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  1. will they extend the running/walking path, that parallels the creek, underneath morehead and through to uptown? i hope so, i enjoy that little stretch, from east blvd. to morehead.
  2. my friends and i went rafting out there last month. we had a great time. i would recommend it to anyone, definately worth the money. it will be interesting to see how the facility fares during the winter months.
  3. has best buy been officially announced for this project or is that some insider info? i sure hope its a done deal, i'll be hitting that thing up every week.
  4. im surprised by how quick the parking garage went up. this project is going to do wonders in stretching uptown beyond 277.
  5. reverbandwhiskey, will the next section continue from woodlawn and head south or from morehead and head north? i live south of woodlawn and would love for this thing to come near me.
  6. any updates on the house of blues or matt's diner(i think this is the name)? i was in myrtle beach a couple of weeks ago and saw the ryan adams show at the hob. that place would do great in charlotte. it seems artist of this size and caliber skip charlotte on their tours because we lack the appropriate venues. its sad a city of charlottes size doesnt get more concerts.
  7. no kidding, not having to go all the way to pineville to do regular shopping is wonderful. i'm really looking forward to the best buy.
  8. its retail and it's near uptown, isnt' this what everyone wanted? i like the idea of a marshalls, and i guarentee it will be very successful. if you're holding out for something along the lines of a barneys, then you'll probably be waiting a very long time.
  9. im guessing the latter, since the whole elizabeth redevelopment was announced years ago and very little has materialized to date.
  10. the greenway from cmc, through freedom is completed and ends behind park road shopping center. what are the plans for the greenway directly south of this area; along selwyn and beyond?
  11. Does anyone know why all the houses along Sharon Lane are for sale? Does it have something to do with Rosewood?
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