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  1. It is annoying however that they allowed such an egregious typo though. Under cities served part talking about “Southwest offers non-stop flights from Baltimore to Greensville.”
  2. Wonder if Aer Lingus is joining the fray or if this is a one off. I see the BA flights have stayed at a pretty steady schedule of 1 or more a day since I first saw them coming to GSP.
  3. For the plane spotters out there, there is a British Airways 777er due to land at GSP in an hour and a half. Kinda jelly that I’m not able to go see all these cargo planes coming in.
  4. Looks like Hobby is back, and Denver is back, for now at least, and at one a day as opposed to the once a week it was a few months ago.
  5. Yeah I’ve seen it on flightradar24 for at least 2 days in a row.
  6. I used Hobby once as well on a hop from SeaTac to GSP. Exxxxxtremely convenient.
  7. GSP-Hobby starting 5 November on Southwest.
  8. So from the looks of it the Southwest flight to BWI is back to once daily and the United flight to Denver is back once a week, if I’m not mistaken. I read somewhere one of GSP’s responses to questions and they believe Reagan will come back but are unsure of LaGuardia. Didn’t see anything about Newark. Anyone have any insight on those flights?
  9. I want Seattle! Boston is nice, but Seattle would nicer for me.
  10. To prove your point you had to resort to the most pretentious statement you could by inferring that fans of certain genres are less educated. You don’t have to like it, but leave the high and mighty attitude at the door.
  11. I realize they are mostly one off’s, but I think it is interesting to see the cargo flights that are going places other than Germany. Not sure if the Mexico flights are still a thing, but last week I saw a cargo flight to Calgary. Today there is a flight overhead me in Savannah right now that is going from GSP to Lima, Peru. Also, looks like the CRJ Maintenance is still a thing too. Saw a flight from GSP to Montreal. Unless that was a flight just ferrying the aircraft up there for another route.
  12. The first United flights to and from Denver started. I’m interested to see the load is. If it is an indication of whether we can support more west coast destinations.
  13. The thing that caught my eye was it said “current growth challenges inside the terminal resulting from enplanements outpacing forecasts, airlines up gauging equipment, additional frequencies, and new service announcements.” Does this mean Wingspan was not effective in addressing this possibility of bigger aircraft and more destinations? Or does it mean that GSP is like the SCDOT whereas they build for now and expand when it’s gridlocked instead of building out before it gets bad to match future growth projections?
  14. Whether it’s Delta or another airline like United or Lufthansa even. I can see it work with the frequency in which they spoke of. What I can’t see, however, is the logic of avoiding GSP to save money, of which, you will spend some or a lot of driving to Atlanta or Charlotte. I will save the hassle and go ahead and pay what would eventually wind up being not much higher, after you factor in added expenses traveling to Atl or Clt to fly. Unless you live close there is not an argument in the world that would make me say that they are “close” or even the popular argument “too close for xyz flight to work.”
  15. I’ve always known GSP had the two customs stations. What I never thought of was does that just mean 2 lanes? Or two stations with multiple lanes. Because if they were to get international flights with just 2 lanes at customs then it’s going to take for ever to clear a flight coming in from Germany or elsewhere for that matter. Either way, the planes it would take to make that flight seat over 200 people. Putting it right at or over capacity in just one flight. If they were to get those flights, it would be nice to see them do it on a 787 as a nod to the state of South Carolina. Kinda like what British Airways did for their flights they are starting from Charleston to London-Heathrow.
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