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  1. klstorey

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    The rumors I've heard is a tower with 2 to 3 slides on it and, yes, more cabanas.
  2. klstorey

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Thanks for posting my article! Yesterday after the article was published new trademarks were discovered by Universal for Epic Worlds. My guess is Epic if not Potter, Fantastic if Potter is included. As far as Star Trek is concerned, I agree that the biggest issue is getting the rights. Here's my write about Star Trek from the end of May. Ironically, the other big rumored IP for the new park is Lord of the Rings which those rights are infamously difficult to get. Honestly, right now it seems like Universal is in a holding pattern with various IPs rumored from nearly anywhere they'll fit. Fast and Furious was a flop and it seems like that's causing a lot of shifts in plans with the hope of getting an e-ticket (in the most traditional sense) fast tracked for USF. There's tons of speculation and guesswork going on. Here is a rundown of where we seem to be: What we know but Universal hasn't announced- new land replacing Kids Zone, Volcano Bay Phase 2, non-Potter updates coming to IOA, new theme park. What we don't know- timelines and IPs for each of those. We also know a Super Nintendo World is coming to Orlando but the location hasn't been confirmed by Universal. IPs that seem likely to be at Universal within the next 5-7 years- Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, Jason Bourne (barf), Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Secret Life of Pets, Hello Kitty, Jurassic World.
  3. klstorey

    Other Metro Area Projects

    I believe that the parking structure is for all the planned buildings, isn't it? I think there are two or three more buildings planned for the property and maybe one more parking garage. I recall seeing a site plan awhile ago but IDK where or when that was.
  4. klstorey

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    8 stories taller than the Hyatt Regency/Peabody. That is going to look great right there at 528 and I-4. Don't forget that connection is getting a huge redo, kinda like 408 and I-4, as part of the Beyond the Ultimate project.
  5. klstorey

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Disney was a reluctant last minute addition to the original HSR system. As far as Brightline in S. FL is concerned, the HSR system had plans for essentially the same path. I don't know about you but I'd much rather be going hundreds of miles per hr vs 80 something. Naples, Daytona Beach, and Jacksonville links were also in the plans. Your tax argument is moot too since the money just went to other states. I think it's important for multiple modes of transit to open along all of the Florida corridors. I'm still upset the lightrail plans linking Altamonte to I-Drive were cut out of the I-4 Ultimate plans. I understand that SunRail runs nearby but not nearby enough to have a negative impact on ridership IMO, actually the two would've probably helped each other. I think a light rail option is best between MCO and OCCC. Remember, the maglev people are still insisting their project isn't dead. They claim it's just waiting for the right politicians in Orange County. I think whatever does come should use the Lynx planned BRT on Kirkman. Linking Pine Hills, Valencia, and Universal are also important to the future of transit in the area. I'm hopeful that we'll get tons of new mass transit in the coming years, as long as we let them happen.
  6. klstorey

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    You're forgetting that Virgin had agreed to pay for any cost overruns. Florida is right where we began 8 years ago. The bigger concern should be ensuring the HSR pathway remains. An amendment on the ballot in November wants to remove the HSR ROW. The amendment is coupled with also removing an old law that bans Asian Americans from owning land in the state of Florida. I doubt few people would vote to allow that law to remain but I personally think it's important the HSR ROW language remains so that opportunities, such as the two currently being discussed (hyperloop and Brightline), can move forward. I think the hyperloop is a better option for Tampa to Orlando but I'd love to see both. The Brightline one hasn't given any details on what stations it'll include but I'd love to see it keep all the originally planned ones, especially the one at Florida Polytechnic University in Lakeland. Don't forget that Scott's blocking of the voter approved rail system also meant Polk county never saw its planned tech park that Google and other companies were interested in. Hopefully the Brightline can help revive some of those plans.
  7. klstorey

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I live in Hannibal Square in Winter Park. Honestly, I miss the crackheads. I'll take the old crackheads over all these damn hipsters that have taken over this area. The crackheads were nice and really didn't bother me outside of the occasional request for change. The hipsters will drive you over if you're not careful and dirt get me started on their impact on rental rates here. The fabric of Hannibal Square went from bohemian and unique to anywhere USA. All the cool artists and creative types moved out, now it's just rich spoiled kids and tiny dogs.
  8. klstorey

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    The issue with downtown Orlando is all the new stuff looks the same. Just big rectangles. The Tremont Church Street tower will help and the Vertical Medical Village will do wonders (if it gets built) but overall there's a major lack of diversity and innovation in downtown designs. We need a few big buildings of interests to help our skyline become recognizable.
  9. klstorey


    Pottery Barn is on Park Ave. There used to be on at Mall at Millenia but I think that one might've closed.
  10. klstorey

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    I agree. The more interesting attractions in that area the better. When Phase 2 of 360 is done it'll have a good ride lineup. Skyplex will have with it the roller coaster, drop tower, zipline, observation deck, VR arcade, and retail. The next big key to this area being successful is the Sand Lake Road pedestrian bridge that will link everything. Don't forget about I-Shops either. That surface lot behind the restaurants and Walgreens is approved for a garage and the hotel there is approved for more retail and another garage. In a few years, this entire area will look completely different. It's really becoming a walkable tourist district. And that doesn't even include any of the stuff happening on Universal Blvd like Ripley's and Universal! Here's a very very old site plan for the full buildout. I think the garage was flipped and the second one added on the right side since this plan but I can't find the updated site plan. Also, the Walgreens is a bit different and the Wawa has been added to the top right. And here's a very bad image of Phase one, which we currently have.
  11. klstorey

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Polercoaster is a different own (Wallack from Mango's not Whittall of Unicorp). But 360 does have a number of other attractions in the works including a zipline, ropes course, and possibly another tower ride. Plus Whittall is still brainstorming ideas for the top of the parking garage after the heliport was voted down by the county. And don't forget the new hotel replace McFadden's and the apartments in the surface lot behind the wheel. We should start to hear some Skyplex/Polercoaster news soon. Wallack has said from day one that his plan was to open Mango's, then open the Hollywood Plaza, then open Skyplex. The Hollywood Plaza is opening by the middle of this year. That will bring with it the expanded Hulk beach shop (and new VR experience), a second retail store, the rooftop restaurant, plus the garage which will allow for Mango's to open its rooftop (it wasn't able to before due to parking restrictions).
  12. klstorey

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    It's a new land within the existing park. The name, "Lego Movie World," is what's *likely* throwing people off. If LLF was to add a second gate (or 3rd if you count the water park as it's 2nd) my vote is for Cypress Gardens to be it's own gate but that would be hard with the current park layout. The blog post for this mentioned two new rides. Permits show a large building and a small kiddie flat ride. Chima is getting remodeled. It's not clear (at least to me) if redone Chima is the 2nd new ride or if the land will have 3 rides, 2 being new. Previously, the thought was the bldg was a large dark ride, similar to the haunted house going to one of the European Legolands. The blog post mentioned character meet-and-greets. The bldg could house that despite a small outdoor M&G looking area on the other side of the land.
  13. klstorey

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    The Orlando Eye and I-Drive 360 is being rebranded at ICON Orlando. Things of interest in the press release- A new nightly light show using both the wheel and the fountains. The wheel now has its own annual pass. I've requested info on what this means regarding Merlin's management and ticketing but have yet to hear back. The capsules now have Wi-Fi as well which is great for live videos and Snapchat since the top of the wheel has weak phone signal. I've cut and paste the press release below. --------------------------------------------------------- ORLANDO, Fla. (May 9, 2018) – IDL Parent LLC, owners of the I-Drive 360 entertainment complex on International Drive, announced today a new name for its towering 400-foot centerpiece, the Coca-Cola® Orlando Eye, which is now ICON Orlando. An innovative marketing campaign will be launched following the rebrand, encouraging guests to “Find their Iconic Moment” at the 18-acre complex, which has also been renamed ICON Orlando 360. The new web addresswww.iconorlando.com will go live on Monday, May 14. “Since opening three years ago, the observation wheel has become an instantly recognizable part of the Central Florida landscape and a catalyst for growth along the I-Drive corridor,” said Cindy Campbell-Taylor, vice president of marketing, sales and public affairs at ICON Orlando 360. “As such, the new ICON Orlando name makes perfect sense as we introduce some key changes and position this iconic structure for the future.” According to Campbell-Taylor, the new ICON Orlando 360 will be adding several new “ICONic” experiences in the coming months, including: ICONic Annual Pass – Guests can enjoy 365 days of ICONic fun for only $69 (plus tax). Price includes unlimited entrance to the ICON Orlando. Annual pass holders can also bring a friend at a discounted rate. 7/14-Day Trade Ticket – Trade Partners can now offer their visitors added flexibility to their vacation with a 7-day or 14-day ticket that includes unlimited visits to ICON Orlando Enhanced Fully Immersive Capsules – ICON Orlando capsules will soon include Wi-Fi, as well as customized immersive experiences allowing guests the opportunity to personalize their flight. FUN IN THE SKY: Private Party Capsule – For adults only, the private party capsule features complimentary beer/wine and a private bartender for up to 10 guests. Guest can also upgrade to a second rotation and enjoy the flight a little longer. ICONic Every Night: Nightly Light Show – Coming later this year, ICON Orlando will come alive even more with enhanced synchronized nightly display incorporating the courtyard fountains. Other changes on the horizon at ICON Orlando 360 include the new high-tech Justice League: A Call for Heroesexperience at Madame Tussauds Orlando (May 25), and theOrlando StarFlyer, a massive swing ride that will give extreme thrill seekers one-of-a-kind, open-air views from 425 feet above the ground (June 1). The ICON Orlando 360 rebrand comes as the complex nears 100 percent occupancy and ownership company IDL Parent LLC shifts from development to management, with a focus on enhancing the guest experience. Now managing the newly named ICON Orlando is an executive team led by CEO Rosemary Rose; Senior Vice President of Facilities, Engineering and Security Bill Kivler; Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Public Affairs Cindy Campbell-Taylor; and Vice President of Operations & Finance Jim Forrester. ### About ICON Orlando 360: ICON Orlando 360 is a one-of-a-kind dining and entertainment complex in the middle of Orlando’s International Drive tourist district. The main attraction is the 400-foot ICON Orlando, one of the world’s tallest observation wheels. ICON ORLANDO 360 also features SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, Madame TussaudsOrlando, SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology and the new StarFlyer, opening this Summer. The 18-acre complex offers more than a dozen restaurants and bars, central courtyard and fountain with choreographed water displays, as well as live entertainment, vendors, special events, and private space for meetings and events. Developed in a partnership that includes Paul and Dayssi Kanavos and Adam Raboy of Flag Luxury Group; Brett Torino of The Torino Companies; and Chuck Whittall of Unicorp National Development, I-Drive 360 opened May 2015.
  14. klstorey

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Disney has Toy Story Land. Universal has a big new nighttime water show. Infinity Falls looks great but also looks to be behind schedule. Lets just hope it opens by July 4th!
  15. klstorey

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    I'm not going to get into the propaganda piece that is Blackfish but SWO was hurting before the film. It was Hogsmeade that hurt it, though Blackfish certainly didn't help. While these numbers look great, a big part of this is thanks to Easter. Still a positive quarter, despite the lawsuit and servance pay which hurt the bottom line. In the end, the parks seem to coming back slowly but surely. Only question is- will it be enough to hold off a takeover of the company?