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  1. nite owℓ

    Captial Plaza III

    They're on g-d time, not human time which explains the record speed... "one day in Heaven is 1000 years on Earth".
  2. nite owℓ

    The Milk District

    There's already a Public Storage facility across the street and plans for another self storage development at the corner of Colonial & Magnolia. I'm surprised there aren't any zoning restrictions that would limit the number of storage facilities within X miles of each other.
  3. nite owℓ

    Radius | 13-Story Residential [Proposed]

    You have an eagle eye. I drive past the site every day and notice nothing... maybe I have tunnel vision.
  4. nite owℓ

    Lake Eola Neighbourhood.

    The repair didn't seem to last very long and the lighting within the column itself was always somewhat dim. After a while, the lights at the bottom began to flicker & malfunction so maybe the city decided to keep the whole thing turned off full time. IMO, they could always stick a floodlight up the center and call it a day until they can afford the bells and whistles again. The Sentinel states the life expectancy for the Lake Eola fountain lights are approx 5 years due to constant water submersion and sun exposure. Higher quality German engineered lights are being installed this time so they may last a bit longer.
  5. nite owℓ

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    My heart sank when I read that article, but I don't think it's the part of Thornton Park Central with condos and ground floor retail (10 N Summerlin Ave). I believe the portion that sold is the multi-story glass front office building located on Washington St (622 E Washington St). Although they were all built at the same time as part of Thornton Park Central complex, I believe the office building with garage is a separate entity from the lofts with ground floor retail (which I believe also have their own parking garage).
  6. nite owℓ

    Orlando Fashion Square [Renovation in Progress]

    Define "young"...
  7. Interior Renderings & Construction Progress, courtesy U-Club Facebook page:
  8. nite owℓ

    Radius | 13-Story Residential [Proposed]

    Please excuse my quick MS Paint fix Too funny, we just posted at the same time with varying options
  9. nite owℓ

    Radius | 13-Story Residential [Proposed]

    I think the spire should extend down to the 2nd or 3rd floor. A big blank wall facing the street does not look appealing, especially as a terminating vista.
  10. @codypet They even treat the downtown location the same way -- B of A permanently closed the drive thru and have made simple indoor transactions so frustrating that you'd rather deal with the ATM outside in the scorching heat instead. If you try to deposit/cash a check inside, you have to wait in a 10+ person line for only 1-2 tellers who will then try to up-sell you on products further backing up the line. Their business model stinks now.
  11. nite owℓ

    Lake Eola Neighbourhood.

    Good. I noticed some of the lights on the fountain have already begun to malfunction. Maybe they should take a look at the asparagus too - that thing is always broken and the repairs only seem to last a short while before shorting out again.
  12. nite owℓ

    Hourglass District

    People hated the Edgewater road diet well past the first couple of weeks if not years, especially due to traffic created by Edgewater HS. As someone who grew up in CP (and as kids we would walk to elementary and high school back in the day), I can say the change was for the best. IMO, Edgewater and Curry Ford are nothing alike. Many commercial buildings along Edgewater Dr are built next to the road which creates a nice streetwall & pedestrian experience. Curry Ford does not have a consistent streetwall and has more of a Corrine Dr feel than anything else. I'm not saying CF shouldn't go on a road diet, but I don't understand why people keep comparing CF to Edgewater unless buildings along CF are going to be torn down for redevelopment.
  13. nite owℓ

    Economic Development

    @I am Reality I'm genuinely curious; what do you wish to accomplish by debating the Orlando's job growth with members on this forum? It has already been established (multiple times) that Orlando is lagging behind in high paying jobs when compared similar cities, so what is your end goal since we've already reached a general consensus? It's one thing to argue your points before city council, the mayor and/or the governor, but what's the point in beating a dead horse on here?
  14. nite owℓ

    Comparing Orlando...

    Someone on UP lovingly called our city Slowlando and it's pretty fitting IMO. I recently visited family in Toronto and whenever I'm there I do feel a bit envious of their progress. Not sure how Toronto relates to metro Orlando population-wise and it may be apples to oranges. If housing wasn't so expensive up there, I'd probably sell everything and move. I'm not bashing Orlando's progress at all, but these are the prime years of my life. I'm patient, but not that patient lol.
  15. nite owℓ

    Other Metro Area Projects

    @spenser1058 I've probably watched that clip like 10 times since you posted it... but I can't figure out why lol.