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  1. These things take time, therefore I haven't formed a mindset for this project yet. I've almost ignored it just to avoid getting bummed if it where ever scaled back or cancled. Ever since this news has broken I've tried not to get excited and to look at it as a bonus possibility... rather than an expected addition to our current boom. Look at how long the Park has been around... Heck it was announced during the previous boom of towers (Hearst, Westin, etc..) and its just now nearing completion. A project of sig's size is bound to run into setbacks.... it could happen... and it might not, but
  2. I might have missed it, but if not I'm suprised nobody's brought up the rendering of the office tower shown in the O last Thurs. Had a glimpse of what twelve will look like in the background as well. Might just be lacking an online version for the moment or something. I'm also interested to see what the overall heights of these buildings come out to be so I can update my database. Seems like developments uptown have gotten more and more stingy about releasing structural heights.
  3. I got 18, only 3 more to go it looks like. Will be interesting to see how the exterior turns out. We need more infill buildings like this to fill in all those cracks.
  4. As well we will be able to see the Ritz go up accross the street too. Tearing up the lot over there now. They've been working steadily on the parking deck for Epicenter however I haven't seen much if any progress on the tower in a while. If they expect to have it ready for occupancy next year they better get a move on things.
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