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  1. Minor league baseball realignment now official. Greenville swaps places with Salem, VA to be Red Sox "High-A" affiliate https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/all-120-teams-sign-pdls-completing-minor-league-baseballs-most-significant-change-in-a-century/
  2. Yeah, the BK project straddled two parcels, one RDV and the other C3. BK initially got pushback from the neighborhood, but shifted the building footprint to stay off the RDV portion and thus were able to do what they wanted. That being said, I am not naive enough to think there was no favoritism going on. My larger point is that the city has been picking winners and losers for decades. Up until the creation of the RDV zoning tool, poorer neighborhoods have ALWAYS been on the losing side.
  3. civil case last year. Trying to dig up the case file. This law firm handled ReWa's case. This hints at it but doesn't name names. https://bannisterandwyatt.com/mr-wyatt-and-the-big-dig/
  4. You absolutely should sue. Aughtry/Hughes sued ReWa for loss of value caused by the Big Dig running a tunnel hundreds of feet under new proposed convention center. If you can show that government has taken value from you, then they owe you the difference. I don't have much confidence in the success of your case (Aughtry/Hughes weren't able to get much), but it is your right to have this in front of a civil jury.
  5. FYI, this rezoning issue was debated at length before city council. Minutes here: https://greenvillesc.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_02112019-1730?packet=true
  6. If the government takes value from you, they owe you the difference. I'm in favor of protecting neighborhoods that have been neglected for generations.
  7. I agree that the city has a horrible historical record when it comes to eminent domain. Much of Unity Park will take the place of once residential neighborhoods. Those takings were in the name of a bypass road that was never built. I also agree that the RDV designation seriously cuts into the value of your property. With a C3 your property would increase in value overnight, enabling you to advertise the parcel to a new business willing to pay a much higher rate than OJs.
  8. I am also a fan of RDV zoning. Without zoning controls, some neighborhoods would be saturated with liquor stores, payday lending, pawn shops, etc. While those businesses may simply be responding to consumer demand, some residents want control over which goods and services can locate in their neighborhoods. RDV isn't perfect (it failed to stop Burger King), but it is often the last line of defense for some residents. For more background on the OJ's parcel, see this greenville journal article from 2 yrs ago: https://issuu.com/cjdesigns/docs/12_14_gj_issuu/4
  9. transplant08

    The West End

    hmmm? I'm not seeing it https://www.instagram.com/huskgreenville/
  10. new mexican restaurant replacing Compadres.
  11. Prep for this never-completed project (acquisition and demo) decimated a large swath of Southernside. It created the empty spaces where Unity Park will be located.
  12. Interesting. Gateway 10 is a Spinx LLC. Looks like they are going to develop it themselves.
  13. Ummm... they're developers. What do you expect them to say?
  14. I still don't see the county's leverage with funding for the museum/conference center. Aughtry owns the parcel and Hughes owns the adjacent ones behind it. If they don't get money from city/county govts, they'll eventually put something really big and shiny there on their own.
  15. I still don't see the County's leverage. The county needs the Roca deal more than the city needs a convention center. I mean, a convention center would be great, but Aughtry owns the acre where it will sit and Hughes owns 3 adjacent acres right behind it. It will get developed, they'll make a lot of money, and the city will reap its share of the property taxes. If everything falls a part (county square, convention center), the county will not get its development AND it will have already sold off the last portion of riverfront property downtown to Aughtry.
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