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  1. nite owℓ

    I4 - Beyond the Ultimate [Pre-construction]

    Yes I remember the expansion would be cutting it close, but renderings only showed close proximity around the garage -- not near the Amway entrance. So what are we looking at in the first pic? Are you saying the rebar is going to be a barrier wall or is it part of the flyover ramp?
  2. nite owℓ

    I4 - Beyond the Ultimate [Pre-construction]

    So does all the scaffolding and rebar mean the bridge will be built on Amway's front porch?? lol I knew it would be cutting it close, but this is ruining the entrance. .
  3. nite owℓ

    Lake Nona - Medical City

    Maybe I'm being unreasonably greedy, but I'd love to have this as the terminating vista on the Rosalind wedge instead of "The Radius" project.
  4. nite owℓ

    Novel Lucerne [Under Construction]

    Correct, he was asking about the Western half of the property which is still owned by OH and Novel was built on the Eastern half. OH should've sold off the entire property instead of continuing to maintain off-site satellite depts when there's plenty of room on the main campus to add more density. IMO, I doubt OH will do anything significant with the main campus within 3-5 years since they seem more focused on building the new Lake Mary campus. W Gore OH Parking Garage Project Description: PD amendment to update the PD to include a 5-story 925 stall parking garage with an additional 305 stalls in a future expansion as well as up to 60,000 sq. ft. of future office. MPB:
  5. nite owℓ

    Novel Lucerne [Under Construction]

    The usual... a parking garage as part of "Phase I" . Phase II will be the mixed use portion attached to the other side of the garage.
  6. nite owℓ


    From the City of Orlando via NextDoor: North Quarter Vision Study Mon, Jul 30, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM 777 N Orange Ave Event details The City of Orlando is studying restoring two-way traffic to Orange and Magnolia Avenues in the North Quarter (Colonial Drive to South Ivanhoe Boulevard) and enhancing the area for people bicycling and walking. Initial analysis has shown that the change in traffic pattern is feasible. This is your opportunity to be involved with a design process to determine how these central corridors in the North Quarter could look and function better for residents, businesses, and visitors
  7. I'd rather see a boutique-style apartment/condo project go there instead of a hotel anyway. It just sucks the main entrance to Lake Eola from downtown still goes unfinished...
  8. Any updates on Cambria Suites?
  9. nite owℓ

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I also agree with selling off the Eastern triangle portion of land. I don't like the new streetwall design, mainly because of durability issues. The drunken rabid animals will be sure to ruin the flimsy aluminum picket fencing along the perimeter. The existing retaining wall is high enough to deter people from sitting/climbing on it, plus the entire thing is concrete so which makes it pretty durable to stand up to the abuse of being located in AC-3 zoning area.
  10. nite owℓ

    A Fond Farewell!

    Well, that's a shame as you were one of the "pillars" of this forum. It's pretty cool how you've stuck around even after moving away... but Orlando (even with it's flaws) has a way of doing that lol.
  11. That is true as well and I believe the daily city retracted their story after it was said and done. All I'm asking is for context and caution when posting "insider knowledge" about another business. Put yourself in their shoes when putting out incorrect info... it's not that hard to understand really. I didn't know that asking someone to extend the same courtesy to someone else would be considered taboo. And if I were to engage in that behavior then please call me out as well.
  12. Yeah, Ten10 is still open though -- no matter the process they took behind the scenes to keep their doors open. They're also a local business with a decent following and good reviews. It's one thing to make an observation, but a totally different thing to state misinformation as fact. My problem is not with you sharing info, but how you sometimes go about doing it. But whatever... you never misspoke about a damn thing right? Dig in those heels buddy!
  13. nite owℓ

    Cool Stuff in Other Cities

    Agreed. It also takes a bit of creativity (and $$$) to think outside of the box and reimagine undesirable lots as a public space. The Under-I project is just a start and if it's a success, it might even help people see the value in creating pocket parks sprinkled throughout the neighborhood.
  14. @popsiclebrandon That wasn't my point... you misspoke on another local business. You previously insinuated that Ten10 Brewing was closing despite the owner stating otherwise while trying to fend off rumors. It seems like you pose 2nd hand knowledge as fact (without a disclaimer). As a business owner yourself that shouldn't sit well.
  15. Ten10 Brewing all over again, no?