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  1. I believe that most developers are trying to get ahead of demand a bit. Future growth trends indicate another 2 million people will live in the Atlanta metro within the next 20 years. We just picked up another million residents in the last six years and people will not move to Atlanta if there aren't jobs. Without the jobs there isn't demand for office space. Basically, the push in the spec office market is a bet that the metro will continue to build new business, attract corporate relocations and expand existing businesses. As long as developers are willing to wait for a sizable nibble
  2. Well...I understand the dislike of malls, but past that all I can say is: "What a whiner!" Consumption is part of life. Come on...find a society that isn't into consumption. The ones that aren't are failures. Go live in North Korea or their few and far ilk if you don't like consumption. Yes, malls are not an ideal environment. But save your Communist crap for the pinko blogs where people lack realism and an understanding of human beings. I agree...I've traveled around and malls tend to make places way too similar. Every city has the same stores - quite boring. But I will never str
  3. Yes, Kansas City was so confident (and so ticked) too when it got the cut. Confidence doesn't count for anything. Watch the cash register - please. It is between Atlanta and Daytona...wait and see.
  4. Yeah, I'm sure NASCAR is worried about traffic in Atlanta, lol. I've lived in Atlanta for 2 years now and I can tell you in town traffic is nothing - outside the Perimeter is the problem. The HOF would be built downtown in an area where I travel daily with no problems whatsoever. A true destination center is being built downtown with the nation's largest aquarium, the constructiing World of Coke museum, and the High Museum of Art. "Destination centers" are a huge draw for other attractions...just look at what Disney World did for the outskirts of Orlando. Now I'm not saying downtown Atl
  5. First, I'd like to say that I could care less about NASCAR or where they put the hall of fame. But I would be very suprised if the hall of fame wasn't in Atlanta for the following reasons: 1. Atlanta has more corporate HQ's sponsoring NASCAR cars than any other city...these HQs are also going to bat for the hall of fame to be here 2. Atlanta is the #1 television market for NASCAR - less my viewership of course 3. The proposed site for it is Ted Turner's property downtown next to where the World of Coke Museum and the new Georgia Aquarium will be 4. It is the largest city on the lis
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