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  1. It looks like they have started setting foundations for the new houses at Eastwood Village (the old Hobson UMC site and Chapel and Greenwood).
  2. Isn't that view from the south looking north? So it's actually now James Robertson Parkway and the wonderful Bicentennial Mall State Park. The sea of surface parking is to the west. And I'm also glad they planted trees on that hill. I wonder if it stood bald like that since they were cleared during the Civil War?
  3. The Arcade is part of the Fifth Avenue Historic District, which is a National Register District, so I believe it is protected by zoning.
  4. They've installed the new large windows in the main building and planted some trees along the northern edge since these shots were taken. They've also recently put a new roof on the old parsonage. I'm eager to see construction start on the new houses ringing the main structure.
  5. I assume it must be a permitted use under the current zoning. Are you talking about Martin's?
  6. Quite a bit of excavation at the Eastwood Village (Old Hobson UMC) site the other day.
  7. A bargain, maybe, but not affordable. For a target income/rent ratio of 30% you'd need to earn $60,000 a year, which is about $4,000 more a year than Davidson County's median household income.
  8. Crews have fenced the Greenwood Village site where they are renovating the old Hobson UMC and building new houses. Work has been picking up steadily at the site this spring. Greenwood and Chapel.
  9. Just about anything would be an improvement to the building that was there, what with it's chained off parking lot, etc.
  10. Those look to be M88A1 recovery vehicles, not combat vehicles. I don't think there are any tracked units at FTCKY, but maybe one of the combat service support units has these. Probably going to Knox or further north, or being returned to a National Guard or Reserve depot.
  11. I went to a couple of neighborhood events there when I lived downtown and it was the Choi residence. Beautiful old building.
  12. As a nearby neighbor, I'm excited to see this finally moving forward.
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