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  1. I do not live there anymore. It's easy to say "If he is so unhappy maybe he should move out," but the reality is that I invested a lot of money on promises that weren't kept. Rick Sumerel has no integrity and made and broke promises on numerous occasions. That's basically the same as lying since I don't think he had any intention of keeping those promises. I did sell and at a 6 figure loss. It is definitely not turning out to be what it was originally billed as, and it is not TND. As far as a 25-30 year build out, I doubt it. They are going to fill those lots as quickly and expediently as they
  2. Even the city said their plans weren't up to TND standards. You probably understand why I am a critic of them but I'm not sure why you are such an apologist for them. They tweaked their plans to the minimum so that the city would have to accept them begrudgingly. That doesn't mean the city is happy about it or that they feel Verdae Development is living up to their original master plan. Notice in the Belhaven subdivision there is much less connectivity. They got rid of alleys too. It's not TND in reality or in spirit.
  3. Well, I would argue that the way Hollingsworth Park is being built out is not TND and that many of the design elements are not TND as well. It's not really an argument; it's fact. The Town Paper (before it became Better! Cities & Towns) declined to include Verdae on its list of TND communities at the outset because of the compartmentalized nature of the development (separate manor section, Cascades partitioned off, etc.). The architectural guidelines have been so watered down as to be laughable. You all say it's no big deal. To you it's not. You did not invest money. You were not lied
  4. So…you wouldn't have happened to be looking at the CURRENT "master" plan that is on the website? Because you know they would NEVER change the MASTER plan, would they? They wouldn't add garden style apartments (and try to add gates), would they? Or town homes where none were originally planned? Or change the area across Rocky Slope from Ruskin Square? Or bring in Ryan Homes (after denying they would)? Wow, are you a shill or something? Despite multitudes of evidence to the contrary, you continue to give Rick Sumeral and Verdae Development the benefit of the doubt. I don't know if this image wil
  5. Don't ASSUME anything about this development. It WAS supposed to be a natural buffer according to the "master" plan. When all is said and done, it will still be a great place to live based on the location. It will have SOME TND elements. Hopefully there will be some restaurants, etc. However, it will not be what was sold to me or to many of the other early adopters who invested money into building their homes on broken promises.
  6. Posted the link to the Better! Cities & Towns article earlier in this thread, but here it is again: https://workspaces.acrobat.com/app.html#d=jg3M*di2bHO5A8V7jWs9MQ
  7. Looked into legal counsel years ago when Rick Sumeral/Verdae first started changing things. The first change was the "Homes from the $200s" on Shadwell. He promised that the watering down of the architectural guidelines would be limited to Shadwell. I knew he was lying and of course they changed the standards and the changes have migrated into Ruskin Square. It's been one long continuous slippery slope ever since. I don't believe a word he says. It's frustrating trying to deal with someone who has no moral or ethical standards. He is a very paternalistic man who thinks he is always righ
  8. Not a rumor. That's what we the owners were told by Verdae at a meeting they had for us on April 30th. I guess they wanted to shove the knife into us from the front and not the back.
  9. Connected? Are you not listening to anything I have said on here? Rick Sumeral does not care about connectivity. That plot of land is going to be sold to Ryan Homes and will probably be a typical cookie cutter subdivision with one road in and out with lots of cul de sacs and ugly houses. You can see from the outline that it will probably have one main road in and out of the "subdivision" from Rocky Slope. Part of this area was supposed to be a mirror image of the manor section in the original plans. Of course those plans have long since gone out the window in favor of expediency and maki
  10. So interesting to see all the views of outsiders into the project. Many of you don't realize that the president of Verdae, Rick Sumeral, has no real interest in TND or connectivity. His only interest is in maximizing margins and the amount of money this project will funnel into Hollingsworth Funds. TND is just window dressing. I have met with the man personally multiple times. His aim is to keep his job and please the board of Verdae Development and Hollingsworth Funds. The way he does this is by selling lots and continuing to move the project along by whatever means necessary. If that
  11. The fact that they were approved does not mean that the commission members necessarily liked them. It meant that they could not deny them because they basically followed the overall city guidelines. The city guidelines are not specific for New Urbanism nor do they mandate that type of planning although they encourage many elements of it. If you read the critique of the apartments written by the city, they clearly state that the apartments are not in character with the rest of the development. I don't know why you don't seem to get it. I was not able to attend the meeting due to work. H
  12. Yes, but it was also announced as being neo-urban, walkable, and TND. See the YouTube clip around 4:55 where you can see Rick Sumerel say this in his own words. And please tell me where you saw that we are against apartments in Hollingsworth Park. It is and always has been about the design and architectural standards. We are not against apartments if incorporated in a TND fashion with good architecture. The architecture for the current project is NOT good. When pressed, Bill Monroe characterized it as "eclectic." Please show me where in historical architecture you can find a similar loo
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