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  1. A pedestrian plaza there is a great idea! That immediate area on Broad is really blossoming, this can only help. Im a little surprised theres no option with the tree still there (I thought I remembered that they were going to try and incorporate it somehow?). I like the tree, but it doesnt really seem realistic that they could keep it and still make a nice usable space. I'll take this over whats there now any day. Plus I see 5 NEW trees - in a few years we'll have people willing to fight to preserve them I thought there would be more room for patio seating for Max's - I guess they could f
  2. Approval of this is good news, while not perfect it should be a good first step! Eventual conversion to a light rail system would be great - could even be designed as a throwback to Richmond's history as the worlds first electric trolley system (I still cant believe they burned all the original trolleys). I do think step two of this is a redesign of the rest of the routes to maximize efficiency and connectivity to this new "spine". I definitely see this thing generating new ridership (and development all along the corrider). Then build from there -would be great to see something running out to
  3. haha- good call! whats next? would be fun to have someone else move their headquarters in and build a new tower. Cant really think of anyone local likely to do it soon (Capital One? Markel? nah...). Maybe someone up north will get attracted by the "quality of life" were developing down here
  4. I remember a year ago filling out a survey about uses for the train shed - it really go me thinking how fun it would be to have an open public space (coordinated with the plaza at 17th street market) with a little stage for music and "stalls" for rotating groups of local restaurant/brewery/retail vendors. As a transportation hub and the site of the va tourist whatever it would be a great place to showcase local artisans and help create a real "public square" vibe in the heart of the city. So many new residents within walking distance in the past few years (2000?), the immediate area is ripe fo
  5. thats awesome - do you know which block that is?
  6. Looks fantastic! That bend could probably support more hight but thats a nice addition to the neighborhood. The round spot right behind it would be an amazing location for a tower (or a park). ,,,and I like the Pear St plan - is probably as big as could be without blocking the views from the hill. Bring it on!
  7. Yes! Great opportunity for a string of pearls on Broad - with the CNB tower being rehabbed, 4-5, 6-7, and hopefully the state ends up doing something substantial at 8-9. Plus there are several great blocks in the VCU/biotech park area - I know VCU has plans for some of them, and something substantial (pharma/biotech/etc) could go behind the convention center between 3-4, and I've dreamed a big campus headquarters for someone could fit between 2-3 north of Jackson (up against the highway). It's a bit tricky since they'd have to "step down" as the building went west to avoid overshadowing the ne
  8. A boutique hotel right there would be really nice! Glad to hear that the new building will have more residential as well - more people living& working down there has to be good news for the couple of restaurants already there. Access is still a problem (not for me, but for normal people) - I'd love to see a pedestrian extension, even just a skinny one, on the east side of that 10th street bridge over the expressway that would lead right up to the new "Locks at 321". While we're at it, I'd really like to see them dig that tunnel under the expressway to connect the alley by the plaza at the
  9. Haha, keep 'em coming! (Im doing my best to keep them in business). But dont give Shortpump credit for Strangeways - thats over by the train station off of Dabney Rd (just west of Scotts Addition)
  10. I hope that catches on - dont forget about the one already at postbellum. Are there no others?
  11. Wow - I thought they were going to take turns! Im also there at HDL, traffic on Jackson will be a bear. (And if the 7th street work is taking 5 months, I wonder why they're optimistic the 5th street work will be done in 3...). Anyway, I hope at least once the structural work is done you can at least see a difference. Had to be done
  12. to clarify - the highrise (which sounds great) will be behind the new arts center on grace and belvidere - the Walgreens is supposed to go across the street from the arts center at belvidere and broad. The prominence of that intersection will increase alot in the coming years - I cant believe they'd waste it with a 1 story Walgreens...
  13. Doesn't Rocketts have plans to eventually expand up to Nicholson Street? I remember the early renderings were pretty ambitious...
  14. (I meant Williamsburg Rd) - just saw that the property is split by Gillies Creek, wonder if they'll find a way to creatively highlight that?
  15. This is great news! Cant wait to head down for happy hour (in the meantime I look forward to hearing details of the plans). I agree this is a great location - drove through there the other day and was impressed with the new "solar powered" units going up on Gov Rd
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