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  1. Bill makes a serious brisket, no matter where he sells it out of, but he is opening a brick and mortar location now. Nice guy, too. I prefer pulled pork, too, but Bill makes a really good brisket.
  2. Amazon HQ construction. Looking north from Church Street.
  3. As a nearby neighbor, I'm glad to see more "necessity" vendors rather than another bar or doughnut shop. Not that I don't like either of those.
  4. Asked: "Why do people like the Nashville Scene and David Plazas seem to be waging a war against Nashville's growth and development?" And answered: "I know people are being priced out of neighborhoods, and there should be more affordable housing, . . ."
  5. Looks like a good reuse. I hope the city has them pay to add a light at the Ellington off ramp. Already difficult to turn east onto Douglas.
  6. True, but is that something we should aspire to? Especially when there are still so many other service and retail gaps downtown? Which is why it makes more sense to put one somewhere in SoBro, not on Broad.
  7. I remember a fairly large rally by Coptic Christians from Egypt outside the main library a few years ago to raise awareness about the abuses and hardships faced by that group in Egypt.
  8. There is a Walgreens 2 1/2 blocks from Broadway. Seems close enough except for maybe the laziest of tourists.
  9. Thanks for sharing those. I think the brown looks deeper in person.
  10. I think that would look quite silly. I actually think the Renaissance looks pretty nice since its repaint a few years ago, especially now that they have also painted the portion that used to connect to the old convention center.
  11. Funny. I thought it might be over near Folk, but I couldn't remember if there were still any empty industrial buildings around there.
  12. My first guess (I'm wishing; two blocks from the house). Krispy Kreme/Wholesale Meats site on Gallatin
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