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  1. Yeah, but there will always be personnel who must travel between buildings for patient care, various reasons, ancillary staff, etc. I'm assuming they will have ICU beds under the same roof in the orthopedic building for any potential complications after surgery, otherwise I guess they'd have to use an ambulance to transfer the patient to the main building. I think Advent's orthopedic building is not in close proximity to any of the main buildings so I can understand why that probably won't be connected. But there's no excuse for OH to continue to build standalone buildings on its main campus o
  2. Thanks. Just curious which businesses needed loans and I'm not sure if this is the same database... but there was a story in the news about scammers taking out loans under unsuspecting people's names: https://www.wftv.com/news/9investigates/farms-downtown-orlando-some-residents-receive-bills-cares-act-loans-they-didnt-apply/DILZAJ5CYFFMJHPZUFIMPVW3FQ/
  3. They aren't complaining about normal levels of city noise though. I think most people living downtown understand (and enjoy) the bustling activity of a city. But when people are saying it sounds like there is a concert in their living room with bass rattling their floors and dishes, then it's a problem. The article I linked to specifically mentioned instances where the noise is 100+ decibels. Just because we're located in the CBD doesn't mean it should be a free for all. Neighbors agree saying it’s not about the cafe dining, rather the enforcement. "The bars don’t have to go anywhere, it’s t
  4. @popsiclebrandon spilling hot tea lol BTW, does anyone know of a way to see who received EIDL or PPP loans? Apparently there is a public database that I have not been able to find yet... TIA
  5. Same! But I'm still in my 30's Just the other night I was tempted to lean over the railing and tell the guys hanging out on the sidewalk while blasting boom-boom music out of the busted speakers of their old honda accord to turn that sh.t off and go home. Decided not to in case they were looking for target practice lol. I guess that makes me a male Karen?
  6. I disagree, condo owners and renters absolutely have the right to complain when noise ordinances and other laws are not being enforced. Some of the bars are pushing the limits by installing exterior amplifiers when "The city’s noise levels are not supposed to go higher than 80 decibels on the weekend, according to its own ordinances." If all the quality residents pack up and leave, what will downtown be left with?? lol There are some low class people who love to come downtown and cause all kinds of problems... I guess we shouldn't fight to maintain a normal level of decorum and just let things
  7. I had no idea this was going on lol. Cool to look at, but it seems noise complaints have spiked recently from downtown residents living in the CBD & students living in Creative Village are also being affected. Even people living as far away as College Park have been claiming to hear music coming from ACE Cafe & Vanguard late at night on NextDoor. Ongoing issue, but this was the latest news story: https://www.fox35orlando.com/news/too-loud-too-dangerous-downtown-businesses-neighbors-say-police-need-to-step-up-enforcement My unit faces Lake Eola so I'm sheltered from club noise
  8. Will the orthopedic center be connected to any buildings via skywalk other than the parking garage? The inter-building connectivity at OH sucks.
  9. So sorry to hear that. Why do you think they would they target an ice cream shop? Is this a common occurrence behind the scenes (downtown restaurants getting robbed)? Hopefully there is security footage that leads to an arrest.
  10. Agreed. This reminds me... To make Radius happen, the city had to merge 2 lots divided by a right of way street which had to be abandoned and deeded to the developer. On their own, both lots were too small for any major redevelopment. I did a write up a while ago about the [unfortunate] series of events which eventually led to Radius even becoming a possibility:
  11. Damn... Some of these comments lol.
  12. Lester Holt to broadcast 'NBC Nightly News' from Orlando tonight as part of series on US pandemic recovery https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2021/05/17/lester-holt-to-broadcast-nbc-nightly-news-from-orlando-tonight-as-part-of-series-on-us-pandemic-recovery
  13. Quick drive-by while heading South on Orange Ave:
  14. Just a random observation: The DuraTherm (embedded thermoplastic) pedestrian crosswalks have held up pretty nicely in SoDo. I've recommended the city install them at a high traffic intersection in the CBD, and waiting to hear back if they think it's a good idea.
  15. Oh ok, thanks for clarifying, I misunderstood their facebook post. The interior is what led me down this rabbit hole in search of the designer/artist. I spent a bunch of time just perusing photos of a restaurant--never done that before lol. Sue is incredibly talented.
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