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  1. This is true for 131. Other cities were not so lucky...many, many people were displaced by Detroit freeways, for instance.
  2. Honestly, doesn't the rail yard and topography already divide east from west? Isn't that why 131 is where it is in the first place? If we're trying to be more sustainable, maybe convert Hynes and/or Century to low-speed corridors lined with free parking and charging stations? Cars aren't going anywhere - the hope is that their emissions are cut and eventually eliminated as the world's fleet shifts to electric. We're going to have to deal with their other negative impacts separately from their carbon emissions.
  3. Interesting stuff. A couple thoughts: I wonder if some of the disconnect between economic gains and population gains is coming from retirees? If an area is gaining a lot of retirees, they're going to boost the population without boosting the economy very much. That almost certainly explains Florida and Arizona, though not Texas or Vegas. Metro Detroit didn't lose population. It didn't gain a ton, but it grew. The City, of course, lost population, but there were widespread gains in the suburbs, including older inner-ring burbs like Southfield, Warren, and Dearborn. GR is a
  4. I think temporary closures make a ton of sense on a number of roads - Monroe Center, Ionia, Bridge, Cherry (in East Hills), Wealthy (at several different points), etc. Or some of the suburban downtowns (Gaslight, Ada, Grandville). Detroit does weekend closures with Monroe Street in Greektown and it has worked well. I also think there may be opportunities to do a pedestrian-focused design like Monroe Center is now with one lane of traffic with parking and wide sidewalks - not closed to traffic, but through traffic is a distant third priority behind pedestrians and parking. That could poten
  5. Also worth noting that the Census is supposed to be a snapshot of April 1, 2020. Which was right after many universities sent their students home during the initial Covid lockdown.
  6. Cool info! Much easier than the Census website. "I am fairly confident that Ottawa won't be separated from Kent County again. " Was this a comment on redistricting? Ottawa County and Kent County can't be, in their entirety, in the same congressional district. They have too many people - 1,050,000, approximately, while a congressional district will be between 750,000 and 800,000. It would be possible to create a "Metro GR" congressional district, though, made up of the southern 2/3 of Kent County and the eastern portion of Ottawa.
  7. That's true. It may not be something that can be retrofitted. I think LCA's floor is below grade, which makes the underground loading docks possible.
  8. Cool! I see they found a solution for the dumpsters with the series of "service enclosures." Smell might still be an issue. The conceptual building on Oakes probably is a longshot, right? The arena's loading docks still need access (although I guess that could come from Ottawa in this drawing?) A future project for Van Andel might be burying the loading docks underground, like they are at Little Caesar's Arena.
  9. "Hispanic" is usually considered an ethnicity, not a race. The Census generally asks people pick a race (White, Black, Asian, Native, etc) and then asks if the person identifies as Hispanic or not. Though that does not appear to apply to the chart you posted? Either way, the Holland area has a very high Hispanic population.
  10. Downtown Holland does have chain clothing retail (Talbot's, Gazelle, etc), but I suppose it isn't quite the same as thriving mall like Woodland in that regard.
  11. Well now Rivertown Crossings is dying while downtown Holland continues to thrive. But Rivertown probably didn't help Westshore, either.
  12. The vast majority of the undeveloped land in the City of Holland is zoned industrial and located in the airport landing zone (and thus not suitable for residential development even if it was zoned differently). There are opportunities for redevelopment near downtown, but land is expensive. The City is scheduled to adopt zoning that will open up its suburban commercial corridors to mixed use redevelopment, so that might help. The Township is far from built out, and has a lot of planned and zoned land for residential growth. As for the "upside down" demographics, it's very expensiv
  13. Maybe I just don't see it, because I don't commute that way (but sometimes find myself on 96 in the afternoon). Maybe I'm the problem.
  14. Why is there such a difference between WB I-96 through that stretch at EB I-96? Westbound backs up at the evening rush hour daily. But there's no corresponding eastbound backup in the morning. Where is that traffic coming from and going to? And what are they using to go east/south in the morning?
  15. Apparently it's like 95% leased.
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