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  1. I (until very recently) worked right there so I follow this rather closely and see parking at all times of day.... once those 2 are complete there will be 3 to replace it ... on a larger scale. The parking situation now, is about what it is always going to be going forward.
  2. I am loving the direction and tenant mix of this shopping center right now. Tommy’s, portofinos, armada skate shop, vis art, all complement the existing mix. Go there and check out Eastside local coffee shop! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. You know, in retrospect the Thirsty Beaver probably does more to sell that apartment complex than any "amenity" they could have pursued. Starbucks is pretty solid draw too. If I were building a building, I would probably rather have a definite starbuck and a little less sf than I would a maybe starbucks and more sf. The draw for East Blvd is getting weaker and weaker with all the competition out there. I think they need the Starbucks.
  4. Welcome @slipperypete Is that really the issue with Lidl? I thought it was internal Lidl issues.
  5. what is an "urban improvement project"? Gov funded?
  6. I don't know for sure if this the case with these properties, but there were a fair number of developer owned neighborhoods built in Charlotte in the 40s 50s and 60s that were "affordable" or entry level rentals. Over time they seemed to be offered to tenants with Section 8 vouchers. I think folks think of subsidized housing as government project housing only, but in Charlotte, there was, by the 1990s, a fair amount of privately owned housing that was essentially subsidized by vouchers. So yes and no. The original demand for these homes was probably spawned from the demand created when affordable units were bulldozed, but no, these were not likely government built as a part of urban renewal.
  7. Here is a recent article debating the pro and cons and the history of pedestrian malls. Of all the options in Charlotte, Camden is the only one that kind of makes sense to me. There are SO many traffic problems with its proximity to the Trail Trail and the Light rail line. Maybe if they left it open for delivery vehicles and permitted cars, but closed Tremont and West Blvd intersections... https://www.planetizen.com/news/2019/10/106451-past-and-future-pedestrian-malls
  8. I don't think any street should be closed. Raleigh's Pedestrian Mall was a decades long turd burger. https://www.metrojacksonville.com/article/2007-may-learning-from-raleigh-nc-fayetteville-street-renaissance https://rhdc.org/fayetteville-street-historic-district-1
  9. I oscillate widely on Historic District Designation and Preservation. The polar vortex today has me feeling a little cynical of preservation in the face of affordable housing, and housing diversity deficiencies. I like that we have historic districts. I don't really feel like we need more right now, and I am wanting to embrace our evolving and everchanging neighborhoods. Not sure I can do that but I want to...
  10. I just did some updating around the Scaleybark Station: Stax rezoning, LoSo Station development... I'm not totally up to date, but hopefully got it close
  11. I don't know if "BV" is big enough, but I think Eastland is. My strategy for Eastlandwould have a graduated, below market, homesteader, weighted lottery: weighted toward qualified buyers with proven nearby long-term residency. The only deed restriction would only be that the parcel could never be combined with another (to prevent speculators). The development would be subsidized with infrastructure improvements and pre-approved building type permits.
  12. I think selling off land piecemeal with deed restrictions is brilliant. It is a strategy I promoted for EastLANDa few years ago. I'm not sure what BV and Peebles refers to, but I like "piecemeal" and "deed restricted". EDIT:ok... Brooklyn Village and Peebles is the developer. EDIT 2 sorry, Eastland not Eastway
  13. That looks like a leak waiting to happen...
  14. We had to restrict editing after some overzealous tinker-ers got a hold of it and wiped it clean. Just added this one EDIT... but I might have been deleted on purpose. it was there at one point. Anyone know if this got cancelled? the article referenced is from January.
  15. ^agreed, I have toured the building. It is really awkward .
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