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  1. And to think... we haven't yet reached the coronavirus peak. I'm fortunate that my job has not been terribly affected, but if I could find a little side job under the table I'd definitely consider it. Instead of wasting people's time signing up for unemployment (that may never come in time) the state government should link to a website with job opportunities needed during the crisis (delivery drivers, grocery store clerks, amazon warehouse workers, etc.) Unemployment checks are nothing to write home about and one would likely make more money and have benefits with an actual job. "The state offers a maximum of $275 a week — based on your earnings — for up to 12 weeks." More unemployment benefit info here: https://www.tampabay.com/news/business/2020/04/01/floridas-unemployment-benefits-we-answer-your-questions/ While the stimulus etc are "necessary evils", I'm concerned for the future generations that will be left holding our national debt.
  2. Pop culture hx: Beyoncé came out with a song a few years ago with the lyrics, "I got hot sauce in my bag/swag" as an ode to her Louisiana creole roots. People created memes about their personal must-have condiments brought from home while dining out. Then on the campaign trail HRC admitted to carrying hot sauce with her everywhere and caught flak for it lol. And now you're thinking about bringing your spice rack with you...
  3. I disagree w/your interpretation of the optics. First, IIRC it was a press conference held by Orange County - of course the Orange County Mayor would be in charge. If anything, Mayor Dyer standing behind Mayor Demings demonstrated respect and support for the nature and messaging that was being put forth. Now is not the time to squabble over optics and to flex muscle when people's lives are at stake - we already know what self-inflated importance and fighting over the limelight looks like & I'm shocked that you seem to be advocating for that kind of behavior?? Just no, please.
  4. In seeking clarification regarding a possible move for HM, Commissioner Bakari Burns inadvertently uncovered a surprising fact: Hamburger Mary's offered to sell their business to Lincoln Property. (HM provided a letter to be read into the record @1:14:20 but made no mention of that.) @1:37:36 Bakari Burns: In the letter [submitted by HM] that was read, it seemed to me there was an offer by Lincoln Property to buy out the lease of HM and then there was a retraction of that [offer]. That seems to me that may have impacted their ability to relocate and I just wanted to get some clarification of what happened with that. Because that was my understanding of what stopped them from being able to relocate. Scott Glass (lawyer representing Lincoln Properties): During the due diligence period on the underlying transaction, the owners of HM offered to sell their business. It was investigated during due diligence and a business decision was made in that 60 day period not to purchase the business. Bakari Burns: Ok, so it was not a buyout of the lease - it was the purchase of the actual business that was being discussed. Scott Glass: That is correct, commissioner. It was the business and not just the buyout of the lease. Regina Hill: This is quite shocking, that what I just heard to be honest with you. So am I hearing, that actually HM wanted to get out of the hamburger business... the owners? They wanted to sell to Lincoln Properties? It wasn't helping to relocate or impact funds - that they actually wanted to sell the business and walk away? Mr. Glass: That is correct. City Council (including Mayor Dyer) all advocated for further dialogue between both parties and approved the project to move forward. The DDB tried to assist Hamburger Mary's with finding another location downtown with possible CRA [financial] assistance -- and the option still stands should HM wish to move forward with that.
  5. Just realized I received my pittance last week lol.
  6. FYI: Beginning April 1, 2020, the drive through testing site will no longer have an age requirement as part of the testing criteria (www.ocfl.net/COVID19):
  7. Gorgonzola > bleu cheese. I put it in almost everything, including salads and forgo the dressing. I used to work as a prep cook for a restaurant that ordered Gorgonzola cheese wheels - the kind in the large foil packaging. Cutting and breaking it down it into smaller portions was just foul... the appearance, the juices leaking everywhere and the stench. The smell would waft into the dining area, causing the servers to investigate the source. The expression, "Who cut the cheese?" made total sense after that experience. But it did give me the chance to sample the freshest stock before the flavor died down after sitting in the fridge for months weeks.
  8. I'm not making an argument for or against, but anything is possible so I'm sure both parties would refer to the verbiage of the contract to determine how to proceed with a lawsuit and let the courts decide. The earnest money deposit is minuscule when compared to the loss a seller might experience. When you enter a contract, you are obligated to fulfill the duties of the agreement - granted there are exceptions to the rule, contingencies/provisions to be met, etc. I'd also imagine how far along in the sale would also affect the feasibility of a lawsuit: if the buyer is still within the inspection window, still has not secured financing, etc. vs trying to walk away from the sale at closing (especially while still employed). I'm sure luxury real estate would make the stakes even higher, perhaps a jilted seller would consider a lawsuit if they moved out of the residence and/or now carry two mortgages in anticipation of the sale, etc. "If the buyer breaches the contract by walking away, the seller can sue for specific performance by asking the court to compel the transfer of the subject property to the buyer. Then, if specific performance is awarded, the seller can then recover from the buyer the full purchase price as contemplated in the contact plus any incidental damages. Clements v. Leonard, 70 So.2d 840 (Fla. 1954)." https://www.sweeneylawpa.com/specific-performance-for-contracts-concerning-the-sale-of-florida-real-property/ Real estate contracts will allow an out for events beyond anyone's control like terrorism, war, "Acts of God", etc. People are currently trying to determine whether COVID-19 can also be considered an Act of God. https://www.americanbar.org/groups/litigation/committees/real-estate-condemnation-trust/articles/2020/winter2020-coronavirus-force-majeure-clauses-real-estate-contracts/ Regardless, some people are now adding a coronavirus clause to their contracts. "Real estate associations in states like California and Florida have drawn up a form to tack onto sales contracts that spells out buyer protections in light of the health crisis." https://www.mansionglobal.com/articles/faced-with-uncertainty-home-buyers-seek-coronavirus-clauses-in-contracts-213364
  9. Oh, no need to explain to me... I'm not sure if Target will stand for it
  10. COVID-19 drive-thru testing site is open to people 65 years of age or older with respiratory symptoms and an on-site temperature of 99.6 or higher. Testing is also open to medical staff and first responders with a valid agency ID: https://www.clickorlando.com/news/local/2020/03/26/testing-lane-added-to-covid-19-drive-thru-site-at-orlando-convention-center/ Addtl testing info from Orange County: http://www.ocfl.net/EmergencySafety/Coronavirus.aspx#.Xn5sqW5Fw2w
  11. ^^ @spenser1058 vs Publix:
  12. She was a sweet older lady by the time I came along - she took an interest in me and I'm grateful for it. I think her husband owned a citrus grove and she gifted the entire class orange trees at the end of the year. I planted the tree in the back yard of a bungalow in CP that we used to rent back then. I wonder if my tree is still alive or if it fell victim to the citrus disease... Desegregation & busing... those aren't typically things that I mentally associate with Orlando. So much has changed in such little time. Still jarring to know that Jim Crow, etc really wasn't that long ago - although some people tend to have selective memory. I read an article about a home in Thornton Park where the original deed specifically mentioned that it should never be sold to a black or hispanic person lol.
  13. IDK.... I was probably around 8 years old when we moved to Orlando at the time. I went to 3 different elementary schools and 2 different middle schools. That name seems familiar. I only remember a few teachers from Lake Silver: Mrs Bolin?, Mrs Matthews (we all had a crush on her - even though I play for the other team lol) Mrs Jackson, Mrs Barton? And a PE teacher Holvarter or something. I think Mrs Bolin was the one who led me to "intern" with the special needs kids - it was a bit weird/awkward initially and I just remember telling everyone how much nicer their facilities were than ours was lol.
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