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  1. Sounds like a not-so-attractive place to be, but I hope that the city manages to follow the footsteps of other places in revitalizing its center and provide a safe place for all visitors. Nice photos, though!!!
  2. This is truly a kick-ass project; the kind of urban project we all wish to see in our cities. I can't wait for construction [photo] updates once East Park District begins to get significant mass. Thanks for posting these images; the map helps us understand better the significance of this project and how well it will help connecting Uptown with its nearby neighborhoods.
  3. Biotechnology will get even stronger in the Triangle, judging from bits and pieces I read every now and then. Personally, I prefer a more diversified economy, but I support whatever helps the area gain [positive] visibility.
  4. Definitely an impressive project!!! Absolutely worth pursuing.
  5. It is always nice to be in the Top-5 of such list. I am not really surprised, considering the continuous efforts by the local biotech companies to maintain and strengthen Triangle's biotechnology infrastructure. Honestly, I did not know anything about San Diego's biotechnology sector, so it came as a surprise... although a pleasant one.
  6. Excellent update!!! Things are moving to the right direction for DT Greensboro and the Triad.
  7. This is a really nice tour of Carowinds. I've never been there, so I can't comment on the rides, but I surely hope it finds its past glory.
  8. I have to agree with 49er... the more upscale shopping they put outside downtown the harder it gets for Uptown Charlotte to complete its image and speed up the momentum. Of course, South Park's proximity to Uptown may also work for the latter's growth, too. As people get closer to the core, they will eventually embrace Uptown even more. While I would prefer those stores to have a more central address, it is still great news for Charlotte's shopping scene.
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