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  1. I'm not sure about "zoning free", but certainly 28th Street zoning should definitely NOT strictly require suburban auto-oriented retail development. Housing/office/medical/mixed use should all be allowed. And there should be very few restrictions on height or large setback requirements. GR, Wyoming, and Grandville have all moved in that direction. Not sure about Kentwood or Cascade. I know Grandville is considering removing all height restrictions from 28th Street in the area of the Castle...because once you have the Castle, what's the point in limiting the height of other buildings?
  2. Kennywood outside Pittsburgh maybe counts? But that's on land that was so useless that they couldn't build steel mills on it back in the day. I could see an indoor hotel/water park (like a Great Wolf Lodge) in the core of GR (in North Monroe maybe). But not something space intensive and outdoors. We're kind of running out of space for big uses, frankly. I'm really not sure where this aquarium will end up - the Ah-Nab-Awen idea floated here makes sense, but wouldn't that require coordination with City/Feds/Ford family (he's literally buried there...)/etc? I really think Millenium Park is a non-starter. And that leave us with...Jackson Island? North Monroe? The Front Street corridor north of 196?
  3. I agree - especially the west side of the park (Johnson Park/ Wilson Avenue), as mentioned in the article. The infrastructure in that area is nowhere close to being able to support something like this. There is no public sewer and water. Walker's system ends at O'Brien, I think - plus the nearby residents are dead set against expanding that system. So you'd be building a pipe under the river to connect to the Grandville or Wyoming systems. And that's not even getting into the roads - I-196, Wilson, Butterworth/Maynard/Veterans - none of them are designed for a major attraction on the west side of Millenium Park. And there's no public transit to that area.
  4. With the grade, it would probably end up being an overpass over Division/Ionia, so I'm not sure if it would really help connectivity that much.
  5. This was actually proposed by the Ilitches when they built Little Caesar's Arena in Detroit. They approached Cass Tech about buying their football stadium for a parking garage...with a football field on top of it.
  6. It does look like they want to vacate Bond. Pedestrianize it from Trowbridge north, and then close it completely north of Fairbanks (which will become a cul-de-sac with a walkway to Monroe). Looks like some opportunities for ground floor retail, but probably not the entire ground floor. What's going to happen to the Gill Building? It's a huge footprint...are they saving a portion of it for future expansion? Monroe North is going to have its own skyline, which is kinda cool.
  7. It's not that it has more stuff, it's like it has all the characteristics of GR, but heightened. Like, instead of Lake Michigan, it has mountains. Instead of rural West Michigan conservative types, it has rural South Carolina conservative types. Instead of "pretty impressive for the Rust Belt" growth and development, it has Sun Belt growth and development. It's why the video resonates, but no one has made a similar video about GR.
  8. Greenville seems like Grand Rapids, except...moreso.
  9. Why does it say "Ground Floor Residential?" I know they're doing discretionary ground floor residential approvals now, but this wouldn't have any ground floor residential, would it?
  10. The retail market is going to be in rough shape for a while. Though creating a few storefronts for some convenience businesses would have made sense.
  11. Very cool, although I wish the pictures weren't sepia tone. It's hard to make out details. Heartside was a total afterthought in those days. I remember doing a service project at Mel Trotter in middle school and I somehow ended up on the roof. This was mid-S curve reconstruction, and I was looking out over a mud pit dotted with dilapidated buildings. It is amazing what that area has become today (although now we have our own problems of gentrification and homelessness).
  12. This is known as an "Atlanta."
  13. Ok, I looked in the Zoning Ordinance. It's a little chaotic, but here's what I found. West of the library-ish, Bridge is zoned TBA (Traditional Business Area), which has a 3 story limit (up to 4 with bonuses). From the library to Stocking (on the north) and the library to Seward (on the south), Bridge is zoned TCC Transitional City Center, which is 4 stories (5 with bonuses). Stocking to Seward (Bridge Street Market) is a Planned Redevelopment, so presumably the height was negotiated between the developer and the City. East of Seward, Bridge is zoned CC (City Center), which I don't see a limit on, but I could just be missing it. Certainly that's the zoning district that allows the most height.
  14. There may be an impediment to increased height in Stockbridge. The City wants the industrial uses on Front between 196 and Leonard to, over time, redevelop into mixed use with a continuous riverfront walkway. Current zoning incentivizes developers to build the walkway (and allow it to be open to the public) by offering additional height. If too much height is allowed in Stockbridge, that will reduce demand for mixed use on the riverfront, meaning no continuous walkway.
  15. Presumably signage upgrades on 131 includes the Cherry Street/BS-131 exit, which needs to actually say "Cherry Street" on the exit ramp, and needs, well, any signage at all where the ramps intersect with Cherry.
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