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  1. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I disagree. I'm in Tampa twice every week. These proposals look nice but a lot of the new construction is very very bland. One building about to be finished is literally a giant grey box with little windows, I swear it looks like a prison. Most of the new construction is bland, even by Orlando standards. Then there's areas like West Shore with ugly, generic apartment buildings similar to what we see going in SoDo but in Westshore they rarely have any retail and all are independent with walkability almost impossible. Traffic is nightmare since none of the parking lots connect. Tampa has promise but it still has a long ways to go to even be on the same level as Orlando.
  2. Creative Village [Proposed]

    I love the colored glass. Reminds me of the Friction building in downtown Winter Park beside the train station.
  3. The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    A McDonald's would do wonders with all the field trip groups
  4. The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    Colonial Plaza is pretty close. I actually visit the one in Winter Park pretty much every Thursday (Prime Rib night). Let's be honest, Ale House would probably be more popular than many of the current restaurants (I'm looking at you Firebirds). Does The Yard have any restaurant spaces in it?
  5. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    In some of the interviews Chuck Whittall mentioned big electronic billboards along I-4 for O-Town West so I think it does go all the way up to I-4.
  6. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Yes. And ironically, it was Universal who had originally placed the deed restrictions baring theme parks from being built there. They sold 1,200 acres in 2003, they now look to have acquired around 700-1,000 acres back but have paid more than double what they sold it for. I tried to give a rundown of the history of the deed restrictions in my article on it . One interesting thing yet to come out of this is what land Stan Thomas has remaining and what will happen to it. That and the Ripley's lot are the two big question marks outside of Universal's holdings.
  7. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Thanks for the discussion regarding my article! Here is the powerpoint regarding value engineering the Beyond the Ultimate. According to this, the viaduct system saves $27.1 million over ROW purchases (slide 34). The difference between here and downtown is in downtown most the widening is on top of other roads, very few private parcels seem purchased in downtown. The image in question above is from this powerpoint (Slide 19). It also goes into some of the funding regarding the BtU project.
  8. Creative Village [Proposed]

    Wouldn't a slight curve like this slow traffic and therefore help make the area more pedestrian friendly?
  9. SunRail [Phase 1 Completed]

    The one here was a traditional gondola system with AC'd gondolas. But there was a Transit X style system just proposed for Clearwater.
  10. SunRail [Phase 1 Completed]

    I recall seeing plans that called for toll lanes nearly all the way to 95 in Daytona. The Beyond the Ultimate project looks to be heating up. (See the Attractions area board for that discussion.) That project will take the I-4 Ultimate design all the way to 27. (Which I just say is impressively landscaped these days.) Ironically, on the Tampa side there's discussion on adding toll lames to their end of I-4. Those talks have been controversy filled, as are all transit debates there. I think that project is currently on theback burner, but I doubt it'll ever truly die. If it gets built it could extend toll lanes to all the way to Lakeland (though many proposals cut it off on the western edge side of Plant City). If the Lakeland length plans there happen it could mean an I-4 that's nearly completely rebuilt and with tolls lane running nearly the entire length of it. One interesting aspect of the Beyond the Ultimate project is that it deals with the Orlando stretch of I-4 was to have a high speed train. It'd make sense for a transit option to be added at the same time as the I-4 rebuild. MCO to 27. It seems like the perfect time to do it. A gondola system was once proposed along 50 connecting Pine Hills to downtown to the executive airport and eventually out to UCF. There was even a few local politicians who traveled to Central or South America to see systems in use. I still think a gondola system us likely our best option at this point for east-west connectivity. I'm hopeful the one currently under construction at WDW will help more people buy into the benefits of gondola transit.
  11. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Just caddy-corner to here is Vista Way. I'm surprised that FDOT isn't shifting the plans to use that site instead but with Crossroads closing and Disney likely closing Vista Way I expect a major development going on that land even more. This should also help Palm Parkway.
  12. SunRail [Phase 1 Completed]

    Don't forget, it actually worked for the high speed rail. (I'm still sour over that and hope it comes up in Scott's Senate bid...)
  13. SunRail [Phase 1 Completed]

    Technically, maglev states it's just waiting for new Orange County leadership and isn't dead but yeah, I'd say it's dead. Issue with East/West SunRail routes are the lack of rail lines (ironically thanks in part to the many bikes trails in the area). Elevated lines, like what maglev called for, would be difficult with the current SunRail trains. If a MCO to I-Drive connector happens I'd love to see it run up Kirkman. A bus dedicated lanethe length of Kirkman is in the long term plans but light rail along this route would be even better. As far as UCF goes, I think something like earlier proposed gondola system is a better option. I live 1 block from a SunRail station (Winter Park) and rarely use it because it doesn't run when I need it, like nights and weekends. I suspect the same would be true for UCF students. I know when I was there for grad school all my classes were late afternoon and evenings, often times with classes not getting out until 10 PM and me not getting out to my car well past 11 or 12. I suspect the next leg after Phase 2 and 3 would be the Orange Blossom Express simply because the tracks already exist and many of the stations (Mt. Dora, Eustis, Tavares, Winter Garden) do as well. It'd be great to see them add a stop in the upcoming Packing District too.
  14. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I totally agree. I worry that the ARB might have too much say in designs here. They seem to push everything into a specific look that might look aged in a few years. We're seeing the same thing in Winter Park too.
  15. Lake Nona - Medical City

    Yes, exact same setup on the north and south side. During the Match Day one side was males and one side was females. It was awesome watching the planes coming into MCO too.