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  1. All of these lots are zoned R6 like the rest of the upper part of the Nations. They all have underlying lot lines from the original plat that they can be deeded back to, which will create 32 25x150 single family lots. We were pursuing this one but felt the ask was a bit high. I think the play would be to pay up for the parcel in the middle then SP it to a higher density.
  2. After four years of planning and over 200 public meetings, the Big Picture Master Plan for the City of Huntsville is revealed. Mayor Tommy Battle presented Huntsville's growth plan for the next 5, 10 and 15 years. Here is the website which highlights the six core principles the public wants the city to improve on. https://bigpicturehuntsville.com/
  3. I have fond memories of this place! Spent 3 years here after high school learning how to operate equipment, salt roads, and tell non-PC construction worker jokes.
  4. This building would have fit in perfectly in that spot had the historic church next door had not been mowed down for those gaudy apartments. It's on scale with the ML Rose building and the historic buildings diagonally across the street.
  5. Did ParkAve move to London or is Binbin his/her spawn?
  6. Everything is great! I've been busy building homes in the Nations and raisin' these youngins! I hope you're doing well.
  7. Here is a link to the Journal of the Tennessee Academy of sciences report on the findings from July of 1977. https://iweb.tntech.edu/sstedman/JTAS 52-3.pdf
  8. Super excited about this! Not only because I have a couple of building lots one block over but it will be great for the neighbors in that area to have such a place just a short walk away. I drank a Ruby or 6 today in celebration.
  9. The brick ranch portion of Charlotte Park is safe for now. The majority of the homes are well maintained and have decent square footage. Houses that need a little work/updating are selling for over 200k. Exit prices in the Nations are a good bit higher and the most developers are willing to pay for a building lot is about 80k per pad. I doubt we will ever see many brick ranch tear downs, the numbers just don't work. Also I highly doubt anyone in this area would be interested in down zoning their property for any reason, its a little bit of a different setting than Belmont-Hillsboro. The other portion of the neighborhood between the park and Briley is a different story. This was one of the worse areas of West Nashville, a good amount of the homes are nondescript and in bad shape. The lots are zoned R8 and several of them are large enough to build four homes on, two front and two back. I know of about 15 homes that are currently slated for demolition and I suspect 40-50% of the area will be razed in the next couple years. There is also a handful of renovations in the area. I'm rehabbing a house in the area that was built in 1996, my list price will be 60 or 70k lower than it would be if it were in the Nations.
  10. According to one of my friends at NES they have already started working on the infrastructure to power the building. So apparently NES thinks its a go.
  11. They are as far from Charlotte as 12 South is from Nolensville Road. 1.5 millas.
  12. 4 spiral evergreens = a dime rock in the hood. I had a guy try to sell me a ceiling fan with a piece of drywall still attached to it a couple of years ago in Swetts parking lot.
  13. Cant believe anyone in their right mind would want red light cameras for any reason. I just recently went to Australia for two weeks and I racked up $500 worth of red light and speed cam tickets. They are literally everywhere and it makes driving a pain. I wasn't driving erratically either, they send you a ticket for going just a couple k's over the speed limit. The only way I'd go back to anywhere in New South Wales would be if I was stupid rich or someone else was driving.
  14. No chance of this happening for a number of reasons. Icon and Pine street are very close and even if there was enough room it would go right through the Icon's only green space. There also a massive retaining wall right in the middle.
  15. Sorry guys I wasn't there so I wasn't able to get a look at it. It was second hand information from my business partner and you know how second hand information goes. He was sure it was a completely new design a couple hours but now says it may have been the same design but a render from a different angle, possibly the one mirydi posted.
  16. The design has changed again since the last render. A new render was shown at the City Club breakfast. Not sure when it will be released.
  17. While I agree with you for the most part I do think it might be kinda of cool if it had a Ragland type glass top floor.
  18. From any measure there isn't a glut at all right now and the population growth in the city itself is accelerating. I work with investors that own rental properties close to downtown on a daily basis and demand is still very high. I lived in Pine Street Flats where they had zero trouble leasing the whole building even after two floods and going up $100 per month on rent. I scratch my head sometimes and wonder where in the hell all these people are coming from because they are definitely coming.
  19. Okay you got me there! 40 out of 365 as opposed to a bridge in an area with shopping, hotels, dining, convention center, full time residents, offices, etc. Don't take me wrong, I was all for the Shelby Street conversion because I knew the value of it. I'm just saying this bridge shouldn't be wrote off and would be very valuable as well.
  20. Don't take offense because I am very pro sidewalk and it irks me to see people walking in the ditch down Harding Place. I think its ridiculous that the city hasn't remedied all of these areas. If you knew me at all you would know that I'm as far from elitist as it gets. I grew up in Nashville in the hood in a house the size of a bedroom! I sell/invest in real estate all over this fair city and look down upon no areas. When I said run down area I was speaking mostly of rundown infrastructure. My main point was that it wont be a dollar for dollar swap into an area that actually needs it.
  21. The retrofit of Shelby Street Bridge cost over 15 million and its much much more expensive to maintain than this new bridge would be. It originally connected to a major tourist area to a stadium thats used about 10 times per year. If it would not have been the "reasonable park area" would definitely not have been built nor would the bridge building have been renovated. One could make the argument that the retrofit of the bridge led to the parks which will ultimately lead to the redevelopment of PSC. And yes you can use it on a bike if you're a decent cyclist but people riding those B-cycle bikes usually have to get off and push up the ramps. Again this is an urban development forum, so what if its a yellow brick road connecting massive developments that will be full of people to places where they can shop and eat. Most of the residents I've talked to are for the bridge, It makes no sense why they wouldn't be. As the roundabout side & KVB becomes more dense it will make even more sense than it already does. Walking 5 minutes isn't a long time but psychologically its enough to kill the connectivity of a area. Do you guys think the city is going to take the money they don't spend on this bridge and go spend it in some run down part of they city where people are walking in ditches? I doubt it. If urban planet forumers could get together and do a dollar for dollar swap with the city let us decide what to do with the money I might be for it.
  22. I'm surprised that so many people on a urban development forum are against a bridge that improves connectivity. I think a iconic bridge would be both awesome and heavily used. I feel like the people that are saying Demonbreun is sufficient don't understand connectivity. I've walked from the heart of the Gulch to downtown countless times and every time I wished that bridge was already there. It creates a direct pedestrian connection from the heart of the Gulch to what will eventually be a prominent roundabout. Projects like this create intrigue cause people to gravitate to them. Parks, greenways, bike lanes, pedestrian bridges, wide sidewalks, etc all grow together to help create a great city and ultimately grow the tax base.
  23. Sad to see the Gossett building go. I wish there was some way they could work it into the new development but I'd say its toast at this point.
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