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  1. I walked up to the Gearhead's location and looked in the window, all the merch is gone for sure but there is still stuff inside that clearly belongs to the company. I wonder if they are using this time to do a remodel on the store or something. -R
  2. While passing through this complex yesterday I noticed the Nike store appears to be closed. The windows all had brown paper over them as did the doors and the store appeared to be shut down. Gearhead's is also for sure closed as the store is now empty looking inside but both of them still are listed on the website store directory for this shopping center. -R
  3. I noticed it looks like Gearhead's is closing at this location, either that or they are remodeling. I was driving past there the other day and there was a big truck behind the building loading stuff up and the inside of the store looked like they were clearing things out. Anyone heard anything? -R
  4. Well, it looks like the city planning commission approved it, now they just have to get through the planning phase. https://www.fox16.com/news/local-news/little-rock-planning-commission-approves-development-plan-for-costco/ -R
  5. I remember hearing something about a hotel coming in behind Walgreens but yeah I wonder if it fell through or they ran into other issues. -R
  6. Posting up the image of the site plan. looks like the fueling station will be right across from Shell on the corner. Then there is room for 6 out parcels, so that could be any number of developments but again with so much empty retail and restaurant space in the area. I am not really too sure what they could land here, hopefully it will have a positive impact on the other local developments. -R
  7. Yeah there is a good amount of empty retail in the areas nearby so unless they have some other serious stuff lined up, its going to just be a parking lot -R
  8. It's a huge lot, looks like several out parcels surrounding the Costco. -R
  9. So with Costco now official as an anchor for this development. I wonder what else will land here -R
  10. Ahhhh, makes sense then but there is a lot of available retail space in that area and bound to be more after this COVID mess lessens some as a number of places will likely close for good. I will be curious to see what if anything happens in the foreseeable future with this spot. -R
  11. Sounds like something fell through then. -R
  12. Well the site plan calls for office buildings in addition to retail / restaurant. Maybe someone big is moving in -R
  13. Well then who knows and that's assuming it has not been delayed now. -R
  14. I wonder if this is part of it or it in general: https://katv.com/news/local/amazon-buys-80-acre-site-in-little-rock Otherwise if its related to something else, who knows if its still happening on time or at all due to the COVID-19 stuff going on. -R
  15. that sucks, they had good food and good bread. -R
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