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  1. I never said they shouldn't open up the actual venue. I'd just like to see more events being held outside on a regular basis on the front lawn as well... actually utilize the "4th stage" a lot more often. Since many businesses are forced to reduce capacity or even close their doors during spikes, it certainly wouldn't hurt anything to leave the shantytown intact for the time being. Each stage caters to different kinds of events so they can all function independently of one another.
  2. Although the front yard festival kinda looked like a giant shantytown, it was really nice to see all of the outdoor activities in an otherwise desolate area. IIRC, they used to refer to the front lawn as the fourth stage (or something like that) during the planning phase so I'm glad they had the foresight to see the potential of the plaza space. I wonder what was the big rush to dismantle everything... sure C0VID numbers have been trending down lately but it doesn't seem like they took into account spikes in infection after holiday gatherings. Winter is coming...
  3. Sometimes there is a grain of corrupted truth to rumors so I thought I'd ask for clarification. There are so many phases associated with this project that I've lost count lol... so are you saying Phase III is paused or is it some other component of the development? Despite the demand for housing, developer financing seems to be a big obstacle getting in the way of cranking out more units. Just goes to show that it's not so easy to simply "build more" apartments/housing to solve the supply issue.
  4. If only this would spur more redevelopment downtown... how long does it take for developers to catch on? I wonder if the rise in the cost of materials & supply chain are hampering progress. We still have quite a few unnecessary parking lots and vacant lots downtown that need to be built up to their best and highest use. I long for the days of the early 2000's when quality condos and apartments were being proposed/built left and right... downtown construction slowed to a trickle ever since the Recession. BTW, @popsiclebrandon someone made an offhanded comment on NextDoor saying "The Yard ran out of money and cannot finish construction" . Have you heard anything about this or if there is a nugget of truth to it? Possibly referring to Phase III??
  5. I don't recall anyone saying that intersection looked better before, unless I missed something. Considering the sequence of events that made construction possible, we're lucky something of this size was even built there at all. UP members wishing for shade trees, water features, anti-vagrancy/anti-skate measures and lighting isn't the same thing as wishing it was never built lol.
  6. Terminating vista at night (NB Rosalind): I wish Radius would take advantage of the prominent location and illuminate the elevator tower to provide some visual interest (similar to the way The Vue illuminates their stairwell which can be seen from far away).
  7. This. When you trace the history of old cities, this is just the normal evolution of growth experienced over time as demand increases. In older cities, you'll notice popular suburban nodes developing their own mini-downtowns - even changing zoning to allow for high density development. Orlando is a still relatively young city going through growing pains... the sky is not falling. As the population continues to grow and as millennials & gen Z'ers begin to seek housing, it's only natural for revitalization, change and gentrification to occur. That said, I don't understand the appeal of Ivanhoe Village... it's College Park lite. Am I missing something? I consider Winter Park to be the true gem of Orange County (not Lake Nona or any place else).
  8. I mean, most recent construction occurred just within the past 15 years... so it's not like this is ancient history. But it is easy quite easy to forget the trees of the past after tossing them into the wood chipper. We don't know the exact age of some of the other trees in the pictures either - they were no saplings and I think I recall the tree on The Vue's site was quite old as well (similar to the remaining one across the street on Palmetto?). I guess we all rationalize which trees are worth saving, but 200 year old trees aren't usually without disease or rot, so there's that. For example, someone recently destroyed a possible historic tree in the area, but the thing was hollow inside despite having a wide spread covering the yard and sidewalk.
  9. Instead of skipping past my comment, you felt the need to notify me that you didn't bother reading what I wrote . Since you really seem to enjoy bickering, I just wanted to return the pettiness and point out how you love to remind everyone that you can say whatever you want, but you get your feathers ruffled when other people state their own opinions. Regardless: That reminds me... "Save the Tree!" but we wouldn't have Skyhouse, Steelhouse, Camden North/The Sevens, The Vue, and how many other buildings today without destroying quite a few trees actually. How many UP members live in or have praised some of these buildings, yet have the gall to complain about one tree being destroyed on a lot they don't even have access to?? I guess only some trees count apparently:
  10. I have some family members who either voted for Trump as an irrational protest vote against HRC or because they are cuckoo religious hypocrites. I didn't ask who anyone voted for during the last election to preserve what little strand of tolerance I have for some of them, but I suspect the latter group did not have a change of heart. I believe Trump lost because a lot of people who voted for him the first time had buyers remorse, saw the chaos that he inflicted upon the country and I suspect some Republicans voted Dem in moral protest (like Cindy McCain for example). That said, I would not discount Trump from winning a 2nd term... that element of society is NOT going anywhere. Whereas conspiracy theorists, toxic bigots, deplorables, etc. were once were once cast aside and considered outliers, they are now given soapboxes and elected to office (a la MTG). They finally had a taste of power they've always longed for and do not want to return to being "oppressed" by the liberal status quo. There seems to be a penchant for extremism in both parties which only furthers the divide of the country and exacerbates fear of the opposing party taking over. Misinformation/propaganda via social media has contributed to metastasizing the worst of human nature... who needs to go to war when we are tearing the country apart perfectly fine by ourselves. I could get behind traditional respectable Republicans/Democrats, but it's scary if we continue down this path of being drawn to extremists within each party. I prefer middle-of-the-road, boring, respectable candidates who keep their nose to the grindstone and prefer to focus on the work. Politics isn't supposed to be a clown-show for our entertainment. America chose to halve the baby in two in 2016. It's frightening to see politicians use false equivalence, downplay or totally rewrite events about what actually happened on January 6th so it's evident that some people have no intention of changing course. I honestly don't know where we are heading as a country but the undercurrent is very unsettling.
  11. Wasn't the master plan for Zoi House already approved? If built, the tower would've required the destruction of the tree anyway... shocking! I love trees, but I'm so glad the owner removed the tree like a thief in the night. First, this is Orlando--not some top tier city rolling in dough. We can barely scrape up enough money to move historic homes much less relocate a large tree (not even getting into the logistics of moving said tree from point A to B). Second, this lot is located in the Central Business Disctrict - probably zoned for high intensity mixed use. This lot deserves to get built up to it's highest and best use WITHOUT IMPEDIMENT and should not be encouraged to remain a barren wasteland like other blighted intersections at Orange/Pine or Orange/Robinson... and soon to be Rosalind/Central. Lastly, just because a tree appears to be healthy, doesn't mean it's not suffering from tree rot. I've seen quite a few healthy looking trees in the area that were basically hollow on the inside. None of you know the condition of this tree and I'm sure most tree companies would be wary of tearing down a healthy tree located in city limits due to liability unless it was unhealthy or the property is approved for future development. While this lot is probably zoned commercial, the city allows for the removal of trees on residential property without a permit as long as: "the property owner obtains documentation from an arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture or a Florida licensed landscape architect that the tree presents a danger to persons or property." Even if done illegally, I hope the owner can procure paperwork to support/justify the removal of the tree. IMO since the property is located within the CBD, the owner should not be fined and should only be required to replant several trees in their ideal place: in the Right of Way as a street tree. Nothing more.
  12. IMO, the Orlando Land Trust also misled the public with somewhat false advertising. Some people unfamiliar with the project thought the entire corner would be opened up to Lake Eola Park. Most news reports only showed their idealized future rendering instead of showing the public what it would actually look like. Still upset about the way this is being carried out.
  13. Yeah... I'm referring to the master building insurance policy included in your monthly condo HOA (COA) fees though. An apartment complex still has to have building insurance for the common areas, exterior, etc. similar to a condo. The renter's insurance policy that you're referring to covers your belongings inside of the apartment which is somewhat similar to the condo owner's HO6 policy (covers belongings and material finishes inside of the unit) which you still have to purchase as the owner of a condo/townhome. Essentially I'm saying an apartment complex wouldn't assess monthly "HOA fees" onto renters so that portion of expenses get baked into the monthly rent instead. Just saying it all kinda averages out in the end whether you rent or own... although I think condo ownership is more expensive because you have the HOA fees added on top of the mortgage/taxes/HO6 insurance.
  14. IMO the new location for P-House in CityArts factory sucks... I think Church Street Station (the actual old railroad station) would've been a better fit. One of the reasons why P-House was so fun is because it had so many facets: swimming pool/outdoor areas, concert area, the little beach on the lake, drag queen theater, dance floor, pool table bar, bear bar, etc. Throwing P-House into a boring building is not the same. At least Church Street Station could offer a few different ambiances in all of the outdoor spaces and nooks and crannies to give each area it's own separate vibe. That said, I don't know if the younger generation holds the same fondness for Parliament House so maybe it was just time for it to fade away or try to bring it back, dust it off and make it new again.
  15. Unfortunately, someone jumped from a balcony at Citi Tower today: https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2021/10/19/man-commits-suicide-by-jumping-from-cititower-balcony This is the 2nd suicide off of a balcony in downtown that I'm aware of.
  16. Sure, but the apartment would indirectly include the building insurance policy in the rental rate in addition all of the other overhead expenses and tax. In the end, renters are paying around the same amount it takes to buy a condo (when you add up the mortgage, HO6 insurance for the interior, HOA fees, etc.). 1/1 condos in comparable buildings go for 230k & up so whether people chose to rent or own - they'll still end up paying around the same amount to live in something similar (unless they go the cheap route).
  17. Did you factor in property taxes too? To each his/her own. $1650 for a studio seems high and I don't know how people do it on regular salaries, but that pricing is kind of in line with all apartments downtown. I'd rather pay the extra $50-100 to live in new concrete construction w/double pane glass than live in one of the wooden apartment complexes where you hear every minutiae of your neighbor's daily routine combined w/single single pane glass so you get bombarded with noise at street level/nearby clubs. Some people don't want to own -- or they're not ready to settle down, so that is the price they pay. Besides onsite amenities, keep in mind most buildings also pay for security guards, maintenance staff, property manager, some also offer concierge service, offer event space for rent, ground floor retail for convenience, etc. Another factor they pay for is the location. Orlando is no NYC by any means, but some people want that semblance of a bustling city vibe that Orlando struggles to provide and they are willing pay for it. On regular days it's pretty chill, but on event days and some weekends I feel the big city energy that I desperately need for sustenance lol. I bought 2 properties around around the recession so my payments are low and affordable, but I personally did not want to own anything more than a mile away from Lake Eola... at all costs lol. Just explaining the mindset of someone who would prefer to live in something smaller just to be able to live downtown.
  18. A few quick snaps of the Magic/Advent Health Training Center. Forgot I had these on my phone:
  19. Visited a friend's perch and took this pic during Pride fireworks. No pics from the parade unfortunately.
  20. I've always enjoyed teasing spenser about his love/hate affair w/Publix. I felt the same way about Chick Fil A for a long time... but they eventually reeled in some of their rhetoric and at the end of the day if you dig deep enough no company is perfect... just comes down to how much problematic behavior you can stomach before you lose your "appetite" again lol.
  21. Glad you guys were able to get this project off the ground to begin with but I'm just curious, are there any unique scenarios about how the pandemic has affected the project that you can share? Any other plans for the area??
  22. I'm pretty sure I've seen a column in a pool before... indoor pool of a condo in Canada. Structural logistics aside, it's probably not ideal unless they dress it up like jack said (circular table around the column with seating for bar in the pool). The overhang might also provide a little shade when needed, but I wonder if the design will get nixed due to safety precautions/liability. It's only a matter of time before someone either throws something off the balcony or dives off of a balcony into the pool lol. This is downtown, regardless of the rental price point - people will still act like entitled, drunken brats. When you live here long enough, you hear the stories: people throwing eggs/fruit off balconies at people below, suicide jump off a balcony, scaling balconies and last but not least... one guy [successfully] base jumped off a high rise balcony with a parachute onto the street below.
  23. Yeah still not a fan of this at all and it doesn't change the fact that her home is not zoned for this type of activity. I would hate living next door to her -- forget about a bakery, how would you feel living next door to someone who has lines of people outside of the house next to you?? Totally inappropriate for the neighborhood, no matter what "law" has been created to accommodate people like her. Her neighbors did not sign up for that and she needs to stick with selling her goods at the farmers market. I have a feeling you live in a nice home/area, but just imagine your next door neighbor operating a business next door to you. I remember there was a Delaney Park prostitute (a renter, as usual) having a bunch of random Johns visit her at all hours of the day and the police shut that sh.t down, but somehow a bakery is OK lol: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os-xpm-2013-05-16-os-prostitution-house-backpage-20130516-story.html
  24. Thanks. That pic of foccocia on Olde Hearth's website looks kinda weird... I was hoping for this kind of consistency (albeit square): https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/nfl/how-barese-focaccia-bread-is-made-in-italy/vi-BB1bFMl6 I was hoping for an authentic Italian restaurant that might serve some, but that might be asking for too much from Orlando. Operating a "commercial" business in a residential neighborhood is problematic with random cars coming in and out of the place. That's not what a house is zoned for and I personally wouldn't support something like this.
  25. Does anyone know of a place that sells FRESHLY baked fococcia bread? Hot and ready to go, topped tomatoes with olive oil leaking... I watched a documentary about old restaurants in Italy and worked up a craving. I don't think Advent Health has a retail bakery shop anymore, otherwise I would inquire there - they used to make it in the cafeteria circa 2000's on a rotating menu and it was delicious.
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