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  1. That would be the next phase of Ingleside....http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.php/topic/48196-ingleside-tract-project/
  2. Infinite1


    I guess this is the best place for this since the majority of it deals with the "Innovista" area, but USC has a draft update of their Master Plan. The area between Assembly and the river is definately the focal point for expanding the campus.
  3. Read it again... that is not what it said. It said the average wage for those hired locally was $14/hour and they were importing higher payed contract workers (such as my next door neighbor) because there are not enough qualified workers in the area. They regularly advertise jobs in the $100-130K dollar range for engineers. OH and by the way....CHARLESTON WAS SELECTED FOR THE NEW BOEING PLANT!!! http://view.exacttarget.com/?j=fe8a1d7971660d7e74&m=fef0177672620d&ls=fe0d117970620d7a7d1c79&l=fef4137271620c&s=fe60107975620c7c7416&jb=ffcf14&ju=fe621c73726607797714
  4. How does it suck for employees? The contract workers are working in a "right to work" state also. I think it speaks more to the lack of qualified applicants locally.
  5. 1. Isle of Palms is probably the more popular beach, but many prefer the more laid back vibe at Folly Beach. 2. Vickery's on Shem Creek, Hymans Downtown, or A.W. Shucks are among the myriad of choices for seafood. For BBQ check out Bessingers in West Ashley. 3. Typical tourist things are visits to the Battery, King Street, Carriage Rides, visiting one of the Plantations all are interesting in their own right. 4. Most of the national chains will be in that price range. For local establishments it may be a little (or alot) more, but you can probably make a deal depending on the timing of your trip.
  6. thats actually the front of a lawyers office...and I'm sure he will complain.
  7. This rendering/project is done with Autodesk Revit Architecture. Its a Building Information Modeling (BIM) program used to produce architectural and engineering drawings.
  8. ^ I agree with Spartan on that. Both Richland and Lexington Counties would have to buy in to make a boundary effective. Although I am uneasy about the unanticpated consequences of growth boundaries.
  9. yes, but it is up to to the municipalities to demand uniqueness. MOST (not all) owners will take the path of least resistance.
  10. ^ that is very common practice and it is usually not the decision of the architect. The hotel chains have prototypical designs (much like restaurant chains). Deviations from those designs have to be submitted for approval. An owner who is looking to build something fast and obtain quick approval would likely not deviate far from the propotypical designs. Usually, its the local reviewing authority that "encourages" more unique designs.
  11. I would expect a master developer would come in, install infrastructure develop the master plan and then sell the project off by parcels or projects. So in reality there could be dozens of developers
  12. I don't disagree (that kind of like agreeing, huh) on that point. I was just commenting about the street grid and the fact that no matter what happens internally, there is only a single access point to Farrow Rd.
  13. with this particular development, there is a bridge from Farrow Rd to access the property. So while an internal grid system could be used, ultimately there is only one point of access and egress. That is a limitation of the property (and potentially imagination) as to site access.
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