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  1. Or, recognizing that we don't (yet) live in a hellish libertarian dystopia, I could continue to make use of the existing zoning, planning, and political processes to try and support an appropriate balance of rights among property owners and between individual property owners and the broader community. Yeah, I'll do that one instead.
  2. Why yes, those of us lacking the capital to compete with deep pocket developers should have no say in the nature of our community. How silly of us.
  3. FWIW, there have been intermittent contractor crews conducting what appears to this casual observer to be surveying and soil tests of the state-owned surface parking lot on Union, next to the Snodgrass Tennessee Tower.
  4. Gee, I wonder who is building that tower in the background.
  5. Right across from Status Dough. Yeah, I'll stick with the local establishment.
  6. Developers/construction companies should have to pay a heavy, daily fee whenever they block access to a lane. Or block access to a sidewalk without providing a safe alternate route.
  7. Alcove and Amazon II moving right along. Looking west from parking lot behind Hastings.
  8. Don't you know, Nashville only traces it's history back to that 2014 New York Times article naming us the It City?
  9. Great overview. I've noticed that work continues on renovating the old parsonage as well.
  10. Report finds Nashville's share of college educated residents rises more than any large metro in past decade - Nashville Business Journal (bizjournals.com)
  11. And the whole thing fits in nicely with the rest of my neighborhood. Great project. But I am glad that my neighbors were able to quash the developer's attempt to modify the SP to allow non-owner occupied short-term-rentals.
  12. Check out the cover on this book I ordered for work. I didn't realize what was on it until it arrived. As far as I can tell, neither the publishers nor the authors have any Nashville connection. Photo credit: Getty Images.
  13. Well, I guess they have "city-like" traffic.
  14. The front row of houses at Eastwood Village nearly complete, at least on the outside. Work continues on the parsonage, and the sanctuary is looking good.
  15. The neighbors in the area around Eastwood Village are up in arms over an SP variance request that would allow non-owner-occupied short term rentals in some of the new houses. Our neighborhood association and CP worked closely with the previous owner to ensure the development didn't overly disrupt the neighborhood. Hoping the variance is denied. Also talk of a future variance request to allow the former church space be used as an event space. Also something the neighbors made sure to keep out of the SP originally. Could get interesting.
  16. I also just read that August's original report of 366,000 new jobs has been revised up to 483,000, and September's report of 194,000 boosted up to 312,000.
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