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  1. transplant08

    Pete Hollis Gateway

    Old Green Plaza site. City issued a CFP for a grocery store there years ago. Never got any interest.
  2. transplant08

    New 160 Acre West End Park

    construction on the has started on Welborn St, adjacent to the park and across the river from Swamp Rabbit Crossfit.
  3. transplant08

    The Dunean Area

    Holy smokes, for $5.2m. They aren't joking. Thought the demo was just for show to keep code inspector of their backs. Guess it is really going to happen.
  4. transplant08

    Pete Hollis Gateway

    I think they are changing the RDV zoning to residential to prevent any new commercial from going there
  5. transplant08


    Tried out the store last night. Very nice. Noticed that they put the wine bar downstairs. Original renderings had it upstairs. I asked and they said something went wrong with the plans. Upstairs space appears to be unused at the moment (maybe not ready in time?). For original plan, see:
  6. transplant08

    The West End

    okay, saw a bunch of activity over there day before, didn't know what those black bags were for...
  7. transplant08

    The West End

    Anyone know where the fireworks were set off from last night? View was different from our back porch last night. I know they moved the venue for the music. They usually set them off from County Square... did they move?
  8. Hudson is adjacent to the new park
  9. transplant08

    Homewood Suites - Main and Markley

    edit: deleted
  10. transplant08

    The Dunean Area

    I heard there was threat of legal action from city that sparked this recent round of activity. I suspect they are just going to do the minimal amount to get it back up to code and then will sit on it again. Hope I'm wrong!
  11. transplant08

    The Dunean Area

    this property is in the greenville city limits (806 green ave.). This discussion shouldn't be in the Dunean thread Great news. I couldn't see it from Green Ave. Hope this project works out.
  12. transplant08

    The Dunean Area

    There is nothing going on at the site. A few months ago, the city was about to bring the owner to court for code violations, but I think the owner got another extension. Parts of the building are starting to collapse. There is a sign for a development group called Base 360 up on site.
  13. transplant08

    The West End

    yes, that is correct. I got confused because tunnel actually starts on Hudson St. Turns out the Westfield site is just a staging area.
  14. transplant08

    The West End

    Anyone know what is going on at Westfield and Riley St. Behind the Kroc tennis courts? Lots of really big machinery moving in and a new 8 ft fence.