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  1. ...and its beige. No actually fifty shades of beige.
  2. HT design fail. Clumsy, ill-proportioned, poor choice of materials... you name it.
  3. I'm not intimately familiar with the floor plan of the facility but when I think of meeting and conference space I think of flex use rooms that would not necessarily be used during a performance. Those rooms would be great rooms for a visiting acts entourage, hospitality rooms for VIPs etc. That's what I think of when I say back of house for an arena or performing arts facility. Not your traditional loading zone and dumpster pad. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. hmmmm lots of potential here.. Honky Tonk and neon go together like peanut butter and jelly. this that or another maybe an homage to local newsman
  5. that is exactly what has been flashing through my mind for weeks! UPDATE... maybe we should have a design competition.
  6. Back of house type space now drives 90% of the Theater and Arena business. Unless we invest in this, there will be zero chance of top tier events continuing at these facilities. I think it is an incredibly efficient use of 18m to increase the use of a facility that could cost a hundred million (or more) to build today.
  7. Charlotte's Original Trolley's were built this way... as land development schemes and with little or no regulation or safety oversight. I think they eventually turned them over to the city to run, and the city tore them out and replaced them with less expensive to maintain buses. From what I understand, they were built cheaply and likely nearing the end of their lifespan.
  8. Cool... Didn't think about that... hopefully they had the foresight to make an impressive architectural statement with that bridge considering that is the intersection of our city's two most prominent infrastructure projects. UPDATE: nope
  9. ^^the facebook photo of the floor plan matches the rezoning petition floor plan.
  10. I didn't realize 25th street station was so far above the street. that is unfortunate. I guess because they needed to stay flat for the maintenance yard?
  11. old tire fire maybe... but not a dumpster fire.
  12. No I think landbanking hospitals have that effect.
  13. Build this parking deck.
  14. I have often thought that the way to compel these neighborhoods to connect their subdivisions may be the school bus issue. Inner ring neighborhoods hardly notice school coming back into session. outer ring neighborhoods are crushed by their obtrusive routes. if school busses didn't need to collect from the highways, or even travel the highways... they wouldn't clog them up.
  15. I think they are both great too... NoDa has a definite center though, not sure the center for Elizabeth... That impacts the sense of place to me.