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  1. So I predict that the Charlotte Planning department will do little if anything to address the enormous connectivity opportunity that this development presents. Who is willing to bet me on this one.?
  2. The site planning. Charlotte zoning requires open space and a few other oddities for townhomes + NCDOT has issues with how driveways are constructed + our city land parcels and street grid is not really divided into sections that work well dimension-ally for efficient unit placing, car parking and pedestrian access. Add all this up and you end up with a lot of weird townhomes with front doors facing adjacent property sideyards, depressing autocourts, and semi suburban street presence. All this I sum up as "convoluted" feeling because few of the current townhome developments feel like they fit.... either with their neighborhood, or even their own site.
  3. Clean simple modern reinterpretations of classical architecture is not new. In fact there were several periods in history where those attempts were made and lumped into architectural styles: Postmodernist, and Facist. I embrace the concept of authenticity. We are not in an age where Postmodern or Facist architecture is in style. Even if we were this design would probably not be considered a good or notable example of either.
  4. The current wave of Townhouse site planning is so convoluted... this is certainly better than most, but man, can't someone get it right?
  5. This article made me think of Charlotte's long term transit planning. The one explanation for how our system of EXTREME bus inefficiency has been allowed to linger for decades without urgency to address.
  6. This is classical architecture. It is contextual. It is made of quality materials. It is poorly detailed and too heavy for a building of its size. Tall buildings made of limestone are difficult to pull off. This has not pulled it off.
  7. i disagree... I LOVE it.
  8. Carpe diem and the original location for Crush night club Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. That cluster of buildings between Caldwell and the railroad tracks remained almost intact until the Arena Demo. Arena was the right call, but that row had just had a new breath of life just before they were leveled. What a shame.
  10. ABC will be next door to the dialysis clinic. With the thirsty beaver craziness and this genius bit of leasing PM quirkiness will hit a new level in the coming years
  11. oh yeah! AND an ABC Store baby
  12. If the MLS stadium will bring 700M in investment then great. I predict that there already is at least 700M in investment in this area that will happen without MLS. That means that when we add MLS we will have 1.4B in investment in the coming years. Sounds great. Can't wait. Definitely worth the investment.
  13. I mapped the area of potential development around the stadium on the UP dev map in an attempt to illustrate how ridiculous it is to assume that there will be a major redevelopment potential here. IF you assume that future redevelopment is attributable to the stadium (and not the streetcar, greenway, or other major public investment) and you look at what is redevelop-able in the surrounding 325 acres, you will find that only 55 acres have ANY potential for redevelopment within at 20 year timeframe. There are arguements for MLS, but redevelopment potential is not one of them.
  14. ^Awesome... looks like our long term plan layer needs updating.