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  1. New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    Norfolk, as well as all of Hampton Roads as well as Richmond is out of the running. Northern Virginia and D.C. is still in it though: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/amazon-reveals-top-20-city-141341885.html
  2. Norfolk International Airport

    Southwest used to have non-stop from ORF to Las Vegas a few years ago...
  3. Norfolk Off-Topic

    I live close to Wards Corner so hopefully this will take off. The Harris Teeter shopping center is working well, but across the street is still the same old bland shopping center with multiple vacancies. A lot of the problem is the parking lot. If the parking surface is old and unattractive with poor flow, it really does affect the shops. I don't like pulling into this parking lot because of this. Across Granby is the other shopping center with the strip club. Overall, it is not a great shopping center. As it is, it does not attract a good crowd. The run down Rite Aid doesn't help either.
  4. 2018 Predictions/Wishlist

    I think Fort Norfolk will start to take off.
  5. Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    ODU has a hospitality major already.
  6. Norfolk Development 2

    What lot/building on Olney?
  7. Scope Renovations

    Crown Plaza site is way too small.
  8. Scope Renovations

    It is not THAT historical. It's an ugly dome arena built in the 60's in Norfolk. If they could tear down Yankee Stadium, they can tear down Norfolk Scope.
  9. Virginia Beach Development

    I actually agree with the home owners on this one. If I bought a house in the neighborhood of a golf course, I wouldn't want to stare at a factory every day. They could build more houses there instead and a factory could go at plenty of other places in VB like London Bridge Rd. or Dam Neck Rd.
  10. Scope Renovations

    If the Admirals end up folding/leaving, just demolish it and build a new arena in Scope's spot.
  11. sports in norfolk

    Most of us are probably already aware of this, but Nashville severed ties with the Admirals. I believe this is the first time in team history whether it be AHL or ECHL, that the Admirals have been without an affiliate. That being said, along with horrible attendance because the current owners have no idea how to market hockey, I don't see the Admirals coming back next season. http://wtkr.com/2017/11/28/norfolk-admirals-nhls-nashville-predators-terminate-affiliation/
  12. Norfolk Outlet Mall

    The Outlets need more food options as well. It would be cool to have something local expand to the Outlets like a new location for Handsome Biscuit or a satellite O'Connor Brewery tasting room and store.
  13. Norfolk Outlet Mall

    So what is going on with the outlets? When they opened during the summer, the stores were half empty with the promise of the rest of the outlet stores opening by the end of the year. Well, Black Friday starts in about 30 hours or so. You would think that the stores that were supposed to open by the end of the year would be open by now in time for holiday shopping. I've never seen an outlet half empty like the one in Norfolk. I haven't been since the first week (I live 10 minutes away) because nothing new has opened. I think maybe two or three new stores has opened during this time. I've tried emails, but got no responses. Anyone have any insight as to what is going on with the outlets?
  14. Beach Dome Site Proposals

    Why does VB need an artificial beach built two blocks away from the real beach?