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  1. mediamongrel

    KMART Plaza (Tunnel Rd.) 1975-?

    This plaza is almost complete aside from the Diamond Brand outdoors store.
  2. mediamongrel

    Asheville Weather & Climate Discussion

    This June and July may not resemble last years abundant rainfall. 8.97" and 13.69"
  3. mediamongrel

    Biltmore Square Mall

    only one I have heard is Jcrew...but your typical outlet store tenants may follow. Ones like Bose, Coach, and some of those in Gaffney most likely.
  4. mediamongrel

    Asheville Weather & Climate Discussion

    Asheville set a record yesterday of 70 degrees. So much for winter again.
  5. mediamongrel

    KMART Plaza (Tunnel Rd.) 1975-?

    2014, wow, I don't get up that way too much, but I can imagine the traffic will be a nightmare while the demolition/construction occurs.
  6. mediamongrel

    KMART Plaza (Tunnel Rd.) 1975-?

    If I could afford to shop there on a regular basis this would be exciting news, but if their prices mirror Earthfare, than forget it.
  7. mediamongrel

    KMART Plaza (Tunnel Rd.) 1975-?

    The Kmart in Greenville, SC is closing as well. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the Skyland Kmart is closing within the next year or so. That location always seemed slower than even the Tunnel Rd. store. Also, I have to agree that the Asheville Mall is awful. Just in comparison to other malls in bigger cities nearby, the Asheville mall has really nothing to offer, other than horrible traffic trying to get to it. Trying to get from the Lowe's Home Improvement to the I-240 on ramp can sometimes take 10-15 minutes to go less than 1/4 mile.
  8. mediamongrel

    KMART Plaza (Tunnel Rd.) 1975-?

    They are most likely going to level the entire plaza. if you take a look at the owner's website (which still ironically includes Kmart), it shows a blueprint type layout of the property, which does include Tuesday Morning and Radio Shack. Everything in this plaza will probably be leveled in the Spring/Summer of 2013, and then we can wonder what will go here. Costco would have more than enough room in my opinion, but whatever the new tenant is, I'm sure they are already known internally. As I have said before in this topic, this area is hardly an upscale area, and not really close to the main "Biltmore" tourist area, which is at least 2 miles down Swannanoa River Rd.
  9. mediamongrel

    KMART Plaza (Tunnel Rd.) 1975-?

    Just drove by there earlier, and there was a "liquidity company" on site. You can pretty much fill in the rest.
  10. mediamongrel

    KMART Plaza (Tunnel Rd.) 1975-?

    There has been a significant development with this Kmart location...can't mention the specifics, as I have not yet been given permission to release the information, however, more information will be released on 11/13.
  11. mediamongrel

    Asheville Mall

    i agree with a lot of the things you said. As far as the mall debate goes, it just seems to me that it is in a crappy area of town. Tunnel Rd. isn't that great of an area, especially the north part. I drive up and down that section at least three or four times a week, and I see a lot of loitering, crackheads, and no effort is really being made to improve it other than building a car wash and vitamin store. I don't frequent that mall as much as the defunct Biltmore Square or the Biltmore Park plaza. They are just nicer areas with easier access and less traffic. However, if some people still like the Asheville Mall that's fine, but I honestly cannot see it as a mall that would be attracting higher end stores in the future.
  12. mediamongrel

    Asheville Weather & Climate Discussion

    With a good part of the country in a moderate drought, Asheville may get close to being even for yearly precipitation. A cluster of storms moving through the Asheville area tonight should bring at least 1" of rain to the airport, bringing the yearly precipitation within one inch of normal, give or take 1/4"
  13. mediamongrel

    Asheville Weather & Climate Discussion

    The next 5 days in Asheville should push us up way above average for monthly rainfall, with between 3"-5" of rain expected by the weeks end. Also, temperatures will cool down drastically, remaining mostly in the 70's for high temperatures after this afternoon.
  14. mediamongrel

    KMART Plaza (Tunnel Rd.) 1975-?

    This is a continuation or new topic, since most of the discussion from the KMart/Walmart topic focused on the Tunnel Road plaza.
  15. mediamongrel

    Charlotte Weather

    3 days in a row for the all time high in Charlotte of 104.