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  1. a building would have been better than just yet another parking lot... -R
  2. well thats one place then many more to go -R
  3. Could be worse, could be even more nail and hair salons -R
  4. Haven't seen any, they are still just moving gravel around.
  5. Wasn't it once upon a time going to be a Macy's?
  6. Coming later this year The Library name is funny but could be an interesting concept for the area. https://www.rockcityeats.com/the-library-kitchen-lounge-is-set-to-add-food-and-entertainment-to-the-rivermarket/ -R
  7. Agreed but at least this way something will actually go out there. Hell, maybe it will help draw a few more things. This shopping center was so poorly planned and executed its just sad and its not in a bad location either. -R
  8. Rock City Eats has some info on some developments. https://www.rockcityeats.com/new-little-rock-restaurants-to-expect-this-fall-and-early-2020/ -R
  9. Oh joy o.O more apartments... But then again it might offer free traffic for Promenade -R
  10. Yeah they have been busy several times when I have driven by there, I do think they would have done better a little further away from Taziki's. -R
  11. Zoe's Kitchen WLR still looks to be open, at least for now. -R
  12. Yeah the trees thing happened a few months ago, I felt it was a bad idea when they did it. For one it just looks bad, two it exposed some ugly gunk on building and three its hot outside so now we are missing shade in those areas -R
  13. Yeah they fenced an area of the parking lot off over in front of that gym. I'm pretty sure that's where it's going. So parking will be a little tighter on that end. -R
  14. Another update on Trader Joe's with a possible opening date range. https://www.rockcityeats.com/update-on-little-rock-trader-joes-additional-details-and-possible-opening-date/ -R
  15. Looks like more news is slowly coming in for Trader Joe's, hopefully we will start seeing some work done to the building in a few months https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2019/jul/15/architecture-firm-used-trader-joes-files-applicati/ -R
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