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  1. Wampanoag Mall is getting the Stop and Shop from Newport Ave and a Work out World.
  2. There are only two tracks in East Greenwich so as to not destroy the historical nature of the downtown (this was done on purpose). It's only for short distance then it opens back up to three tracks in North Kingstown into Quonset. There's a 3rd track siding for a small section as well near Rocky Hollow Road.
  3. my bill went up about 80 bucks this year over last for the whole year, not too bad. is it true you pay car taxes based on the year before?
  4. I had a breathalyzer in college for fun, the highest I ever hit was .28, you guys are champs! I didn't have to drive in college though...
  5. Doesn't matter to the Feds, the MBTA extension to Fall River and New Bedford is largely proposed for a right-of-way that used to have tracks and is still graded and they still had to do a full environmental review.
  6. I was in Orlando all week and was appalled to come home today to hotter more humid weather up here...
  7. Are there any rules that go along with living in section 8, like not being able to own brand new SUV's while living there? I thought this was just an NYC phenomenon, but all the section 8 tenants near me have really nice cars. Hmm illegal income maybe...aren't there case workers to investigate these things?
  8. Can anyone give me a ballpark for sewer costs for a 6 unit building in Providence per year?
  9. I guess the firefighters pay takes into account a retro active pay raise doled out in 2006, accounting for some of that exorbinant salary...
  10. Did anyone else read the top 100 highest paid municipal employees list in the Projo today? Donnie Evans makes $190,000 per year????? And who is this firefighter (no other title) Albert Vendetti making $126,000 per year??? WOW I'm in the wrong business...
  11. Mineral Spring is already mineral hell. And once again, HOW MANY LOWES DOES THIS STATE NEED???? Who actually has the money right now to redo their house?
  12. yes I believe that was one of their names...
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