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  1. Looks like a pretty large bike lane coming to Woodlawn rd.
  2. Those names are horrid, mad park especially. Queen's Park I could get behind....... I enjoy living in Madison park. Definitely a big change from living in south end, but I enjoy it.
  3. The work is coming along very nicely. Love the entire courtyard. Actually had my wedding reception in Belfast and Hooligans upstairs spaces a couple summers ago.
  4. Lots of people knocking Gaines, when they'd have done the same thing. Gaines has been my landlord since I opened in 2008. Before that I spent 5 years in the same space as an employee of another business. Probably wouldn't have been as easy to get my start if it wasn't for Gaines and the entire Camden block. It's been a very tight knit group well before the common market days (and after). Half the owners were related somehow by marriages and friendship. Super sad to see it all go, but excited for a fresh start as well. South end has drastically changed over the years, and there are new areas t
  5. American Apparel is now staying in south end. They were trying to find someone to lease the space.. I believe their original lease was actually up this year, so they must have done extremely well considering they had an out.
  6. For a 700 square foot apartment with a full kitchen, it's pretty cheap in comparison. It sleeps three and up no problem. When your out of town with a few friends and don't have to eat out three meals a day, it's definitely a deal.
  7. One of the owners at Hooligans is opening something there. It's food, although I don't really know what kind. The name Of the place was a Norwegian word I think.
  8. It's a shame about Novare and no twelve. I prefer to stay at twelve when I'm in ATL. The rooms are spacious, the building is nice, and it's cheap for what you get.
  9. There is a perfect spot above Niche, Right at the corner of Camden and Tryon. It may be the coolest spot in town for such a place, with a direct view of downtown. It would take somebody with deep pockets and some vision. The space is in need of a complete upfit, as it hasn't been occupied in a very very long time. If you have an idea for what you'd like to see, I'll be happy to pass it on to the owner of that Remount space. He'd love to hear what people want in their neighborhood. He's active in this community, and has a real interest in what happens.
  10. Wow.... I agree we have had many salons open in this neighborhood recently. I am actually one of those people ruining the fabric of south end, I guess. Maybe some of these salons have actually helped in some way? We'll play six degrees of Kevin Bacon for the 1500th block of Camden alone. Salon-Open over 10 years, changed ownership 3 years ago. Half of the staff had been here under the previous ownership, including myself. Black Sheep- Thriving business, the owners significant other of many years works at that salon. The living Room-Another unique South end business, which has been
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