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  1. Bland street elevation shows no curbcuts, but the site plan shows vehicular entry point... must be levitating cars/trucks. UPDATE: Rezoning doc has a better Bland St elevation than the deck i referenced above.
  2. well that didn't include parking (forgot we were in Charlotte) so min 10 stories.
  3. Somebody correct me please... $25m land cost has to be 25% or less of the total project cost. So total project cost is min $100m. So if we say $300/sf the project is 333,333sf min. 2 acres is 87,120sf so..... it is possible we will get a 5 story apartment building?!?!?!?
  4. the best ways to find info about projects are: 1. use the search tool. You can search all or search by specific thread. 2. poke around here. This is a crowd-sourced map edited by moderators. The NoDa area is more well kept than some other neighborhoods. happy hunting!
  5. I just noticed some work started on the Flyloft above Sola Salon... Wondering if they are maybe going to lease space up there? Perhaps use as toilets and access to a rooftop?
  6. I wish they could build a bus that looked like this in the us:
  7. ^Yes, technically the city reviews every development within the city limits.
  8. location,+Charlotte,[email protected],-80.8250715,3a,75y,100.64h,81.68t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sEWlGihDzFQvMmUp81kisfA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x8856a01bb2337d35:0x1b05d55bad9f1f06!8m2!3d35.225335!4d-80.824795!6m1!1e1
  9. ^... and Mr. Latta did not have to build to safety standards. A system built for profit, not the 100 year investment, we are building today. Today's streetcar system is not the same system built 100 years ago. The system today is far superior to the system originally built and worth the additional cost.
  10. Novas owns it. It was originally going to be a rezoning but they decided they could make the numbers work with a use by right. Original plan was for residential over retail. also heard that the Drakeford townhomes at Chatham and Central is in for Permitting.
  11. So you are saying we need to file for a text amendment to Section 13.105
  12. I don't totally agree... but that is matter of taste I suppose. What I am afraid of however is that the rendering above will digress into a vile atrocity of a final product.... coughSedgefieldHarrrisTeetercough cough.....
  13. I am again flabbergasted by the consistant refusal to use the Alley behind the building for it's intended purpose.... Please just turn the dumpster around and let it face the direction It wants to face. UPDATE: Sorry shouldve quoted or referenced the site plan
  14. So you are telling me that the beaver needs to build a very tall pitched roof to accomdate their sign?
  15. Anybody know what the PVC pipes behind the retaining wall are about? Is it a watertable thing?