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  1. The thing that jumped out at me from looking at the city from this perspective, is how parallel 85 and 77 are, and how nicely Brookshire and Freedom create a block Northwest of the city
  2. I've been passing this on Park recently and looking over there, trying to get offended... I haven't been able to yet. I plan to make another attempt soon. Perhaps if I sit in the parking lot for a while.... hopefully it won't take me too long to eventually be offended.
  3. I'd say the expense of grade separated crossings are a much greater factor. Most grade separated crossings are paid for and maintained by the State, affluent neighborhood or not. Matheson is a pretty big city owned bridge.
  4. $2000 upfit... he really got a deal!
  5. Saw what looked like B Cycle construction (concrete pad and retaining wall) going in, in front of 1305, in this location: https:[email protected],-80.8163553,3a,57.3y,9.08h,86.52t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sOpX1wUpwVjBDgBIgwmTodA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  6. Its been 5 years, and both have seen A LOT of change...
  7. GoodBottle is about a half step out of my orbit, so I rarely go, but I have to say the only thing worse than a bottleshop that can't stay stocked, is a bottle shop that can't move product. Nothing worse than a 200 day old IPA.
  8. Welcome to Urban Planet. Your inquiry has been discussed. Try searches in Charlotte Area Transit System Long Term Transit Plan Charlotte Gateway Station and Railroad Improvements and possibly: Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network
  9. ... and that no-parking-in-front thing is not in that document (area plan) that I attached, so I had been concerned... but I just found it in the PED section (part 8 of Chapter 10 if anyone is wondering) of the city zoning ordinance.
  10. Something very similar is in the works... but yet to be announced. Southend area.... near recent closings/demo.
  11. I'm glad you brought that up... that was my assumption, but the area plan makes no reference to Maximum setbacks for "Village Edge Streets"... just Minimum: Setback, Planting, and Sidewalks: The minimum building setback for this section is 24 feet from the back of curb at the unrecessed curb location, or 16 feet from the recessed curb. Where the curb is not recessed, the street cross-section will include the 8-foot planting strip with street trees as described above. A sidewalk with a minimum width of 16 feet will adjoin the recessed curb or planting strip. As discussed for Type 2 streets, planting strips are inappropriate adjacent to on-street parking within an intensive retail environment. The 16-foot sidewalk width provides sufficient space for pedestrian movement, sidewalk dining, and other merchandising activities. Trees in curbed planters are required along recessed curb edges to augment trees along the street edge for a maximum spacing between trees in accordance with the Charlotte Tree Ordinance. Trees in curbed planters shall be provided with irrigation, subdrainage, and adequate soil space for roots in accordance with City standards for Urban Retail sites. Use Planning/PlazaCentralPedscapePlan.pdf
  12. I don't think that the 3 lane option is really that viable. It is a patch for 7th because the road width is so skinny. I don't think they will ever employ it (in Charlotte) where they have other options. The issue of late night pedestrian collisions on 7th (....RIP Chilly) will probably be the most difficult to get past.
  13. The rendering clearly shows Fern gone, and that is what we have discussed on this forum for awhile, so i think the article simply mentioned Fern to orient folks. They mentioned it as "property formerly occupied by...."
  14. love FUto Buta... mouth is watering just reading this....