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  1. I Have just heard on channel 6 news that Cedar Fair (owner of Cedar Point Ohio) just bought the paramount parks including Carowinds. More new rides I hope
  2. This is good news Now Charlotte is getting more downtown attractions, wich it needs bad. More money downtown More things to do too.
  3. Has anybody heard anything about the old Polk building downtown. I think something big might be developing. I think I saw someting about it just reading some city gov. sites but I cant remember. I will try to look for it again.
  4. When do they expect everything to be finished, and when will they have better access to get to NC music factory. I went back there today and got confused and lost. Are they really going to build a new street or do anybody think it will get rejected. This looks like it will be a GREAT project, if they get better streets.
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