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  1. SangreRaVen

    The District at Midtown

    Yeah, I saw an old story about the medical building being sold by the original owner to the current developer so as to be part of the new District at Midtown project. -R
  2. SangreRaVen

    The River Market

    I believe they said a number of their locations have closed. -R
  3. SangreRaVen

    The River Market

    Gusanos in the River Market is officially gone. -R
  4. SangreRaVen

    Gateway Towne Center: I-30 & I-430

    Noticed today the Arkansas sports store closed by the food court.. It might have been seasonal. -R
  5. SangreRaVen

    Gateway Towne Center: I-30 & I-430

    Noticed the shop that sold power equipment, mowers, drills, saws ect has closed.. as has 5D, so that's two more stores gone at The Outlets. -R
  6. They also have the upcoming location listed on their website. Rock, AR&map_options={"location":""} -R
  7. SangreRaVen

    West Little Rock

    Noticed over the weekend that the Sam's Club Gas Station on Bowman is closed and tapped off. Looks like they are replacing the pumps and maybe even the tanks, lots of digging going on. No clue how long it will be out of action though, did not see anything advising of it. Oddly enough they still were updating the gas prices with membership up by the door (guess no discounted gas for a bit). -R
  8. I think I've heard of it before
  9. SangreRaVen

    The District at Midtown

    Yeah, I think its a good ways off from the original rumored plans... but I believe that is kind of what happened with Park Avenue as well.. They had plans for this larger development and then ppl starting complaining saying there was not enough walking areas for pedestrians and that the development was too big and would cause traffic and crime ect ect.. To me it seems like its just going to be another strip mall of retail which is basically nail salons... hair salons.. a mattress store.. maybe a small gym.. a few repeat restaurants and then two hotels.. seems to be the basic template for a lot of stuff round here sadly. -R
  10. SangreRaVen

    Rock Creek Commons West Little Rock

    I wonder when they will start building stuff at this site, have not see any activity in a few months.. I am sure it takes time to get things planned out but the website has not been updated in a while and I have not see anything posted in the news anywhere about it -R
  11. I did not see an actual post for this development so I figured I would add one. The new site has a name and website though the final plans apparently are not 100%, demolition is currently in process on the old Sears and Sears Automotive Center. I know in the past there was speculation that a grocery store and small shopping center might go there. The latest I have found says its a nearly 30-acre space that will be divided into 15 lots for restaurants and shops, with plans for two four-story hotels. No buildings in this project will be bigger than 7,800 sq.ft. Does not look like any of the lots will be big enough to support anything very large. Development website: So any ideas what might go here? I know on one of the other post it was mentioned that a Raising Cane's might go here. -R
  12. I'm at Chili's and ppl coming here are saying it's a 3 hour wait
  13. Maybe in a few years they will look at coming into LR itself... I know a long time ago they were originally listed for Shackleford Crossing but of course that center has been a flop for the most part. -R
  14. SangreRaVen

    West Little Rock

    Hopefully they can do something with the old Parker Mini location soon though, it looks sad being empty. That is a pretty major intersection to have a empty spot at and would be a good location for a small office building or even a small retail development (I really do not feel we need anymore car dealers ) -R
  15. SangreRaVen

    Gateway Towne Center: I-30 & I-430

    Would be a good location for it for sure and would fit in line with their desire to turn that whole area into an entertainment district -R