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  1. Those look to be M88A1 recovery vehicles, not combat vehicles. I don't think there are any tracked units at FTCKY, but maybe one of the combat service support units has these. Probably going to Knox or further north, or being returned to a National Guard or Reserve depot.
  2. I went to a couple of neighborhood events there when I lived downtown and it was the Choi residence. Beautiful old building.
  3. As a nearby neighbor, I'm excited to see this finally moving forward.
  4. My take from the outside looking in. Cooper managed to get a better financial deal (infrastructure money, etc.) but then tried for a bridge too far. We spent weeks with him sowing confusion while he tried to get one main last concession, the retention of one small parcel for use by the speedway. The team, the league, and soccer fans pushed back, causing a fair amount of negative pressure on Cooper. In the end, he got a face-saving (for him) concession to use the parcel as a plaza, removed almost any doubt that he was really just carrying water for NASCAR the whole time, and did nothing to address the main complaint of small government proponents--the giving away of public land for private use. And yet, folks are lauding his deal-making prowess. #LoweredExpectations.
  5. And yet the denizens of the Tennessean comment threads, and their ilk, love that he is "standing up to the developers." I think he remains more popular than folks on this board might think. He has an unusual coalition of anti-tax, anti-growth, and anti-big business supporters.
  6. Oh, I don't disagree, I'm just saying we have a weak council, by design, and the members don't have the influence that a lot of folks assume they have.
  7. I'm about the same age and have a similar experience. I think it will be only niche, local retail and retail that benefits from in-person customer service that thrive b&m in the future. Unless some game changer, like a huge increase in transportation costs or a complete collapse of online security, somehow levels the playing field.
  8. Walking the dogs on Monday, I noticed that work seems to be picking up at the old Hobson UMC building at Greenwood and Chapel. It looks like they have finished or nearly finished gutting the oldest and original part of the structure (the southern end) and have reframed much of the interior. Also, there was a man power washing the exterior. @bwithers1, have you ever heard anything from the new owners on their plans?
  9. Based on what I remember Brett telling me when I've asked about more crosswalks on Gallatin, the council person doesn't have a whole lot of say or influence on where public works deigns to put crosswalks, so I wouldn't be too rude to Kathleen. I'd lean on public works and the mayor instead.
  10. The pencils are in the other bar (Poindexter's). You can see them in markhollin's other photos above or in the Tennessean link. I actually kind of dig the lobby.
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