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  1. ironyisadeadscene, I second the window seat. Seeing the horizon helps keep your bearings straight and you can see the outside conditions. Also, the closer to the front, the smoother the ride. When i first started traveling, I was a nervous flyer. I now travel quite often. Early on, what helped me is watching YouTube videos explaining turbulence, and what those sensations really are. Flights are often times smoother than driving on the road (and much safer). Reminding yourself of these things, and repetition will help. In terms of flights, it would be great if Delta added a direct LAX, SFO or SEA/PDX. Once international is ready, a London or Amsterdam would be great for a Europe gateway.
  2. Depending on how long my trips are, I will often times take Lyft to and from the airport (typically only cost $16 one way). Like arcturus, many of the drivers say that are busy with airport calls. If you link your Lyft account to Delta Skymiles, each $1 on Lyft is 1 skymile, with promos that are 2x to 3x when used to / from airports.
  3. I was in Chicago last weekend, and a few brave patios were open on January 5th! But it I agree that Grand Rapids in general could benefit from more outdoor seating.
  4. Could lane dividers be added to the acceleration lane to stop that behavior, and help with the back up?
  5. This is a bummer. https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/marie-catrib-s-in-grand-rapids-closing-in-october/1457939968
  6. Wealthy St at Division is open! Just drove by this afternoon.
  7. Agreed! Chicago's West Loop has a great example of this. Green Street Meats has outdoor seating in the alley (left), and then opens up to RM Champagne (right). Also has the entrance for a 10 seat ramen restaurant in the basement. Really cool spot.
  8. Here is a picture of the Leininkugel's bar before security (next to Starbucks). This was early in the morning, but when I landed yesterday at 5:30, the seats were full.
  9. Stopped by the Bridge Street Market today, and was impressed. There was a lot of media (news 8, social media influences, bloggers, etc), so there'll be more complete coverage than this. Highlights from my perspective: quality, abundant produce coffee shop (tables had USB/ power outlets and comfortable chairs) sushi (didn't try, but they were rolling when i was there) Hispanic food selection (even produce) niche produce (whole jackfruit, sugar cane, etc) prepared meals (and heating station) huge wine section huge beer section spirits local brands (i.e. field and fire bread) convenient garage parking (access store from garage) comprehensive (necessities are covered) flowers / cards / gifts bike racks vegan / vegetarian options they started rolling produce bins on the sidewalk for open air component
  10. Downtown GR Inc posted this on their Instagram. Appears to be a “To Do” list for movies in the park.
  11. Agreed! Boston has a great skate park under a freeway. When I was there last, it was very busy.
  12. 20 year plan includes a new air traffic control tower (2nd oldest among top 100 commercial airports), and adding customs for inbound international flights. Current tower “inhibits vertical development”. IMO adding height to the terminals would be a good change. More natural light and taller ceilings would make the airport seem more significant. http://www.grbj.com/articles/90082-gerald-r-ford-international-airport-plans-for-next-20-years
  13. Couple of pictures of the new Brewhouse restaurant at GRR. Looks good, and close to (if not already) open.
  14. I hope that Right Place and Grand Rapids will really make a run at this. The cited impact will drive some very steep competition though. "The benefits to the city that wins the bid are big. Amazon estimates that between 2010 through 2016, its expansions in Seattle have brought $38 billion to the city’s economy, or for each $1 that Amazon invested, the city of Seattle generated $1.40."
  15. Below are some photos of the new addition taken this past weekend. Hard to describe, but this is a drastic change to how the airport feels. It used to feel very small walking up the low, dark ramp and right to the gates. This makes the airport seem much larger, and not so regional. I've gone through a couple times now, and each time, travelers were commenting. It was also busier one of the days, and they opened an additional security checkpoint (they can open or close doors visible in picture 1). Not that it is ever hard to get through security, but passenger throughput is improved. There is a dedicated TSA PreCheck lane, which is convenient. The new starbucks after security is a nice addition, and will not replace the existing location. There is ample room/seating after security to put on shoes/belts/etc. I did not go into the Grand Rapids gift shop, and the restaurant/brewery is still under construction.
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