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  1. The pencils are in the other bar (Poindexter's). You can see them in markhollin's other photos above or in the Tennessean link. I actually kind of dig the lobby.
  2. Abandoning their community to go be just another tourist destination. I hope they do well, but I'm never eating there again.
  3. And the inexperienced assessor that Nashvillians elected last time bungled the process.
  4. Thanks for sharing those photos. The crappy apartments (The Cumberland) that replaced the Tennessee Theater (in the Warner Building) were built by Tony Giarratana in the mid '90s. I believe he had razed the old building in the late '80s and then the land was a parking lot for several years. I remember when the Cumberland, which is around the corner from my office, was being built. My coworkers and I commented that it was the very latest in East German Revival Architecture.
  5. And, my surliness aside, I do actually appreciate your explaining your position.
  6. Not looking for a flame war. My "silliness" comment was about the patently . . . well, silly . . . apparent assertion that historic structures should be discounted because . . . wait for it . . . their era has long passed. That's a big part of what makes them historic. And I read the Fountainhead a long time ago, back when I was a naive teen; moved on since then. But, as you say, we are both entitled to our opinions.
  7. Setting aside the silliness of "The Victorian era is long past" part of your argument, are you saying that historic and architecturally attractive structures aren't worth preserving if they don't come in extant neighborhoods, or at least multiples?
  8. Yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Metro to ever stand up to a developer over a historic structure. We as a city just don't seem to give a damn about history when there are dollars to be chased and developers to appease. And, I'd add the proposed hotel looks like just about every other apartment/small hotel being built in every other midsize and larger city.
  9. I think Memphian is referring to the Kroger on Rosa L. Parks (formerly 8th Ave N.) in Buena Vista, up across from Germantown. I used to shop there when I lived downtown. Pretty convenient. Always made me scratch my head when folks said there were no groceries in or near downtown.
  10. Federal courthouse construction, looking SW at 7th and Church.
  11. Amazon HQ construction. Looking north from Church Street.
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