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  1. gvillenative

    GSP International

    I was going to post something about that last week. I was looking at inbound and outbound flight info into GSP on my Flightradar24 app and that caught my eye. Looks like they have been doing that route for at least a month and a half. I do have a question though for the airline aficionados out there. Are Air Atlanta Icelandic and Saudia Cargo subsidiaries of Senator? Because from the looks of it there are already Atlanta Icelandic and Saudia flights going to and from. Sorry for rambling but curiosity got the best of me.
  2. gvillenative

    GSP International

    All this being said, Allegiant figured out the Vegas route didn’t work with MD-88’s. So that should mean Frontier will at least fly 37’s out west. I’m saying this without knowing what their fleet consists of, so I’m just assuming. As a semi frequent flyer it’s a welcome sight for western flights and more mainline aircraft coming to GSP. Too grown to be comfortable in the smaller jets. Lol.
  3. gvillenative

    GSP International

    Anyone have any guesses if this new announcement tomorrow is just an existing airline expanding, or a new one coming in to the market? Reference is GSP’s Facebook page. Can’t get it to paste the link I copied.
  4. gvillenative

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    There most certainly has to be an exhaust system. It would work like an underground parking garage in a sense.
  5. gvillenative

    GSP International

    It is not uncommon for military planes to fly into and out of GSP. Not sure if they do anymore, but there used to be a C-17 shuttle fly through every month on a loop from Dobbins to Charleston AFB. Also boarded a C17 there to go on an Annual Tour to California for the reserves. Furthermore I have seen military planes of all sizes either fly out of GSP or parked when I was flying out.
  6. gvillenative

    GSP International

    Speaking to what distortedlogic said, I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. With one addition, another great location to add would be SeaTac. It would be awesome to have a non-stop to Seattle. I have traveled this route quite a few times and I honestly believe there is a good enough base to support it. Most of the time when I fly back to Seattle most of the people on the plane with me at GSP are on the way there as well. Charleston has a non stop on Alaska Airlines, if we are ever going to compete for traffic and routes, they need to go against the grain and do something that hasn't been done before, i.e. regular scheduled flights to the awe inspiring Pacific Northwest. Before y'all dissect this, I know we are talking about adding routes with existing airlines, or at least in the comment I was responding to. I was just stating an example. Furthermore adding Alaska Airlines would be nice too. It could open up more markets to us, in my humble opinion.
  7. Long story short, is the second tower topped out, and if so does anyone have any pics. I am out of town, I cant go see for myself. As much as I love the spirited debate over which bookstore belongs or if one even belongs in the development; not so much, but I digress. In a nutshell Im just asking to see construction updates in the construction thread, instead of a 1 page debate over what business belongs and what business does not belong in this development. I probably ruffled a few feathers, which in my experience doesn't take much effort.
  8. gvillenative

    GSP International

    Let me tell ya, twice I had to get last minute flights on Southwest to BWI and it was a steal. On time to boot. First time in a while I have been on an on time flight into and out of GSP. I saw something on the way in on the access road from Hwy 14, maybe I'm reading into it a little too much but I saw what I believe is the old rental car lot off to the right as you turn to go to I-85 and I thought I either saw some construction equipment or some sort of activity. Was wondering if anyone else has seen it and what the signifigance is.
  9. gvillenative

    GSP International

    Let me preface by saying this is great news. Now I will let my pessimistic side take over for a second. If they decide they are going to fly the Dorniers out of GSP, then they will have already lost my bussiness. I will never willing get on another rattle trap, puddle jumping, prop job again in my life. Secondly dont you think we have enough flights to Florida? Probably not, but I do. Make it interesting for once service with 737s take us out west maybe Vegas via North Vegas and I dont a flight to LV from NLV, but I digress. In conclusion GREAT NEWS, just one request SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN FLORIDA, I love Florida but when I get back to the States and go on my vacation Im going west everytime. Think about us sometimes too, please. Thank you, keep up the great work.
  10. gvillenative

    GSP International

    Call me crazy, but it seems the "Southwest Effect" has gone international foe GSP. Before I came over here I was pricing tickets from GSP to Frankfurt, just to see how much I didnt have to spend for the tickets. At that time tickets were going for a minimum of like $1200, just for the fun of it I checked prices for the week after they start service to GSP and the prices have plummeted about $400. I found tickets for as low as $800. Just saying that I noticed a downward trend of ticket prices since the announcement, coincidence maybe or it could very well be the "Southwest Effect". Just a thought.
  11. gvillenative

    GSP International

    I wonder what is the signifigance of the announcement today that there were 3 direct one-stop's added to the schedule. I do know tbis doesnt meam they actually added new routes but what is the difference between a direct one- stop and a connection? Never done it before so yeah question sounds idiotic but hey just wondering.
  12. heaven forbid somebody mispeak in this forum, for there always someone chomping at the bits to correct them. much like my lack of capital letters in this sentence, at least you get the jist of the post.
  13. gvillenative

    GSP International

    So this must mean Asheville will kinda back into getting Southwest Airlines, I wonder though with the proximity of Patrick Henry in Newport News to Norfolk Intl. if they will change over or get dropped.
  14. gvillenative

    GSP International

    One wonders how the news of Southwest buying AirTran will affect the biz and area airports. Does this mean all cities served by AirTran will now be served by Southwest or will they keep their name and just mirror their business model...just curious.
  15. gvillenative

    GSP International

    I really dont care about the whole "taxpayer money" aspect of it because to be honest its been that way for years and will be for years to come. My gripe is when is it ever going to be "long enough" I've used it quite a few times and NEVER had a problem. That was the whole purpose of redirecting the Northbound Highway 14 exit and on ramps so 14 traffic and GSP traffic could flow unabbated by the other. My other gripe is they need to worry about the roads and intersections that matter like I dont know maybe fixing the screw up known as the Great I-85, 385, Woodruff Road Debacle, at least by my but that place sucks and needs more attention than an intersection that was built "wrong" Maybe people should just learn how to drive and it would fix that problem, the other problem on the other hand needs a complete teardown and rebuild from scratch and for Pete's sake get it right this time.