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    Richmond International Airport

    There is some truth to what you are saying. However, when Southwest announced they would be flying from Norfolk, they also announced their intention to fly from Richmond. Therefore, they did have a company strategy to be in Richmond. Shortly after the announcement, the economy tanked and their strategy changed. As you stated, after being picked up by AirTran, Richmond eventually was picked up by SWA. However, their enthusiasm had waned. When they announced Norfolk, they spoke enthusiastically of Richmond. Typically, they never discussed new cities in advance so this was very unusual. They kept their promise to fly into RIC but they didn't open any new destinations and they still haven't.
  2. Oaktowntwinz

    Richmond International Airport

    This is great news about growth at RIC. One glaring omission is Southwest. They have recently announced they are scaling down service to Atlanta because the numbers aren't good. Since ATL is the only city with direct service from RIC, this can't be good news. I've always been disappointed that Southwest barely serves Richmond. Rather than offer service to the west, they have copied Delta by offering connecting service through Atlanta. What happened to their creativity and the premise of taking no prisoners. While I would hate to see Richmond lose Southwest, I don't see it as a huge loss. Their entry into the market was designed to fail. Other airlines are growing in Richmond, yet Southwest always seems to be the exception. I live on the west coast and can never seem to find a flight that is convenient and affordable. Perhaps flack4ric can help us understand why Southwest service has been less than stellar. I know that Louisville has recently succeeded in securing a nonstop to LAX and to MSY. While they offered incentives to the airlines and RIC has historically not done this, maybe its time to try something new. Waiting for Southwest to offer anything is torturous and disappointing. Even Charleston recently announced nonstop service to London! There has to be something that has to be tried; something has to be done differently. If Charleston, a city half the size of Richmond can get service on British Airways, Richmond can accomplish similar goals. Granted, Dulles gets a lot of Richmond's traffic but Charleston loses traffic to Atlanta and Charlotte. Its time for RIC to live up to its potential and stop giving in to excuses.
  3. Oaktowntwinz

    Richmond off-topic postings

    I didn't know where to post this re Richmond's population but thought you guys might find it interesting. It looks like the entire metro is growing faster than previously expected. https://chpn.net/2017/07/03/richmond-population-expected-to-become-13-hispanic-top-250000-by-2040/
  4. Oaktowntwinz

    Richmond off-topic postings

  5. Oaktowntwinz

    Richmond Developments

    Thanks for providing the link eandslee. These are exciting times for Richmond. Its image has improved dramatically without the addition of signature high rises and stadiums. Imagine what it will be when those high rises are added to Richmond's stellar skyline.
  6. Oaktowntwinz

    Richmond Developments

    Eandslee, you mentioned reading something in the RTD yesterday that gave you hope. Would you mind providing a link to the article you're referring to? I tried to find it but obviously didn't. Thanks.
  7. Oaktowntwinz

    Richmond Region Transportation

    Agree with both previous posts. I'm equally confused as to why it has taken so long to get BRT up and running. This has been on the table for years and should have been in place in time for Richmond's world stage appearance in 2015. I think Richmond is more than ready to act like a big city but Henrico and Chesterfield aren't ready to be supportive. Each county has dragged its heels when it comes to mass transit. They still don't seem to understand that their success is intertwined with Richmond's. They are like immature children demanding attention. They don't seem to comprehend that most people outside of the Richmond metro area know little to nothing about their existence. Visitors may stay in Henrico or Chesterfield but they fly into Richmond. Even though they may stay in the counties, more than likely they tell friends they are visiting Richmond. More and more people do recognize Richmond and speak about the city in positive terms. Richmond seems to be on the cusp of something big except for the embarrassing lack of mass transit throughout the metro area. Henrico and Chesterfield need to grow up and embrace regionalism and mass transit.
  8. Oaktowntwinz

    Richmond Dining-Out scene

    Looks like the accolades continue to roll in. This one is ecstatic about Richmond's culinary scene and potential. http://citygritnyc.tumblr.com/post/70396327885/our-january-line-up-is-online-and-its-awesome. Hope I did this link correctly.
  9. Oaktowntwinz

    Richmond International Airport

    I also flew Southwest on Saturday, Richmond to Orlando to Oakland. The flight was fairly full. I was surprised at how many people on that flight continued to Oakland.
  10. Oaktowntwinz

    Richmond Developments

    Thanks for posting 540_804. That would look really cool. I know that's a fantasy but that area could use something flashy to energize it.
  11. Oaktowntwinz

    Richmond Developments

    Would it be possible to post this? I couldn't access it, probably because I'm using a tablet and don't have the appropriate app.
  12. Oaktowntwinz

    15(+) Story Office Building Planned for Downtown

    Great news, apparently the developer has decided to add a couple of floors. I apologize for not providing the link to the article about this in The Times Dispatch. Also reported in Richmondbizsense.
  13. Oaktowntwinz

    Richmond International Airport

    Agree with eandslee that the announcement is a bit underwhelming. According to the Dallas blog, Richmond is a phased conversion. Its interesting that they are retaining the Atlanta flights with Airtran. Also, Airtran is adding new cities to Atlanta, including Norfolk and Louisville. Perhaps Southwest is rethinking Atlanta's role and creating a hub there after all. I'm sure Southwest will be expanding in Richmond. Mike Boyd, a highly regarded consultant, previously stated Richmond is an untapped market with huge potential and Southwest will grow there. Time will tell.
  14. Oaktowntwinz

    Richmond International Airport

    I am at a loss as to how to express the sadness I feel after reading of Burt's passing. Intuitively, I sensed something was wrong because he hadn't posted any news for several days. He was so passionate about his hometown and he loved sharing that passion with everyone. Downtowner, you expressed your feelings much better than me and I know Burt would be very proud of you. I always looked forward to his posts and will truly miss him.
  15. Oaktowntwinz

    VCU Developments

    I would have to disagree with you on this one RVA. The West Hospital is an iconic structure, an art deco gem that is truly a landmark on the Richmond skyline. VCU is growing at a fast pace and is making some exciting plans but replacing the West hospital with the flat topped, uninspired building in the rendering would be a mistake. You are right that Richmond has preserved many historic buildings. That doesn't mean this building should be sacrificed. VCU has been creative in some of its plans, i.e. the parking deck on the other side of I-95. Lets hope they rethink this.