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  1. mendelman

    Ann Arbor Photo of the Day

    Well, that used to be the Romainian Orthodox church. I understand that it has been closed for a number of years and there have been development proposals, but the neighborhood usually killed them. From those pictures, it's looking really sad. The City needs to cite the owners for poor property maintenance. The main sanctuary building it quite nice. Starting to look them a neglected grand church in Detroit.
  2. mendelman

    Ann Arbor Off-Topic

  3. mendelman

    Detroit Photo of the Day

    Probably the result of patchwork due to failed terracotta cornice at some point in the past. At least they didn't just strip off the skin like at the United Artist's building.
  4. mendelman

    Ann Arbor Off-Topic

    Well, there won't be much to see. As of June 15th, no work had started on the site, apart from the removal of the old dry cleaners/laundromat. It's all just boarded-up. But maybe the status has changed in the last month and a half.