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  1. zeppelin14

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Whatever they put in across from The Main will need some serious neon signage to let people know businesses are there.
  2. zeppelin14

    IKEA to open in Norfolk!

    Does IKEA own all of the land? If so then why didn't they put parking there instead of building a parking garage?
  3. zeppelin14

    IKEA to open in Norfolk!

    Photo credit to Air Center Helicopters, Keith Smith . From Norfolk Department of Development Facebook page. Now looking at the photo above, a restaurant of some kind could easily fit in the wooded area in the lower left corner. That would open it up and make IKEA easier to see from the west side of Northhampton Blvd.
  4. zeppelin14

    IKEA to open in Norfolk!

    Military Highway, yes. I would also like to see development all the way around Lake Wright and not just the Outlets. The area needs restaurants . Look at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach for ideas that they can do.
  5. zeppelin14

    CHKD In-Patient Tower

    CHKD Receives State Approval for Expansion of Mental Health Program HAMPTON ROADS, Va. – Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters has received notification from Virginia Commissioner of Health, Dr. M. Norman Oliver, that the state has approved the hospital’s certificate of public need application for a new pediatric mental health facility to help meet the critical shortage of services in our region. This new facility, to be constructed just off Brambleton Avenue in Norfolk on the medical campus shared by CHKD, EVMS, and Sentara Norfolk General, will include 48 inpatient mental health beds exclusively for young patients, along with mental health day treatment programs and other services.... Now that state approval has been granted, CHKD will move forward on the planning, funding, and construction of these new facilities. It will take approximately two years to open the 12 beds in the current hospital and four years for the new building to be completed.
  6. zeppelin14

    ODU Development

    And a bonus - my 5-month-old German Shepherd enjoying the fountains by student housing!
  7. zeppelin14

    ODU Development

    Been a long time since this had any updates. I was walking my dog around campus and took some pictures of newly finished and in progress projects: The completed Education building on the corner of Hampton Blvd. and 43rd Street. The new Mitchum basketball practice facility at the corner of 43rd Street and Monarch Way behind the TED. The new Art Museum on the corner of 43rd Street and Hampton Blvd. in progress (diagonally from the new Education Building). And construction on phase 1 of the football stadium is underway.
  8. zeppelin14

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I think we all feel lucky when Norfolk (as well as all of Hampton Roads) has a major project going on. It really is few and far between though. Norfolk just completed the Main Hilton and now the Gateway Tower is going to hopefully get started soon. But I'm always wondering why development is so slow here? I was in Baltimore a couple of weeks ago and was amazed at the amount of construction going on just in downtown close to the Inner Harbor. There were at least four towers going up that would all be taller than anything in Norfolk. I truly am envious of Baltimore's downtown. Here's a cool website that tracks all of Baltimore's construction: https://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/maps/crane-watch
  9. zeppelin14

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I was in downtown last Monday (July 2) and the Monday prior as well. Waterside had a lot of people in it and it was fairly busy all around the area by The Main too. It helped that there was a large Physics convention across the river on June 25-29th that brought a lot of people to Waterside and the Marriott as well.
  10. zeppelin14

    VB "Sports Center"

    This project was approved yesterday and will move forward. This will be built next to the Convention Center: https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news/virginia-beach/council-votes-to-build-68-million-sports-center-near-virginia-beach-oceanfront/1294771598 A lot of the nimby's are already on Facebook complaining. In all honesty, I feel as if this is a waste since there's the sportsplex nearby that they could just expand on.
  11. zeppelin14

    Norfolk Gateway

    Doubt they will add extra stories. Usually it's the opposite. But hopefully this will start other projects in this immediate area. I would like to see the Plume Street flat parking lot built upon. I think relocating the Norfolk Juvenile Family Court to a new building would be ideal, then demolishing the existing eye sore building to build something new (and hopefully taller).
  12. zeppelin14

    Virginia Beach Stores, Retail, and Restaurants

    Parking rates are outrageous. If you can find a metered parking spot, putting a quarter in gets you 5 minutes. It's not just Atlantic Ave., but the boardwalk is BORING! Look at Venice Beach, Ca. on how to improve the boardwalk.
  13. zeppelin14

    Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    Looking at the third article - What Norfolk should really do is attract an airline to ORF to call it a hub. Build another terminal where the current long-term parking is. Hubs somehow make cities more relevant. Look at Charlotte before the 1970s when Piedmont came into town.
  14. zeppelin14

    Starwood Mixed Use Proposal

    If Nordstrom does decide to leave, I think the mall owners should forget about the "upscale" tag to the mall and go ahead and put a Target in its location.
  15. This might be one of the slowest moving projects I have seen. Any progress on this at all? There is no mention of this on the Marriott website that I could find.