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  1. So Norfolk is becoming a shanty town with tents in downtown. https://www.13newsnow.com/amp/article/news/community/former-norfolk-greyhound-bus-station-temporary-homeless-shelter-neon-district/291-c831e53a-e429-49cd-8171-9fd3abe433fb
  2. Also I want to add that with these new renderings, half of the rooms no longer have the water views. They now face east and the horrible run down neighborhood below.
  3. I think the hotel section looks no better than a Days Inn. Once again Norfolk got the old switch and bait.
  4. I think after all of the studies, there will be some mention of light rail.
  5. Screenshots from the story:
  6. Next to IKEA? It looks like IKEA furniture.
  7. This is just Portsmouth being Portsmouth.
  8. I posted in because it's an article by Wavy, it mentions Waterside, and it's a pitch by Cordish. The commentors on Facebook had a lot of different opinions to include that they wish Cordish could have done this to Waterside in the first place so it does have relevance to this thread.
  9. A few weeks ago, Wheel of Fortune had a prize to a bed and breakfast in Gloucester...... Yes, Gloucester.
  10. This is what I WISH they could have done at Waterside instead of Waterside version 3.0. https://www.wavy.com/news/virginia/richmond/company-responsible-for-live-and-hard-rock-casinos-proposes-scotts-addition-resort-casino/
  11. With the pandemic, I think a lot of people, developers included, are reluctant to build concert venues or keep an outdoor area for concerts when they could have a residential tower instead.
  12. Being Hampton Roads, the longer they wait the more nervous I get that this will never break ground.
  13. One can only hope that's the final nail in the coffin for the mall.
  14. Why are people here obsessed with height? Yeah I get it that Norfolk is nothing but 15-20 story buildings but H.R.'s doesn't have the Fortune 500 money, dense population that other cities have where a need for 50 story + buildings are needed. What's shown above is at least a nice design and would look great on that corner. Better than nothing that is there now. If Norfolk "holds out" for the need for a taller tower like someone else mentioned above, we'll all be dead before we see ground break.
  15. I saw this on the news the other day and surprised it wasn't posted here. Homes are starting to be torn down at SPQ (finally). https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news/norfolk/demolition-begins-at-tidewater-gardens-for-st-pauls-redevelopment/
  16. I like how they refer to the empty spot in the mall as the Macy's space. Lol. I think this is the best opportunity to just start from scratch. Scope is very out of date and it doesn't seem like an arena will be built at Military Circle. Tear down MacArthur Mall. Build an arena at the mall location, but do so with adjoining stores and restaurants that face the streets so it's not dead when an event isn't going on. Promise some of the mall stores retail space for the rest of the rebuilt street level grid roads built. Street level retail, apartments and condos above. Businesses as
  17. And I know you love that hidden parking lot!
  18. In the case of these apartments, it's not located in a "downtown" area or anything and realistically, if you were renting here, would you want an apartment right up against the main road or up on the water? There's a reason why the parking lot is on the road and the apartments are on the water here.
  19. Most people forget that the very first vote in VB with light rail was voted "Yes." It was the NIMBY's that made VB revote that got the "No" vote. I honestly don't see how going from Newton to VB CityCenter would cost that much. The land is already cleared. Just lay down the track and it's done. A station at Witchduck, CityCenter.... Done! It shouldn't be that difficult.
  20. They focus too much on bus service. There is and always will be a stigma on using the city bus. Enough of the light rail studies and get it done already.
  21. I wish Norfolk could go back to 1999 on this sometimes and have the crystal ball on the future and build what we all envision on these forums, an improved city grid with ground floor retail and high rise apartments above.
  22. According to this article, Richmond voted No? https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/jackpot-expansion-gambling-us-wins-175717646.html
  23. I'm glad to have voted yes in Norfolk!
  24. These are high-end architecture firms. I doubt they will put out a subpar casino.
  25. It has been a while, but here's a new article with the project moving forward. https://www.pilotonline.com/business/consumer/vp-nw-surf-park-map-1014-20201014-6swn54tugzh57fswbdmagcrfte-story.html
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