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  1. Meh. I think ten stories is too much in that area. It's already strapped for parking and there's enough bedrooms in that area between VCU and private developers. Ground floor retail is a huge plus though.
  2. I'm guessing this is the Carver development?
  3. Black Sheep is at Goshen & Marshall. Norton & Marshall is an industrial looking area next to Eagle Mill Apartments directly behind the Siegel Center. I used to live in the building directly behind this lot, glad I moved when I did.
  4. I think that's a horrible location, but ironic timing considering the cycling news. Whatever happened to that Marriott for the Slip?
  5. Man, money is pouring into this school right now. How about some more class sections or more competent/engaged instructors? Hm? I do like the development that has street level retail and I think the new general academic building (Floyd & Linden/Harrison) will be an important addition.
  6. I am incredibly disappointed in the decision to tear down Common Groundz. My friends and I have an incredible personal history with that space. I hope that somehow, with all the other construction going on, it is able to be spared- at least for a while. Now I know how native Richmonders have felt about seemingly endless VCU expansion..
  7. VCU is doing a lot of in-fill around the campus to bring it together. I'm pretty sure that Floyd & Linden is mostly just parking now so that'll be a nice change. I am awaiting the day construction minimizes though..at least the Laurel & Grace deck is going up quick. Now how about some more class sections and better professors to fill that new classroom space with? Asking too much? With tuition going up another $700 (9%) on top of the 24% increase last year, I want some true results out of it...
  8. Did you live in Rhoads or Brandt? I lived in Brandt facing Laurel and never witnessed anything, but I know others that witnessed exactly what you're describing. I agree that as VCU transitions to a mostly residential campus, they're in serious need of more extensive dining options- particularly sit down. I feel that they could've required VCU ID i.e. the library after 10PM if your reason is why they chose not to include a dining-in/twenty-four hour option (and it makes sense). Maybe the inside of this will be like Shafer with a few seating options around since a "glorified food court" is de
  9. The renderings actually look really cool, particularly the Laurel Street deck. Wonder what the block would look like if Sahara had sold.. Where did the info about the IHOP only being take out come from?
  10. Didn't they end up doing first come first serve? I know people just bought tickets. I hope you get to go though! I looked at it but can't afford to fly and can't miss the classes necessary to drive.
  11. I think developing this area is great. I currently live on that block and right now it's barren and in need of a major facelift. However, six plus stories is just awkward and seems unnecessary. There are empty lots in that area of Carver (the blocks of 1300 and 1400 W. Clay come to mind) and combined with this available space, duplexes seem much more logical. I think with less dense development, it'll ultimately give a more complete look to the neighborhood than a bunch of clusters of upscale lots surrounded by empty lots.
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