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  1. This has to go through two rounds of votes. The second of which will have new city council members. Things will change.
  2. Ultimately, I think it will still pass. There is too much money to be made. But I think the county is more desperate than the city. They've already made millions of concessions in just the past few days. Neighborhood opposition will help put the county over a barrel and hopefully result in some meaningful changes that can help the people who stuck it out in those neighborhoods during the down times.
  3. Southernside neighborhood association also now against it. Short video articulating basic concerns
  4. looks to me on p.38 of the master plan that it includes University Ridge all the way from Church to Augusta. That runs right through the heart of this development. Why create a master plan if you are going to ignore it? https://www.greenvillesc.gov/DocumentCenter/View/296/Haynie-Sirrine-Master-Plan-PDF?bidId=
  5. Well, in their defense, Haynie-Sirrine spent years working with the city to develop a master plan that outlined how they would like the county square property developed. The city agreed with the plan. The city put those ideas into the zoning regs. I think we can all agree that master plans and zoning regs are a good thing. And if so, we shouldn't disregard them lightly.
  6. Haynie-Sirrine, West Greenville, and West End neighborhood associations are all opposed to current request to modify current zoning regs.
  7. The county needs the county square project more than the city needs the convention center project. I think this makes the city's bargaining position stronger.
  8. Former Ballentine building taken down this morning
  9. thought Victor Mill was in Greer. At least before it burned and was torn down.
  10. Southernside residents not pleased with this
  11. there is a little strip of pinckney that was cut off when they built Pete Hollis Blvd
  12. This place is okay. Was pretty crowded Saturday night. They are still working out the kinks service wise, but the fried seafood is good and the selection of Abita beers on draft is enough for anyone from Louisiana to appreciate.
  13. Old Green Plaza site. City issued a CFP for a grocery store there years ago. Never got any interest.
  14. construction on the http://www.upstatecommons.com/ has started on Welborn St, adjacent to the park and across the river from Swamp Rabbit Crossfit.
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