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  1. So everyone is wondering what's going on in the McCain area. At McCain Mall, they are currently replacing sewage lines and pipes. Nothing really major. It is all a apart of their mall renovation plans. As far as the hotel next to Comfort Inn and Suites, it is to become a Holiday Inn full service facility. I was told a Holiday Inn Select. Not sure about it being a Select, but that would be nice. Not sure if it would be the best location for one. Why they would put a Church's in Lakewood... beats me. Popeye's and Church's should switch places or they should have moved Frostop to that location. Which Wich is coming fast. Can't wait for it to get here. Not to be counted as part of NLR, but On the Border is coming to Warden Rd in Sherwood next to Academy. I wish they had chose to put it next to Buffalo Wild Wings. See, NLR is growing too!!!
  2. Well, there's already one on McCain at Lakewood Village. But yes, downtown would have been a magnificent location. One of the empty shops there could have been renovated. Question? Would this new location be located across from the burger place at Kanis & Shackleford?
  3. Lakewood Village Shopping Center is adding Kirkland's to its line up of stores. It will be right next to the Jo Ann's. I'm guessing they wanted more space. These stores will be located in the old Goody's store. It looks really nice from the outside.
  4. Hello from Arkansas. My understanding is we had a trolley system in the early 1900's. With that being said, they wanted to give you the feel of historic Little Rock by using the old style of the streetcar when bringing the light rail system back. The trolleys are new and up to date, though they look old. I hope that answers your question.
  5. Thanks for the info. You learn something new everyday.
  6. Not McCain Mall news, but very close by. Lakewood Village will get a different type of restaurant addition to the metro. Taste of India Restaurant. It will be between Shoe Carnival and Avenue. The closest thing I can think of is the Genhis Mongolian Grill. Finally something different.
  7. Hopefully something new to the market. For Little Rock, I'll even take a Market Place Grill. But, overall I hope we just get something worth spending my money at, different and taste good.
  8. I have some awesome news! I actually spoke to someone from Moses/Tucker and he told there is a planned hotel, multi-purpose multi-story building and about three other projects downtown in the very near future. He didn't go into detail, but stated he was very happy about all the new things coming in to downtown. I stated downtown is growing up. He stated more will come soon as in skyscrapers.
  9. Finally! I font know how many times I've seen wrecks and almost wrecks because of the unsafe set up of the road, lights and no turn lane. I'm sure this would ease traffic congrestion dramatically in the area, lower the accidents and increase pedestrian safety as well. But 2013? Hopefully early 2013.
  10. I would love to see an addition to the skyline. Hopefully the rumor I heard is actually a fact. I know 25 stories doesn't seem like much, but looking at Little Rock's size and at the 300 3rd and River Market towers, they added something to the skyline. We have a low level skyline, but it looks nicer than most cities its size.
  11. Has anyone has anyone heard of any rumors of a new skycraper coming to Downtown Little Rock? Someone told me construction in 3rd Street will be a high rise of 25 stories or more. Not sure if I can believe that because of the limited amount of space and plus it's close to a school.
  12. I really hope that it survives. Maybe after the other stores open and traffic picks up it would get better as far as customers.
  13. I believe Cheddar's is being built closer to Target. The other spot to the far left I believe to be Panera. Finally, there is some work actually happening. Maybe this is a sign that more stores, restaurants and other developments will begin to erect.
  14. Wow! I didn't know it was going to be just 4 lanes. I thought it would continue as 6 lanes from 67 to 40 like it is in the opposite direction on 440 headed toward the airport. It's kind of a waste of time, but a least it's going to be built. It'll cut travel time and traffic congestion probably by half (wild guess).
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