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  1. I came across an interesting documentary about homelessness. It examines the problem at face value and root causes. (Yes, it's an hour long, but worth watching in it's entirety IMO!) Seattle is Dying (Also on Facebook)
  2. I really hope they implement some ambient accent lighting to enhance the focal point when heading up Rosalind.
  3. Can't wait to see the new color scheme, I really want to see how they play up the architecture.
  4. There are existing incentives/rebates for pursuing green/LEED certification (which can easily be expanded) - it is not a requirement by the city therefore most developers can reach out to non-profits/private companies for guidance. Creating an entire dept to handle sustainability is the equivalent of creating additional useless figureheads (i.e. green in name only) because the measures the city has taken are NOMINAL at best. Until any meaningful changes are implemented, my personal opinion won't change. I suspect Orlando leads the way because the city is dedicated to building/retrofitting venues & city-owned buildings to obtain LEED certification. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, support the mechanisms that already exist without wasting tax dollars on pet projects with little ROI. I'd rather see more effort and money dedicated to radically addressing both pedestrian safety and public transit rather than looking for ways to earn worthless recognition as a facade for being a green city. Who knows, addressing both of those issues might have a greater impact on the environment than what we're currently doing.
  5. Interesting. Inflation calculator shows $560 would be the equivalent of $1,314.20 in today's dollars... you guys are responsible for driving up the rent since the 80's My first home was a duplex... great way to offset living expenses. Do you regret selling?
  6. Quite an improvement over the original rendering (Lake Copeland Apartments). Hopefully it will be made of quality concrete block construction. I wonder if the apt complex will be given lake access and if that would fly with private property owners in the Lake Copeland historic district.
  7. The median income in Orlando is about 42K annually - I wouldn't say it's affordable either but $1,200 does fall into the doable category for people who follow the 30% housing rule. I have noticed that a lot of people tend to shack up with a significant other or roommates to offset costs, but I imagine it will be a lot harder to do so in a micro apt. I'm sure something shiny and new back then would have been a little higher than $200-350/month range. Many of the homes in that area were a little rough around the edges around that time, right? Was there much of a demand to live downtown back then? If you factor in inflation, $350 in the 80s would be round $830 in today's dollars for existing construction vs new. Yeah but nobody was calling it South Eola when it was a dump filled with neglected duplexes - it was being called Thornton Park [by proximity] to cash in on the notoriety. Now that the tide has turned it's amusing to see some SE residents get their feathers ruffled over a technicality lol . Outside of the historic districts, neighborhood boundaries/markers/wayfinding/placemaking were not what they are today. The city finally started erecting neighborhood placards a few years ago, but even some of the new signs are half-assed. Ah well... at least it's a start I guess.
  8. I'm all for stuff like this, but does the city really need to spend our tax dollars on an entire dept of people to implement common sense/basic green initiatives? There is nothing special with any of the green initiatives that the city has come up with and the return is minimal because Orlando is not anywhere near the top of green/sustainable cities in the US. Don't get me wrong, sustainability a step in the right direction, but these types of jobs are better suited for non-profits or private companies. The salary for this ridiculous position: $72,384 to $117,561 https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/orlando/jobs/1368800/director-of-sustainability . The city needs to eliminate useless/bloated depts like this, sorry not sorry.
  9. The MJ shop does seem like a niche retailer, but to a sneakerhead... those shoes are the equivalent of a birkin bag lol. I don't understand either infatuation, but to each his/her own. Let them enjoy their tulips Apparently a high end sneaker shop already exists a few blocks away on Magnolia: https://www.instagram.com/status_orlando/. I have no idea when they opened or how long they've been in business.
  10. Even though the building is concrete frame I believe the leaks have something to do with using an EIFS-like stucco as sheathing rather than using solid concrete walls (as seen in gibby's historical photo below). They might hold up ok during normal weather, but when it rains horizontally the water will find its way inside of the building envelope. If the building were wood frame, the moisture would lead to expensive repairs which is why I don't understand why developers insist on cutting corners to throw up OSB sheathing multifamily apartments. I find it misleading when these types of apartments then have the audacity to self appoint themselves as luxury apartments... the industry really should create a standard in order to be able to use that title IMO!
  11. Oh my response wasn't meant to be taken as controversial... I was just playing Devil's Advocate to spur discussion as well. Most of your grievances occur within her district but you never seem to hold her to the same level of accountability for some reason. I would think as commissioner of the district, she would be regarded as more than just a figurehead. Nvm, I'll let it go now lol
  12. Just curious... what exactly is the subject of this photo? Just seems like a random photo lol That's actually the year of my birth. How old were you when the photo was taken and what was the traffic pattern of Magnolia back then?
  13. I was just taking the opportunity to play Devil's Advocate . But I highly doubt you would have mentioned one of Buddy's most controversial successes without taking a moment to at least sprinkle some sort of critique in there -- and rightly so. Even though the columnist basically glossed over BP's controversies, at least he had the integrity to link to an article that explained the inner workings of the purchase in depth. There were many critics (including the OS--which did not blindly kowtow the former mayor's talking points) and the article the columnist linked to is one of the most in-depth and balanced articles that I've come across on the subject: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os-xpm-2001-11-04-0111040067-story.html. Well if you also share the belief that 10 years should be the max, then you might also want to do something about Patty because I'm sure she's a little burned out after serving an even longer term than Buddy himself! Seems like a lot of the issues you have with Buddy are taking place within her own district and yet I've never seen you rail against her in the same manner. Cult of Patty or nah? I'm certainly not in the Cult of Buddy and TBH and it took me a while to warm up to him initially. There just haven't been any contenders for his position that offer a breath of fresh air. I'm content with his performance (although I would like to see more), but I don't have much of an axe to grind in any political race since I'm not a US citizen. Happy New Year I wish you the best on your endeavor!
  14. I think it's funny how the article omits any hint of controversy when telling the story about how BP came to be lol. Et tu, Brute? Buddy allows the demolition of an old decrepit building to make way for the Solaire = bad. Glenda essentially gives away a large swath of land for free to a wealthy developer = good?? Don't get me wrong, both instances were necessary evils IMO, but it's just interesting to observe your bias. I may have been in my late teens when the land sale negotiations took place, but I still had the faculties to understand that she was being raked over the coals for it in the news. Just sayin'.
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