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  1. Well, what's the tea? Why has the building remained in a partially demolished state for the past year??
  2. What's old is new. My relatives recently painted their 50's brick home in a pastel/mint greenish color. I thought they were crazy, but apparently the neighbors like it.
  3. Interesting. If you have a link I'd like to see what The Orlando Palette looks like. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
  4. I prefer the old color scheme -- not because I liked the colors, but because the colors complimented the area's quaintness by pulling the various tones from the brick road for a more cohesive look. Now the building just seems so out of place.
  5. nite owℓ


    I bought my first home in the SODO area in 2010 in anticipation of future development, but I can honestly say that SODO's growth has far exceeded my expectations in such a short period of time. I have no idea what an additional $1.5B in development would look like, but it will certainly be amazing to witness.
  6. According to the previous ARB agenda, "ARB Director Doug Metzger explained that the developer of Modera Central used the colorful screening on the garage to fulfill the required public art component of the building because they were seeking a density bonus. MAA isn’t seeking a density bonus, so it’s not required to provide public art."
  7. IDK, but the building has been sitting in it's current half-demolished state for 1 year now. This is unacceptable and could have been avoided altogether had the responsible party done their due diligence before commencing remodeling.
  8. I agree, but a little lipstick on that pig would make a big difference now. Not holding my breath for any upzoning to happen in the near future. Never knew that... Spencer's always coming through to drop obscure historical tidbits on us lol. I think I would prefer the Lodge as an ABC too; at least ABC remodels their buildings over time to modernize them.
  9. Saw this on NextDoor: "Foxtail was planning to use the existing building but the City of Orlando changed the codes and now wants all buildings brought closer to the road. This would have meant a great deal more expense for Foxtail so that may be why they pulled out of that location." I don't understand how Foxtail was not aware of the City's requirements to begin with. I wonder how much of their expenses could be written off via the brownfield redevelopment tax incentive in order to make this work so that we're not stuck with yet another eyesore lot on S Orange Ave.
  10. I guess they prefer Modera now because I saw at least 2 or 3 sleeping at Modera last night.
  11. Noticed a homeless guy sleeping under Modera's colonnade last night.
  12. Interesting. I wish they would explain what measures are taken to mitigate sound transmission. Apparently Camden Waterford Lakes also uses sound reduction technology, whatever that means. The rental rates for the Waterford Lakes location are posted on the site (if that's any indication of what to expect).
  13. I think 7-Eleven's image problem could easily be improved by enforcing basic loitering laws which their employees either can't or won't implement. Playing classical music on exterior speakers should only be viewed as one remedy to the problem -- not the magic bullet. Neighboring businesses and even OPD need to start cracking down on homeless people camping out overnight, but it seems like everyone has become so desensitized to the problem that violations simply go ignored. Modera is a self-anointed luxury apartment, but let's be real, they used styrofoam cladding (EIFS) on the exterior of the building lol. IMO, Modera is not on the same level as The Vue, Paramount, Solaire, Aspire, Sanctuary, etc., so having Dollar General as a tenant wouldn't be beneath them despite their marketing efforts to claim otherwise. That said, I'd still rather see Duckweed Grocer as a ground floor tenant and save DGX for the "broke college students" somewhere over in the Creative Village.
  14. ^^Cute. We have owls downtown too. Spotted one in Lake Davis... it silently flew behind me and perched on a street sign only a few feet from where a friend and I were standing. Dark grayish and didn't seem fazed by humans. A bit creepy to suddenly find one staring at you in the dark lol.
  15. Just an update. Work has finally started (several months ago) on the new lift station on the corner of Mills and South... not sure what took so long, but we've known about this since 2015. Even though it's just a lift station, it will definitely help clean up that intersection. IMO, GAI really transformed the Summerlin/South intersection and I'm hoping this project will do the same for TP because that intersection has always looked a bit rough! [GMap] Now if only the Masonic Lodge would paint & do some landscaping.
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