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  1. Hey steve3n8...hadn't seen you in a while...miss your contributions. Hope all is well



  2. This little ole' town could use some more green space I don't know what your thinking of, but BR is NOT "little" anymore... its quite a large city and getting bigger. IMO we have enough green space with all the trees everywhere
  3. There is a Hotel planned in the Long Farm Village Development..... That would probably be the closest to Highland road and the Blue Bayou area unless they do happen to build one closer later on.
  4. Good for city of BR! The more huge businesses that want to be annexed in BR, the less likely St George will survive! Now if they can just get the Mall of LA, Perkins Rowe, and Laberge Casino annexed that would be tremendous!
  5. Perfect examples of Dense urban sprawl would be cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and NYC, and non dense urban sprawl would be cities like Houston, Dallas, and Atlanta... If your gonna sprawl out, atleast go dense with public transit!
  6. Good One Richy, although this could become a reality with that building in the renderings.....maybe not the bowling ally and what not, but still going to be impressive!
  7. I would like to see some renderings for this. I thought they mentioned this being a new elevated freeway type system...
  8. Very sad it has to be that small and short for that HUGE parking lot Just another day in BR for now atleast!
  9. They are keeping coke sign! They plan to restore the lighting to it...should be done in about 6 weeks
  10. No Garrett, im talking about the state project, Jones Creek (Between Coursey and Tiger Bend)....... The project your thinking of is between Tiger bend and Jefferson Hwy! That will be about a ridiculous 10 years before that starts, haha!
  11. What I want to know is why in Gods green earth has Jones Creek Rd. between Coursey and Tiger Bend yet to start construction? For the love of humanity the road is almost to the point of collapse and becoming undrivable with all the pot holes! With the amount of traffic that road has everyday, somebody has got to do something soon and very soon! Anybody know anything on this project or have any feedback? Its just really annoying and im ready for some improvements!
  12. steve3n8


  13. LOL! No BR didn't have that many buildings back then........but maybe one day!!! Hopefully
  14. Where did you hear about Audubon Alive Timelordnerd? That's awesome if its true!
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