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  1. And that's it folks! Goodnight & see you tomorrow! Tomorrow is back to reality for me, crazy weekend.

  2. Just applied at 2 private concierge tour guide jobs, if u know of any hiring let me know! Its time I start using my Orlando knowledge again

  3. Does that mean no ride? :-( RT: @businessinsider: Disney Announces It's Going To Take A Gigantic Loss On 'John Carter' http://t.co/vLr0V0I4

  4. Hopefully my blog http://t.co/j3Jd5Zgp will help me find a tour guide job. I used to have 1 & loved it. Know of any that are hiring?

  5. Both Parts 1 & 2 of my entries on the Citrus Bowl, Past, Present and a possible future have been posted. Check them out http://t.co/PBsdbVhe

  6. Working on part 2 of my two part entry on the Citrus Bowl. Tons of useful info in this post! But its really long, hence the two parts.

  7. No matter what the holiday Hellrose always has the best party!

  8. I just unlocked the "Animal House" badge on @foursquare! http://t.co/tBoocQQa

  9. When someone tells me that Orlando sucks I understand that they are just too shallow to truly understand and discover our city!

  10. I buy Power Trip energy drinks bc they support local tourism. Support those who support our city! & check out the ride in Kissimmee!

  11. Damn, the late nite crew at BK are all super hot. I should go there late at nite more.

  12. Just reported a hazard on I- 4 E. My mood: speedy, http://t.co/IRXYKm2C using Waze - Drive Social

  13. Pretty bad accident on I4 just south of 75. 3 vehicles, 1 on its side. http://t.co/jRLVlD9D

  14. Anyone know anymore about the rumor that the Amway implosion will be filmed for a local, small budget film? I've heard it twice now.

  15. Watching The Dark Crystal, how have I never seen this? And I recognize the narrative from Crystal Method!

  16. Tempted to use the class tomorrow on stratification and Colonialism to go off on Kony 2012 self righteous Colonialist ways, but I won't

  17. Well that took way too long to write http://t.co/5v5LAtgX but was worth it, so now I'll try to get a few hrs of sleep. G'night/morning

  18. Looks like a huge development planned for the Collegiate Village lot near UCF, I want to find some drawings b4 blogging it, any ideas?

  19. Finally got @Screamscape to load, now time for my pre-bed theme park rumor readings.

  20. Just reported a police trap on I- 4 E, Four Corners. My mood: speedy, using Waze - Drive Social

  21. FLZ is playing the Orlando version of Good Life #Orlandomakesmesmile

  22. So you've read my blog, http://t.co/LNzht6bW, & my no compete is now up so I'm back on the market looking for a Orlando concierge tour job

  23. Just spend the last 6hrs looking at cool internet alarm clocks, still can't find an internet connected showerhead...guess its time for bed

  24. I just unlocked the “Porky” badge on @foursquare! Brisket all around! http://t.co/GzXSGzb4

  25. Two ppl in the last three days have stopped me and thanked me for my blog :-)

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