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  1. Virginia Beach Arena

    Here comes the finger pointing: http://wavy.com/2017/11/14/developers-accuse-city-of-breaching-virginia-beach-arena-deal/
  2. IKEA to open in Norfolk!

    I guess we have to wait another year for this Ikea to open - 2019: https://pilotonline.com/business/consumer/ikea-delays-opening-of-norfolk-store-until/article_18307bb2-bffc-5f97-83fe-0c831fc04bf5.html
  3. Virginia Beach Arena

    Does anyone else think that USM actually reads user comments such as on Pilot Online, WAVY, etc. to see the public opinion? I'm sure they have noticed the negativity of VB residents and the talk of Military Highway being a more ideal location. This info HAS to have been seen by them at some point. Perhaps some behind the scenes work is going on with USM and Norfolk.
  4. Norfolk International Airport

    Let's be real. Newport News isn't going to all of a sudden close NNW Airport because some people think it would make Norfolk Intl bigger. It isn't going anywhere. It's called competition. Also, an airport won't be built in Wakefield. Who in Hampton Roads would drive all the way out there? Not me. The best thing that could happen is Norfolk has room to build concourse C where the long-term parking is at. They build a walkway over the short-term parking like concourse A has, Build a nice, new terminal, and relocate long-term parking. What Norfolk Intl also needs to do is lure a couple of airlines there as a hub. They also need to have SOME international flights out of ORF. I mean, it is called Norfolk International yet there isn't any international flights out of it. Bring in airlines that would do direct flights to Bermuda and locations in the Caribbean. Maybe offer cheaper flights to the smaller airports in Europe such as London Luton and London Stansted as alternates to Heathrow and Gatwick.
  5. Norfolk Off-Topic

    Is Meet @ 3:19 LLC Buddy Gadams company?
  6. According to the Pilot, "Madrid" is just a code name and the new coaster will be part of Italy. Too bad because BGW needs a new country and Spain would be awesome. https://pilotonline.com/entertainment/busch-gardens-wants-to-build-the-tallest-roller-coaster-in/article_03112fc7-0c9d-51bc-aa70-733876f0bd74.html I just looked at Google Maps, and yes, the proposed area is in Italy tucked behind Roman Rapids.
  7. This is bigger than what i thought would ever go at Busch Gardens: http://www.vagazette.com/news/vanews-busch-gardens-considering-building-a-new-attraction-20170802-story.html
  8. Norfolk Outlet Mall

    Walked around the outlets today. One thing they should have really done different was the road into the outlets. Two lanes into it turns into one lane and it took a while to get in. Yes, this will die down but not for a while. Anyway, some pics I took:
  9. Norfolk Off-Topic

    So I guess NYC doesn't have any six-lane roads? The NEON area IS downtown. And Norfolk won't put a farmers market there. They will likely sell to the highest bidder and likely a small office building will go there.
  10. Norfolk Pictures

    Fireworks reflecting off of the Hilton at Harborfest tonight.
  11. Scope Renovations

    More news on the latest plans for Scope: https://pilotonline.com/entertainment/arts/norfolk-takes-first-step-toward-major-overhaul-of-scope-arena/article_f29bbf4f-f460-5273-9bea-9ba69cd8356d.html
  12. Norfolk Off-Topic

    I agree with the grocery store... I used to live in West Freemason and it was nice to be able to walk to it. However, it was way overpriced. Ideally, an urban Target with a grocery section would be awesome for downtown in my opinion.
  13. The Icon at CityWalk Progress

    That article mentioned 500 Botetourt. Did Buddy buy that from Cavalier Land? I used to live at 500 Botetourt a few years ago and always thought it needed to be remodeled.
  14. Hampton Development

    Not enough demand for that kind of housing in downtown Hampton.
  15. Portsmouth development

    I really wish people would stop saying Norfolk should merge with Portsmouth or Virginia Beach or whatever. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!