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  1. ^^^^^ Look at how diminutive the the doors look!!!! This thing looks massively out of scale to me.
  2. I am very optimistic about this purchase. Asana is an offshoot of Edens. Edens is big time retail. Retail is trending right now toward placemaking, authenticity, and experiential shopping. I see this purchase as perhaps a protectionist purchase.... perhaps trying to salvage what's left of the authentic place that they are invested in. They have plenty of new product to come on line near Design Center. This holding, if preserved will probably bring value to their others and not lose value.
  3. ^^I wonder who is going to mow all of that grass?!?!?
  4. ^^proceed with your praise with caution. Did you see the storage facility going up on Graham street? That sucker is purpose built, and not possible for reuse... Also "brick" can mean a lot of different things in these early renderings and especially in budget construction. Don't be surprised if the shadow lines you see above disappear and you end up with lick and stick or painted tilt up concrete exterior walls. (I would love to be proven wrong however)
  5. All things considered, this is definitely a solid building, however I do have my gripes. Gripe 1: The "street wall" that could begin to be created by the buildings on Central will be compromised by the side setbacks. Gripe 2: The front setback (probably required by the city) does not match the adjacent similar use commercial building further compromising the future "street wall" Gripe 3: They appear to be maintaining access from Central with one, and perhaps 2 curbcuts. With Alley access, this building should really be required to utilize it for vehicles and reserve the front for pedestrians. I like that they grandfathered the signage. I think sign ordinances have gone overboard and regulated some of the character out of our urban areas.
  6. I can only assume that it would go into on of the 1305 spaces.
  7. ^ just added to the development map.
  8. ^ and OF COURSE they found an old PBR can
  9. Southbound Hawthorne Ln was reopened recently FWIW....
  10. I maxed out my free BizJ so this might have been mentioned already in there... but the site plan that I saw included a significant amount of street level retail along S Tryon and Tremont.
  11. I would be absolutely flabbergasted to learn that a Perkins+Will (lly) rendering is found to be unbuildable (or unaffordable).
  12. who is the architect?
  13. This is a contemporary interpretation of a mill building aesthetic, large windows in repetition, tower element etc. without the disney esque recreation. Nailed it.
  14. This is starting to change. There is a new "Urban Design" department. They currently have a role in plan review and approval for all projects in the "urban core". While you are absolutely correct, this does not constituent an aesthetic review, it is a step in the right direction. maybe it is on the Morehead side.
  15. .... yet we complain about large developments and superblocks... This is why the city needs to force developers to use allyways when they are available and not cave to neighorhoods when they (Elizabeth) don't want them (7th st apartments)