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  1. Are you coming out now or am I misreading what your wrote? lol
  2. I agree, but who really knows how this affects Disney's timeline (or budget) to move jobs to Lake Nona? Sure, they have a financial advantage by not having to pay taxes on bonds but does it add up to enough savings to dictate how much money Disney can allocate to other business? IDK... I haven't seen the numbers. Either way, it should be enough to give smaller businesses pause before moving to FL because not everyone can afford to have the state of FL to renege on their own laws. Republicans claim to want less government, but they don't mind weaponizing the law. Next special session is in December... we'll see how that plays out.
  3. I always find it amusing when straight guys seem to know more about places like Club O than I do... Does it also have a gym?
  4. nite owℓ


    Another update: I forgot, is this an apartment or an office building?
  5. I'm surprised you didn't pull out a historic photo of the strip from your archives South Orange Ave has come a long way. It used to have such a depressing, foreboding vibe to me back in the day.
  6. I was not familiar with the details on Starlink so I will correct my statement... I misunderstood the $11 dollar increase as $11 to $110. Maybe the FCC is expecting too much considering the limitations of satellite internet, but I doubt Starlink is going anywhere considering their plans to launch even more of their space junk into low orbit to improve/expand service. Regardless, there is nothing pointing to your allegation of political tit-for-tat when the FCC rejected the long-form applications of LTD Broadband and Starlink. From the FCC directly: https://www.fcc.gov/document/fcc-rejects-ltd-broadband-starlink-bids-broadband-subsidies Per Disney's disclosure, they paid $780M in state and local taxes for FY2021. I would imagine that whatever permitting fees they are not paying directly to the county, they absorb the overhead costs by taxing themselves in order to pay for services. Other than tax advantages on bonds due to self-governance, unless I'm missing something, why would they need to pay additional fees/taxes for services already being handled in house? Not paying taxes on parking lots... please point me to your source as I have not seen anything relating to that. While you're salivating over permitting fees, RCID could transfer nearly $1B of debt onto residents of Orange and Osceola counties. Desantis's bill does not include any details and he simply states Disney will pay its debt and fair share... yeah that's reassuring. Meanwhile the fiscal impact statement states, "The bill will have an indeterminate fiscal impact on those local general purpose governments that will assume the assets and indebtedness of an independent special district dissolved by the bill." I think I'll listen to my tax collector (vs some joe shmoe) when he says it could result in 20-25% increase in property taxes because that money has to come from somewhere: https://www.wftv.com/news/local/end-reedy-creek-disney-wont-pay-more-taxes-you-will/3TK6ASNJT5EXHICW3DQ3ZHEZYA/ . The verbiage of the 1967 law is very clear about who pays the bond debt: https://www.cnn.com/2022/04/27/us/reedy-creek-disney-florida/index.html. I'm not against Disney paying taxes - I'm against our Governor's reckless behavior. As the article states, Desantis's knee-jerk reaction will also make businesses think twice about moving jobs to Florida, knowing the state could change the rules overnight if an executive has a different opinion than a politician.
  7. It's been so long I don't even remember what was there. Were the building(s) worth saving architectural-wise? Even if left vacant, I imagine the streetscape would've looked much nicer than this eyesore.
  8. Sadly I've noticed most people do not want to replace trees lost to disease or hurricanes. Seems like most of them do not want to deal with the leaves/debris clean up while forgetting the benefits of trees in urban areas. To me, the benefits outweigh the inconveniences. I've planted a street tree bringing the total # of trees on my small lot up to 3.5 (half-tree is dying/dead). Meanwhile My neighbor lost 3 trees and has not replanted - granted it's a rental but still. I asked the owner to plant a free tree from the city and in exchange I offered to maintain it, but the city refused because it's a rental property. Tree canopy on my street has been declining over the past 10 years.
  9. 1) Well if you want to obfuscate things, they are ALL pretty much run of the mill special districts with terms that were already agreed upon upon implementation. Nothing has changed that would warrant Reedy Creek's dissolution unless those in the district saw a need to do otherwise. 2) Do you not pay attention to the news (other than OAN, Info Wars, and whatever else masquerades itself as a credible news source)? From Desantis's own mouth: "I am not comfortable having one company with their own government and special privileges, when that company has pledged itself to attacking the parents in my state," he said. "When that company has very high up people talking about injecting pansexualism into programing for young kids, it's wrong. Walt Disney would not want that. And so get back to the mission. Do what you did great. That's why people love the company, and you've lost your way. Maybe this will be the wake-up call that they need to get back on track." https://www.wesh.com/article/desantis-reedy-creek-wakeup-call-disney/39859459# Not to mention other sycophants who have done live interviews to hop on the Disney-hate train and parrot the same nonsense. I'll just leave it at that and won't be commenting any further -- you and that other one are like 2 sides of the same coin anyway lol. DeSantis's decision was childish, spiteful and reckless. Further down in the article, our Tax Collector, Scott Randolph, speaks very clearly of the financial impact that it will have on residents: "The moment that it dissolves, that money's gone. Just gone. And instead, what happens is all the debts and obligations of Reedy Creek get transferred over to Orange County government," Scott Randolph, Orange County tax collector, said. "Worst case scenario, Orange County's going to find themselves in a $163 million hole that they've got to fill that they may not even be able to fill with property taxes even if they raised it to the maximum level allowed," Randolph said. Further, officials are concerned that Disney's $1 billion in bond debt will be assumed by local governments. In a statement to investors, Reedy Creek reminded of Florida law: "the dissolution of a special district government shall transfer title to all of its property to the local general purpose government, which shall also assume all indebtedness of the preexisting special district." 'nuff said.
  10. I'm sure @JFW657 will love the all-white exteriors.
  11. I've already mentioned that exact point because Reedy Creek and 5 other districts were created under Chapter 189: Reedy Creek's dissolution was targeted and retaliatory. DeSantis and others have plainly said so. Of course the 5 other districts within Chapter 189 are going to be affected, but they are collateral damage. I specifically stated there are over 1,800 special districts in Florida so IMO what's good for the goose should be good for the gander and they should all be called to the table & required to go through the process of reauthorization in 2023 as well. Republicans claim to want to limit "Big Government" interference yet have repeatedly tried to use the arm of the government to ham-handedly interfere. You claim Disney was "getting away with not following any rules when they were created pre-1968." What were they getting away with exactly?? What nonsense, they are following the terms that were originally agreed to. How about DeSantis performs due diligence and follows the terms written in the act before recklessly trying to scrap Reedy Creek? Per the Daytona Beach News Journal: On page 73, in Section 56, there’s this part where “the state of Florida pledges to the holders of any bonds issued under this Act that it will not limit or alter the rights of the District to own, acquire, construct, reconstruct, improve, maintain, operate or furnish the projects or to levy and collect the taxes, assessments, rentals, rates, fees, tolls, fares and other charges provided for herein … and that it will not modify in any way the exemption from taxation provided in the Act, until all such bonds together with interest thereon, and all costs and expenses in connection with any action or proceeding by or on behalf of such holders, are fully met and discharged.” A lot of legalese, but legalese that seems to pledge not to mess with things until the bonds are paid up. And that would be sometime around 2038. https://www.news-journalonline.com/story/opinion/columns/2022/04/28/ron-desantis-disney-dont-say-gay-what-next-reedy-creek-florida-special-districts/7437213001/ And what does government subsidies (especially those which require bids to win government contracts) have to so with special districts?? Apples to oranges. How typical to try and conflate irrelevant issues mixed with misinformation to pad your argument. However, I'll play along. BTW, Starlink won the funding in a reverse auction, it still needed FCC approval of a long-form application. A simple google search explains why funding was denied: In a press release, the FCC said both Starlink and LTD Broadband — another company that initially was awarded $1.3 billion in subsidies under the program — “failed to demonstrate that the providers could deliver the promised service." We cannot afford to subsidize ventures that are not delivering the promised speeds or are not likely to meet program requirements,” FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel said in a statement. Rosenworcel added that SpaceX’s technology has “real promise” but emphasized that Starlink is still “developing.” https://www.cnbc.com/2022/08/10/fcc-denies-spacex-bid-for-nearly-1-billion-in-broadband-subsidies-for-starlink.html Not to mention Starlink raising it's monthly fee from $11 to $110 and requiring customers to purchase a $600 dish -- not exactly affordable to rural communities. Starlink and the government made their points and they can continue to hash it out and allow Starlink to prove itself.
  12. Nah, that crap will only fly with me if we were still in the 90's. It's an outdated mode of implementing a deterrence. I've briefly lived in a country that required deposits when purchasing glass soda bottles and I was totally fine with that system because it wasn't obstructive and you could return the bottle(s) at your leisure. I was recently at Walmart Neighborhood Market in SoDo and found an errant cart in the parking lot (one of the last mini carts). Only, the wheel was locked because someone tried to take it out of the zone in the parking lot. One of the employees saw me struggling with it and offered to unlock it for me. I was thinking he had a magnet in his pocket or something to place against the wheel, but no. To my amazement, he simply pointed his handheld device and unlocked the wheel that way. If Aldi would migrate the deposit system onto a cell phone app or some sort of tap to pay then it would be more tolerable. I know I'm kinda stuck in my ways, but I highly doubt most people walk around with cash/change these days. Don't make your customer's lives more difficult before they can even get into the store lol. When I shop at Whole Foods, Target, etc. the parking lot isn't trashed nor are there tons of carts littering the parking lot compared to when I shop at Walmart. Know your customer base and react accordingly. I highly doubt the average Aldi's shopper demographic would take off with one of their carts. The few carts left in the Aldi's parking lot (with quarters jammed in them) still required employees to retrieve them anyway. Just saying.
  13. True, I wasn't aware the quarter could be returned until the 2nd visit... and realized it was more like a deposit system. Regardless, I usually stow my carts in a decent manner -- quarter or not. However, I noticed not everyone at Aldi returned their carts, thus forfeiting their quarters. IMO, people are gonna do what they are gonna do and a quarter is more of a PITA for those of us who normally do not walk around with cash/change. I was told to bring the quarter by the person who recommended I visit the store. The whole thing just seems bizarre in this day & age and those quirks are kind of a turn off for me.
  14. Well... I feel like I harped on this subject quite a few times over the years regarding low quality construction materials & longevity. So many developers seem intent on using cheap cladding materials in place of masonry, block or even prefab concrete shells. Yes, Radius was a step up using cast in place "concrete frame" instead of wood, but they still cheaped out by using that EIFS-like cladding for the exterior walls. When I mentioned my concerns last time, ChiDev responded with this: My response to that philosophy still stands:
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