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  1. Does that mean that Pin Strikes is not coming???
  2. I spoke to my father yesterday and he told me the he spoke wth some city leaders (who he opted not to name). He confirmed that there are workings "behind the scenes" for Dave and Busters to locate here in Macon.
  3. Im so excited about all of the developement and growth downtown....I just moved DT from Lizella last week and I love it already. I think as more residents choose urban living over life in the suburbs we'll see the commercial growth catch up to residential growth downtown. There are already a few very healthy and near fully developed strips downtown, such as MLK/Broadway. There are very few vacancies on this strip until you get back to the industrial area and there is a lot of new construction on this street. Mulberry Street is pretty much fully occupied with healthy businesses. Cherry street is filling up but could use more tennants aswell as Poplar St. Overall the future looks good for the urban core of Macon. DT is really thriving.
  4. Do they not realize that Fresh Market is about to open down the street?? lol
  5. Now where are the truckers gonna go?!?!?!? lol
  6. Ok I thought that was Harison Rd...thats the Wal-MArt address...and where exactly is the Chic-Fil-A going? Thanks!!
  7. Good to see the growth downtown....theres something going up on the corner of Poplar St. and 3rd St. but i cant think of the name. Theres also a doctors office being built from the ground up on MLK.
  8. $225 M Tire Plant Coming to Bibb w/450 Jobs!! Click HERE for article.
  9. Good to hear, is their Mellow Mushroom going to open before ours? I realize the one in Macon is part of a much larger development so I'm just wondering how that might affect an open date.
  10. Wow, doesnt look like anything but BB&T could fit there but I guess they will make it work.
  11. Is it goping to be on the Lullwater side? Thats the 3rd Zaxby's in the last few months to be built! Wheww!
  12. New 32-lane bowling alley headed to North Macon - Sheraton Dr.
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