fair amount of properties in the neighborhood are Vietnamese-owned.
  10. alex


    This either/or urban/suburban fallacy is something that holds cities like Orlando back.
  11. alex


    Yeah, but us evil Millennials actually like those things
  12. alex


    A pumps-in-the-front gas station is literally the worst (i.e. least urban) thing you could build in a community other than like a highway or a chemical plant. Sometimes I feel like this board needs to be renamed GasStationsGroceryStoresJobsAndSandwichesPlanet.org.
  13. alex


    This is an urban Wawa: What they're proposing here is a lazy, off-the-shelf suburban gas station. Unfortunately there's a stormwater pond by the new CFE on Mills, too. But yeah, how this plan conforms to the "Traditional City Overlay" zoning is beyond me. It shouldn't get approved.
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