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  1. It's not going to get a grocery store. That's the oldest bait and switch in the book. They said the same thing about Canvas https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/real-estate/developer-turn-bbt-tower-apartments/
  2. that's the west end plan. not the village of west greenville's "micro area" plan Note the links on top left for the two different plans https://www.greenvillesc.gov/1833/Village-of-West-Greenville-Micro-Area-Pl
  3. Every time I see the developer present this project, he goes on and on about how it fits with the Village of West Greenville's "Micro-area plan." But that plan was never passed by city council. the plan passed Planning Commission, but that isn't the final stamp of approval.
  4. President of West Greenville Neighborhood association finished the meeting by reading a letter asking for the development to be paused until the City's new land ordinance codes are finalized.
  5. about 6 yrs ago, there was a plan to build a road through there, but they found the soil couldn't handle the engineering (wetlands)
  6. Maybe we can start a thread "907 Pendleton St" so we can rehash this argument about RDV, drive thrus, and road diets over and over again there.
  7. Thomas Creek in A terminal now open
  8. https://www.southcarolinapublicradio.org/sc-news/2022-07-28/how-century-old-racist-deed-covenants-echo-in-present-day-greenville
  9. Take some of those tower funds and finish the trail extension.
  10. you sued the city over RDV? right? How'd the trial go?
  11. trader joes are 8-15k sq/ft. The problem is that mosaic spot doesn't have enough wealth density or traffic to sustain a TJs. Median hhold income is only like $61k (for reference, Lewis Plaza with the HT is $110k). And we've already got a TJs a few miles away. Again, I'd love a small grocer, but its a tough haul and developers shouldn't promise what they can't deliver.
  12. As much as I would love to get one there, a grocery store wouldn't work. A real store needs to be 35k sq/ft to compete, otherwise its going to be like a Caviar & Bananas / Reids type operation. Developers love to bait projects with promises of "neighborhood markets" even though they know they'll never materialize. Beach Company did this with Canvas https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/real-estate/developer-turn-bbt-tower-apartments/
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