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  1. I feel I need to chime in here. This is getting kinda ugly. I live three blocks from this site and I believe that I speak for most in Sylvan Park who are having a problem with this development. We're not against a development in our backyard. Of course we want to see something replace that old dilapidated industrial site! What we're against is the way Stonehenge is going about this project. It's no mystery that they're not the most creative developer on the scene. That much has been discussed in this forum numerous times. I understand what comes with living within the city limits, density is g
  2. A few tweets from the author of that article: https://twitter.com/mbjpoe/status/544886169918767105 https://twitter.com/mbjpoe/status/544886169918767105
  3. "the Ikea would be the first in Tennessee, although sources say a second could be announced in Nashville in the near future."
  4. No I didnt. You need to read the last paragraph.
  5. This article cites sources claiming that an announcement for a nashville ikea is imminent. Site has already been selected... http://m.bizjournals.com/memphis/news/2014/12/16/ikea-confirms-plans-for-memphis-store.html?ana=e_memp_bn_breakingnews&u=11045160944e494634c675fede19f6&t=1418745366&r=full
  6. Edleys and Jenis are still just rumors. Strong rumors albeit but they haven't officially announced anything. I think the developer is waiting for all construction on roundabout to be complete before they start pushing dirt. So now that they're just about done we may hear something soon. Roundabout is great. They did a really good job with everything. More sidewalks were added along Murphy so now there is a continuous sidewalk connection from west end to charlotte. In other sylvan park news it was announced today that deb paquete and etch owners are opening a 100 seat dinner only restaurant
  7. Atrocious. Doesn't match a single building in the district. Happy to see something finally happening on that corner but very little thought given to design. Seems very cookie cutter
  8. Former Harley Davidson dealership at 46th/Delaware in Nations is under contract. Closing in a month. Colliers can't disclose user yet. Were rumors last year that Trader Joes was looking at it, but it's not them unfortunately.
  9. The fields do belong to MBA and they're open to the public when not being used. There are also rumors swirling around that edleys BBQ and jenis ice cream are opening locations in SP at the new roundabout (where old sylvan park restaurant was)
  10. It was confirmed a few weeks back that Madison Mill, a manufacturer of palettes, hanging racks, etc located in Sylvan Park will be relocating to Ashland City in 2015. I was having beers with some friends the other night and apparently they're already in the early stages of drawing up plans to develop the site with possibly apt/mixed use. This is already a hot site with proximity to the hostess adaptive reuse and the oncoming Hill Center Sylvan Heights. Great news for the hood. That industrial eye sore stuck out like a sore thumb.
  11. Flip Burger coming to the hostess adaptive reuse project at 42nd/Charlotte. Along with beer pale this is looking to be a nice project
  12. I don't agree with the move involving the state legislation on a silly amendment that basically all but singles out the AMP...BUT there was an article in the NBJ today that dove a little deeper into the FTA's "grades" for each project that it recommended for funding. It had this to say about securing the federal funds: Ultimately, the FTA notes in its report that federal funding "is only obligated when the grantee can assure FTA that the proposed project scope, cost estimate and budget are firm and reliable and local funding commitments are in place." I read that as...if you don't have
  13. When HCA made their N Gulch announcement, it was said that NW Mutual/Boyle would have an announcement to make in late Jan. Could it be N Gulch announcement? While that's not a large development in terms of height, it's def one of the, if not the largest projects in terms of footprint we're waiting to hear from...thats my guess (and hope)
  14. Regarding the development at the corner of 46th/Charlotte...there was a representative at the most recent Sylvan Park Neighborhood Assoc meeting. I was out of town so couldn't attend, but this is what I gleaned from those who were in attendance: two buildings...one will be a 4 story apt complex developed by stonehenge...80% 1BR/ 20% 2BR, roughly 170 units. Building will front Charlotte/46th. Second building will be one story retail fronting Charlotte to 45th...up to five tenants. Hope to learn more soon.
  15. Two updates for Charlotte Ave. It seems that the recently shuttered Calypso Cafe in Belle Meade (sales tax evasion?) will make way for a location on Charlotte right across from Bro's (just outside 440 on the south side of Charlotte) according to an article in Tennessean. Exciting as this may be, I find it an odd choice of location because that's not that far from their Elliston Pl franchise...maybe they're banking on some business from the One City development...(segue) Speaking of OneCity, noticed this post on Facebook this evening from their page: "Momentum is building with site perm
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