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  1. It was actually 60% underground and 40% above ground. The parking below was accessed from the alley so the ramp did not show up in site plans. The building facing 7th street had parking beneath the entire building.
  2. So there are obvious changes to the financial modeling for this project vs the Faison project OfficeVS Residential, but from an architectural standpoint.... you are probably going from wood-over-podium to steel construction changing from 4 sided architecture to 3 sided (one side has parking decks right?) save on excavation (no buried parking) save from not constructing balconies ... and I guess you also save from not reliving the previous owner's heartburn over neighborhood discontent.
  3. I don't think the fate of the Victor Shaw house is sealed quite yet. Preserve Mecklenburg Inc has an option on the property. They have until Dec 1, 2019 to sell the option to a developer. If they don't the house will come down. I have heard a similar rumor about the Cramer house. Thank goodness.
  4. Architect is Max Headroom.
  5. This is basically the facade that had been originally proposed at atherton.
  6. I noticed the other day that the front edge of the patio at Sycamore is built out of railroad rails. Made me wonder if there is a story there. This patio is pretty hodge podge as it is, so I would assume that someone found them onsite during construction or something.
  7. sounds like an opportunity for the current administration to deregulate!
  8. The "core drilling" is most likely a soils boring that is testing the density and bearing capacity of the soil on the site. This is usually done immediately prior to building design, but might also be done by an owner that is putting the property on the market and wanting to know upfront if there are any potential problems before the sale.
  9. I just visited South 12th in Nashville. That seems to be a tenant mix that would play well in SouthEnd: http://nashvilleguru.com/neighborhoods/12-south/shop EDIT: I think maybe its called 12 South.
  10. does Asana have a plan for where drive up customers Superica/Hawkers/Jennis/ShakeShack etc are going to park? It might not be an issue, but dang I'll be super impressed if they can keep that tenant mix with zero parking.
  11. I'll call this Belmont Rain.
  12. ^I think they are 5 feet, but either way neither 5 nor 4.5 is really wide enough for a comfortable walk especially with a back of curb sidewalk. The proposed condition will be much worse with a 10 foot travel lane adjacent. Currently the outer lane is wider than the inner, and vehicle essentially have a buffer from the sidewalk built into that lane.
  13. The way I read it, the Central Ave Section show a 4.5' sidewalk on either side of the street. One sidewalk is buffered from car traffic by a protected bike lane. The other is not. The one that is not is the one that will be terrifying to traverse. I am imagining being pinned in between a 10 foot traffic lane (which has the most frequent bus service in the city) and a 40 foot drop into 70mph traffic on a 4.5' foot chunk of concrete.
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