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  1. Oh wow, I had no idea it was looking that rough. What a shame; it's actually not bad architecture.
  2. That panorama is depressing, but the new streetscape shot above it is very promising!
  3. That's really depressing. I had no idea Pontiac had been so dense. And that loop looks retarded.
  4. Damn, I was gonna post my Lupe Fiasco photo...
  5. That photo is really gorgeous, wolv.
  6. Well, I hope somebody jumps for it -- it's a beautiful old house.
  7. There hasn't been a "photo of the day" since January. At Ashley & Washington:
  8. I guess what I don't get about 9 on Third is: I realize things change from concept to construction, but how does something that started off looking so charming end up looking so... institutional? (Rhetorical question, really.)
  9. nofunk

    Detroit Off Topic

    Great find, skylinefan. It's amazing to see the Detroit skyline without some of its most recognizeable landmarks. Or Hart Plaza...
  10. That is an incredible capture!
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