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  1. They corrected the article to include nCino from Wilmington. http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20150604005676/en/nCino-Named-2015-Red-Herring-Top-100#.VXBNw89VhBc
  2. FreeMoreWest 5k tomorrow (Friday, April 24) at 6pm. More importantly, food & beer trucks at 5pm. http://freemorewest5k.racesonline.com/home
  3. Anyone notice the order page for the Guinness International Champions Cup: http://ustix.2015.internationalchampionscup.com/
  4. Freedom Heights Apartments breaking ground next week: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2015/02/17/5521216/developer-to-break-ground-on-freedom.html#.VOOoSfnF-uI
  5. According to the agenda of the next Wesley Heights neighborhood meeting...The Drakeford Company is looking for community input on a possible S. Summit Ave ( besides 708 S. Summit apartments) project. Anyone have any insights here?
  6. Looks like they missed the opportunity to name them the Pterodactyl Apartments.... Does anyone know if they taking down any existing homes at that end of Walnut?
  7. While I'm sure there's a logical answer...just wondering why this building is set back so far from Tryon? Will something be built between the high-rise and Tryon?
  8. Of the 3 shows currently filmed in Wilmington, "Under the Dome" said they will be back and "Sleepy Hollow" and "Secrets and Lies" are still TBD. Wilmington has the advantage of Screen Gems Studios being located there...largest sound stage outside the west coast.
  9. So which HTs in town carry OMB? I looked at the store Uptown and didn't see any (even though the OMB site says it is carried there).
  10. Figured this would be appreciated here (50% off at The Beer Growler): http://charlotte.dealsaver.com/engine/SplashDetails.aspx?LID=846&contestid=32761&productid=12735804&p=12
  11. Strange...didn't realize they cut that little corner from MPHS but include them in Dilworth and AGMS. Go figure...it's CMS. (BTW...how absurd it is that kids as far south as Rae and 51 go to MPHS?)
  12. CMS planning will only go for that if the current schools(s) are over-crowded and the target school(s) are under. Even then it is a challenge because they look at future growth trends and make a judgement call. The school board members won't act unless planning is in agreement.
  13. Why's that? Everything between Morehead and West Blvd all the way to 77 is assigned to Dilworth Elementary / A. Graham Middle / MPHS. That's is, until they get too crowded (Dilworth ES is already on that trajectory) and CMS draws a new arbitrary line. It's the neighborhoods just north and west of Uptown (like 3rd Ward, 4th Ward, Wesley Heights, etc) that get the raw deal and sent their kids to schools further away. Geographically Dilworth (and several others) is closer than Ashley Park...but CMS planning nor the school board (CMS's rubber stamp) seem to care.
  14. Downside to the USAir / AA merger: Wilmington, Fayetteville, Jacksonville and Myrtle Beach are among the 17 cities losing nonstop service to D.C. due to Obama/Holder/DoJ merger shakedown. http://www.starnewsonline.com/article/20140115/ARTICLES/140119789/0/FRONTPAGE#gsc.tab=0
  15. Architects for the new development are Housing Studio based out of Charlotte. Contractors have not been selected.
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