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  1. I'm worried about what will happen to the buildings under construction once they open - most notably the hotels. Presumably, they won't open until everything is back to "normal", but "normal" may mean substantially less travel for a while.
  2. Ok, so there's still a lot more steel to go up, in the western portion of the site.
  3. Is the building going to extend all the way to Ottwa, or is there going to be a plaza/pocket park in the bend in the road?
  4. The problems at Lincoln Lawns were not related to lack of demand. Nor was it killed by NIMBYs (although NIMBYism is an issue there). Some sort of internal issue with the developer, apparently.
  5. It's planned to connect to 196 east of Byron Road, then loop around the east and north sides of Zeeland, and then north to M-45. But I don't think it's on MDOT's plan for 10+ years...
  6. I agree. These exist in Wyoming, Walker, and Grandville, but there are almost none in the City limits. That said, the 80s-era ones were UGLY.
  7. Burton and Morningside down by Calvin College. And Division at either Hall or Franklin - can't remember which off the top of my head. I've seen them in some residential neighborhoods, too.
  8. Has anyone noticed the new street signs popping up around town that do not have the "yellow circle" city seal? The new ones look sharp, but not as unique as the yellow circle ones.
  9. Are the concrete pillars sticking out the top basically the maximum height it's going to reach?
  10. Yeah, this is City-owned land. Having 20 parking spaces on it makes little to no sense when they could have it on the tax rolls AND have 200 parking spaces (or whatever). I suspect Ellis and Charley's Crab are waiting until Amway announces something to do anything with their land. Charley's Crab is a weird throwback to the Grand Rapids of 25 years ago...
  11. It's a bad idea. Way too much cost for too little service. But I do think the Spectrum HQ will necessitate a couple more Rapid routes. - another DASH ("Northwest?") running from the Hill to the Spectrum HQ and then maybe across the Leonard bridge and down Alpine to the West Side parking lots? And a full service line running Central Station - Monroe - Knapp to Knapp's Corner. And I actually do think we'd benefit from a rail system. But if we're going to do it, it should be big and transformative.
  12. It was from the Fulton-Market parking lot, with the skywalk, Arena Station, and the power plant (with lots of steam) in the foreground, and the Residence Inn in the background. I thought it was a cool picture...
  13. The cool thing that City Modern did was utilize several different building designs (although all are "modern") to give the impression that the development was built over time organically. It would be cool if this one could be the same way.
  14. The designers of this project have a challenge in front of them, because this project will have a big impact on both the corner of Fulton and Ionia and on the skyline. So the first floor needs to be designed effectively. Presumably they will retain the entrance to the Fulton-Ottawa garage, but doing that, and access to their own parking garage, and retail storefronts that will survive, will be tricky. There are no retail storefronts on that side of Fulton downtown - at all (kinda-sorta the one at the base of Plaza Towers I guess). They're probably looking at one restaurant/bar because of the proximity to the arena...but is that market saturated? And it will end up being an oddly shaped space because of the parking access. And at the top of the building, it's going to be extremely visible in the skyline from the south and east, but it will kind of hide behind Plaza Towers from the west. Not sure about the north. So the south and east sides of the portions of the building above 12-ish stories (LOL) need to be treated with care. It actually seems to me that they should consider reducing the width of the tallest part of the building. Start with 8-10 stories of retail/parking/office that fill the entire footprint, then have a skinnier tower that rises right alongside where the Fulton-Ottawa garage and the CWD building meet. That way the tallest portion won't be oppressive at street level, the overall height of the building could be taller, and it could have some sort of crown feature that would enhance the skyline.
  15. So long as there's enough sidewalk space, that would be perfect.
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