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  1. So there I was playing around with Googles "Street Views" when I found this. When did our buildings start magically floating the upper floors? (Nice trick of the light, eh?)
  2. My first thought on this building was "It looks like a big drill bit"... then you told us this and well... it is a Drill Bit!! Bob Villa must love it.
  3. Is it just me or does that address look suspicioulsy close to Grants Bock?
  4. OK... this is very OFF TOPIC but there's no place else to ask... At the end of the month I'm going to Madison Wisconsin for 4 days to visit my brother. So, I went to look up the Madison WI thread here on UP to find out would I might get to see while I was out there. Guess what? No Madison thread.... In FACT no Wisconsin thread at all!! What is up with that? Does no one in Wisconsin have any interest in archetechture or civic development? Anyway, I don't mean to bash on Wisconsin, but since I'm going and there is no WI forum here, I thought I would aks my RI UP friends i
  5. Garris, THANKS for sharing such great photograpy. I don't know how many ways we can say it so it doesn't become trivialized. We are lucky to have such a talented guy to capture the beauty of Providence so skillfully. Your pictures are just awesome.
  6. I went to waterfire last night with a couple of friends. We walked down from Wickenden, along south main and crossed over near the Turks Head building. I must be clueless, because I never knew that they had a live jazz band and a huge dance floor set up in the middle of the intersection. There were lot's of people dancing and the whole area had a such a festive atmosphere. it was truely impressive.
  7. Hey Gusterfell, welcome! You photos are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them with us. Please don't hesitate to post more.
  8. Hopefully Eltron can get his gouged eyeballs fixed!! (and I hope ruchele was able to sew up that wrist!!) B)
  9. So do I. I like the symbolism in our flag, but I've always thought it could use a little pizazz.
  10. Garris - Did it look like this: It's the flag of the Rhode Island Regiments. A quick search on google got this: In Rhode Island the anchor has been used as a state symbol ever since 1647 which is evident in the current State flag. The anchor represents Rhode Island's seafaring activities and the thirteen stars, the original thirteen colonies. The native Rhode Islanders were among the first to join the Minutemen outside Boston. The Rhode Island Regiments served at the Battles of Brandywine, Trenton and Yorktown. This flag is preserved today in the State House at Providence, Rhode
  11. Child World = is now Home Goods Leachmere!! = Now Target
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