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  1. I have been there several times in the last month both during the week and and weekends. I looks to be doing extremely good. There must have been over 150 people there on Saturday when I was there around 11am. During the week they have a nice crowd as well.
  2. I heard there is a new restaurant moving there with outdoor seating. I suspect that is why the have the fencing.
  3. I would think lunch will be a component - but the main business model is bar with alcohol and live music..... I hope they do succeed though, because they could be a great asset to Main St.
  4. not a long due dillegence at all in this business environment we are in. I hope it is a unique retailer - interested to see who it is
  5. New music venue and pub opening on Main Street across from Museum. Nice addition
  6. Brycola - i was there and I agree there was a VERY nice size crowd. The event spread over 5 blocks so maybe it doesn't look so dense but I know around the museum and by the shops across the street it was slammed around 7pm and very dense
  7. I like the look - it is a renovation and not new construction - so i am sure they are limited to what they can do. But I LOVE the thought of Independent Living downtown - near churches, health care, university, and nightlife. Columbia is becoming a retiring haven from the Florida group and these are still somewhat active adults - so it will bring some additional life to that area - JMO
  8. Gotham Bagel has some awesome food and pretty cool atmosphere. I tried lunch on Monday and breakfast today. Looked like they were doing pretty good - hope they can keep it going
  9. It appears to be the logo for "A Taste of the South" who is the company occupying the majority of the 1st floor.
  10. Although I missed the Urban Tour I saw from Capitol Places website that they have a website that shows some of the entertainment at www.urbantour07.com wish I could have gone - maybe they will have again next year.
  11. Some information on the Vista Fire Station - looks like another nice mix use project by Capitol Places. Also In addition to saving the fire station, Prioreschi aims to make it the first building in the state to use a hydrogen fuel cell for 100 percent of its primary power.
  12. This is from City Center Partnerships enewsletter. Has anyone gone? I might check it out this weekend. Main Street Jazz is a Hit! Come see what everyone is raving about! Enjoy live jazz and delicious brunch from 12 noon until 2 p.m. on Sundays at Tapp
  13. Wow - Palmetto Center looks like it may be a mix use gem! These are some big hitters looking at the building and they talk retail, office and condos. This would be huge for Main Street. Article here
  14. This is pretty cool - they are buying an electric car for an amenity at the condos. Nice to see some flex car going on here in columbia. See info here Capitol Places is definately on the cutting edge for Columbia
  15. Plaza in front of Art Museum and Carolina First at corner of Main & Hampton
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