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  1. It's looking to max out at about 7 stories.
  2. The hotel portion is moving closer to getting its exterior facade. The development might not be 10-15 stories like some of the early renderings, but I certainly has a presence while approaching/leaving Town Center (as well as going down 264)
  3. Add a few more towers, and Norfolk might have a decent secondary skyline to emerge.
  4. Windows are in the process of being installed throughout the complex. Any word on what hotel brand will be occupying the site?
  5. The view heading from Town Center proper is taking shape with the hotel in the foreground.
  6. The complex is really starting to fill out.
  7. This is from back in November, but the corner of Bonney and Constitution is really starting to feel like a good entrance to Town Center.
  8. This is an older plan. Several of the retailers are no longer in existence. Regarding the hotel - that is supposed to be built at the entrance of the TCC campus on Princess Anne Road across from the Wendy's/OneLife Fitness where all the trees stand.
  9. Dollar Tree is adding 600 jobs and expanding their headquarters. They said they will be building the "tallest building" in Chesapeake. Pictures in the article look to be a town center style environment within the Grennbrier area. http://pilotonline.com/business/dollar-tree-to-expand-in-chesapeake-adding-jobs-and-tallest/article_d733d431-6501-588b-8f59-9dc80e87154c.html
  10. It actually reminds me a bit of some of the newer stuff that they're doing here in parts of Chicago. Love it!
  11. Recreation Island is separated from the parcel in question. That's further back on the property and won't be impacted.
  12. New article with updates on the arena. They hope to close the deal on the loan by the end of summer and start construction before the end of the year. http://pilotonline.com/news/government/virginia-beach-city-council-will-hear-from-developers-about-m/article_bef1baa3-ad04-5442-a3c4-f32fe848404a.html
  13. A lot of your biotech research organizations are smaller firms that work with larger entities. While it may seem like a drop in the bucket, I feel as if the seeds are being planted for long term growth in the healthcare industry within Hampton Roads.
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