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  1. Skyline49er

    The Bad News Report

    Why doesn't paypal just set up shop instead in York or Lancaster counties? They would still be able to pull talent from Charlotte they were trying to attract in the first place. Added bonus of NC jobs leaving for SC but still in the metro. Win-win for everyone ( at least for CLT )
  2. Skyline49er

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    I feel sugar creek gets overlooked, but I enjoy their white ale (good crisp taste) and their dubbel/porters are solid.
  3. Skyline49er

    Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    Where is that old chum...what was his name, oh yea, Jerry Reese?
  4. Skyline49er

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Knew about this from a friend of a friend... Heard Location was a lot cheaper here than other parts of NoDa and, as mentioned above, has great potential. Know for a fact there will be some sweet arcade games....cruising USA, NBA jam to name a few.
  5. Skyline49er

    Charlotte Supermarkets

    I may have stumbled on another future Publix location: Current rezoning up for the Highland Creek/Prosperity area near the future Prosperity Church relocation and 485 and across the street from Highland Creek Teeter. Residential component is also included (275 units). Petitioner is Halvorsen Development Corporation which is currently developing the Publix in Cornelius. Another hint is that Publix is notorious for doing diagonal parking at their grocery stores.
  6. Skyline49er

    Charlotte Forum Meet up - Sat Sept 6th, 2014 9pm - UPDATE

    Put me in for a maybe, I'd like to put faces with names and talk Charlotte, plus how can I turn down local beer!
  7. Skyline49er

    Tanger Outlets coming to Charlotte

    Drove by the Premium Outlet site by Berewick this past weekend and they have started the process of clearing the site with the silt fence up adjacent to the sidewalk. Still have not been able to find any sort of tenet possibilities.
  8. Skyline49er

    Aquarium at Concord Mills

    The speedpark is closed. Saw it this evening.
  9. Skyline49er

    Concord Mills

    Just a few updates: Academy Sports is close to opening at the corner of Concord Mills BLVD and Derita Carolina Ale House is coming soon to that intersection as well. There are a ton of apartments being built additionally to the Bexley Village community.
  10. Skyline49er

    Aquarium at Concord Mills

    Anyone have any thoughts on where an aquarium would go? My initial thought was the backside of the mall, similar to how the speedpark extends from the mall itself.
  11. Skyline49er

    Charlotte Supermarkets

    Did we discuss the Publix that is planned for Cornelius? I just found out about it today while eating with some friends in Davidson. Here is the link: That makes three in NC. Ballantyne, South End and Cornelius.
  12. Skyline49er

    University City Projects/News

    For that to be such a busy intersection, it's so underused. Two gas stations and two vacant pieces of land. I was really hoping bofa's plans were coming to fruition.
  13. Skyline49er

    Charlotte Supermarkets

    Ballantyne and/or Huntersville?...that would be my guesses.
  14. Skyline49er

    Bank of America Stadium Renovation

    I am just amazed that we are talking about refurbishing the stadium, crazy how quickly football stadiums seem to antiquate. I'm all for a retractable roof as well, could we host NCAA Final four as well?
  15. Skyline49er

    Bank of America Stadium Renovation

    This is obviously just for fun and if money was no issue, but if LA wants the Panthers so bad, they should give something up in exchange. How about Charlotte gives LA the Panthers and Bobcats and in return we get the Dodgers, Clippers, and one of the MLS teams. Just something to think about.