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  1. Everyone should be happy that another form of transportation is being seriously considered at all. This is Detroit after all. If rail does become popular then changes will be made as necessary to accomodate the increase in riders. Although i believe that it would be smart to have a parking garage next to the terminal as opposed to a surface lot. I noticed here in cleveland that ridership would be higher if people had a place to park.
  2. 8ft isn't that small. It's cool building my guess is that in time it will be saved. It's has a different look. Regardless if the windows are faces the alley if the inside is done right it won't matter. Not every urban dweller requires a million dollar view of the downtown skyline.
  3. asics

    Detroit Off Topic

    I tell you what allan before you know it all the crazy things that make the D what it is will become normal and everything else will become crazy. Your street smarts will improve, your awareness of your surrounding will become second nature. your ability to detect dangerous situations and more importantly avoid them will also improve. The stress you're probably experiencing worrying about some low life stealing your car or breaking into your house will disappear. You'll see!
  4. People is what drives resturants, entertainment venues and everything else. So, it's not assbackwards to build condos first downtown. It's actually assforwards(i guess). People drive new developments.
  5. great pic, The foreground reminds me of an urban prairie. I'm waiting to see tumbleweeds cross the tracks.
  6. Thanks for all the replies! Greenville sounds like a very nice place to live. I'm going to have to check it out in person. I have noticed on the photo of the day topic that the city is very serious about historic preservation downtown. Are some of the neighborhoods experiencing the same attention?
  7. I was wondering if the people of Greenville are accepting of northerners? I ask because i'm from the north and i'm interested in the city. But i'm not sure if it will be worth my while if i have to be hasseled about not having a southern draw. I hope that this is just my ignorance of the south and that they are cool people! I have heard that Atlanta is cool but there's no point for me to move to a city the size of atlanta when i can just live in Detroit metro. I would really appreciate a southerners insight on the subject. thanks.
  8. Jackson I understand your point that the houses built weren't exactly designed to there predecessors. But As you found out Detroiters have a strong affinity to their city. The houses built in north corktown respresent much more than merely houses that aren't perfect. The houses are a symbol of revitalization. This is huge because of the political, economic and racial turmoil that has ravaged the city, the region, the state and the country for the last fifty years. From the white flight in the 50's, 60's and 70's to the riots in the 60's to the automotive industry's technological revolution which laid off 10's of thousands of workers to corrupt mayors. So, although the homes in north corktown may not be symmetrical and everything else. That is I guess not the point.
  9. the photo is amazing. just another hidden treasure in Detroit. Allan your photos of the boston-edison historic district as well as other neighborhoods are interesting. I think the photos help show people who are in the suburbs that there is a whole other world past there white picket fences.
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