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  1. zeppelin14

    Portsmouth Casino

    It's Portsmouth.... It will fall apart eventually.
  2. zeppelin14

    Hampton Development

    Off-track betting is coming back to Hampton. It will be at the Power Plant. There will also be four additional off-track betting places located around the state. https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news/hampton/off-track-betting-venue-at-former-nascar-restaurant-gets-ok-from-hampton-council/1694680662
  3. zeppelin14

    Casino in Norfolk

    A new article about the casino. This could take years before even breaking ground. I have a feeling this will drag on longer than the dome site. Not uncommon for Indian casino approval to take 8 years or more, lawyers say
  4. zeppelin14

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    The 64 page PDF is right here: https://media.wavy.com/nxs-wavytv-media-us-east-1/document_dev/2018/08/22/180822_Final Version_High Res_1534994714509_52786837_ver1.0.pdf
  5. zeppelin14

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    I thought this was interesting:
  6. zeppelin14

    Casino in Norfolk

    I wonder if the two buildings on the other side of Harbor Park and the marina are all part of this or just to fancy up the drawings.
  7. zeppelin14

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Looks like you can buy that hotel from an Ikea!
  8. zeppelin14

    Waterside District

    Is this a sign that Waterside is already struggling? It looks like a revitalization is coming to the marina as well as the water front along Towne Point Park to Nauticus. No details yet, but they will come soon: https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news/norfolk/norfolk-seeking-to-make-waterside-a-world-class-marina-to-vote-to-accept-2-bids-tuesday/1608085500?fbclid=IwAR33RHVPcRV6oMIqKotz-2cvw1Zqjiu2WC65H3gjiOJaQ99ixOqH2pEUo-A I was having trouble getting the link to load, so copy and pasting the content here: Norfolk, seeking to make Waterside a world-class marina, to vote to accept 2 bids Tuesday NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) -- What's next for the Waterside Marina in Norfolk? The future of the space will depend on who's in charge. In June, city officials requested proposals for management of the marina. On Tuesday night, city council will vote to officially accept two bids. According to bid paperwork, a successful proposal will focus on ways to revitalize not only the marina, but also add to the energy to the entire waterfront. The goal is to turn the area into a world-class marina. The space includes the 32 boat slips behind the Waterside District, along with much of the docking space up to Nauticus. City leaders are looking for a plan that increases the utilization of the marina during the offseason as well as increase foot traffic at Waterside and Town Point Park. The goal is to increase city revenue. Since 2005, Waterside Marina LLC has managed the marina. Back in June, 10 On Your Side reported the city had no issue with the current operator and they are likely one of the two current bidders. The details of the proposed bids can't be legally released until the council officially accepts the bid at Tuesday night's meeting.
  9. zeppelin14

    River Tower

    I'll be glad when this starts. Even though it is smaller than we would all like to see, at least it's a tower. I hope that the old Atlantic City area there will see a building boom soon. I mean, it's a lot of vacant land on the waterfront very close to light rail. It's a perfect area.
  10. zeppelin14

    Norfolk Development 2

    It's in a more suburban area. Not a big deal. I think it's a good and affordable place for millennial to get an apartment where they can take the light rail to work and play.
  11. zeppelin14

    IKEA to open in Norfolk!

    You dont really notice the IKEA driving east bound until you are right on it. Maybe they should cut back some of the trees.
  12. zeppelin14

    New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    I can see Richmond getting a boost but I don't see that trickling down to Newport News or Norfolk.
  13. zeppelin14

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    The city of Norfolk really dropped the ball on this one. This is a huge loss.
  14. zeppelin14

    New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    It appears that Crystal City is a lock, BUT it seems like a third city will get a location as well which will cut down the Crystal City location from 50,000 jobs to 25,000 jobs. Seems as if New York is the front runner for the other 25,000.
  15. zeppelin14

    Norfolk Development 2

    If 8226 is residential, it must be a condo type building with parking on the first floor since the curbed concrete driveway goes toward the back. 8440 has been an empty lot for years. It has four or five old driveway entrances which means houses used to be there but it has been cleared since I moved to the neighborhood 5 years ago. As far as utility projects, I have no idea. They have just been pushing around dirt on that sight for a year! And speaking of Tidewater Drive in the same vicinity, I wish something more can be done with 8300 Tidewater Drive (corner of Tidewater/Sheppard Ave.). It used to be a gas station but it currently a garden club that meets a couple of times a month but the parking lot and structure is an eyesore.