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  1. BoxLunch for the old Gymboree space. Dry Goods now open. Koi Asain Bistro open in the old Starbucks space.
  2. Where does this stand? Been about four months. Can't imagine it not going through if Walmart was approved there before.
  3. Greenhouse extension reminds me of the late 70's- 80's. Lots of Garden architecture then. Just about every brass and fern bar/ restaurant had one sticking off the side. Bennigans, Ruby Tuesday. LOL.
  4. I saw that article on USAToday. It referred to a closing list someone posted on a message board on thelayoff.com. Nothing official from Kmart yet or in the local media. That Bi-Lo building on the end doesn't seem that old. Wasn't that a new addition on to the shopping center in the late 90's when Bi-Lo was under Ahold's ownership and the money for new store construction was flowing? Add: To answer my own question. I looked it up. That Bi-Lo store at 6 Kmart Plaza replaced an older store in 1998.
  5. Nice shots! Great to see those walls going up on the Teeter. Their parking lot looks small though. Could be an issue for them. Wish they had put parking underneath store too.
  6. That twisted building gives me a headache looking at it. Like someone added two rooms onto a trailer and a tornado shifted them.
  7. Bi-Lo just changed the front to the green and white color scheme, remodeled interior and resurfaced their parking lot this year. You don't do that if you intend to close. Some of that could have been landlord paid improvements for renewing a lease .Don't buy for one minute they are closing. Also seen nothing official on the KMart Greenville location either other than speculation and supposed closing list posted on message boards by probably some ex or disgruntled employee but the fragments of whats left of it (under 200 stores from several thousand at one time)will close probably sooner than later.
  8. Especially with two others close by. What a disappointing addition to MP. The space next to Christmas Tree Shops - More Hair Salon Suites. Yawn.
  9. There is Macy's Backstage at Haywood now . There are many more retailers now like the TJMaxx, Target and Kohls of the world with so many locations than when Greenville had all that variety of D. Stores back in the 80's and 90's. All those big box category killer stores like BabiesRUs;LinensNThings; Bed BathBeyond etc. that sprang up in the 90's also took away from them. I think the continuing loss of some of those category big box chains and smaller clothing chains to bankruptcy will benefit the remaining department stores as sales shift back. I don't buy into the Amazon has killed the department stores thing. I think there is room for both. Some of them have done a better job blending their brick and mortar with online sales like Macy's, Belk and Kohl's. I think Amazon knows they need a physical presence eventually as well. They just teamed up with Kohl's to take their returns. I don't think Greenville gets a full line Nordstrom especially after their stores closed in Orlando and Mall of Georgia.
  10. Both Lowes are certainly very nice buildings. If they ever leave the market I hope Harris Teeter picks up both locations. Five Forks does have the Lowes Gas out front.
  11. Yes Forever Agree. It's really disappointing they haven't got the grocery store underway. That still has to be at least another year away if not longer. Doesn't even look like they have the pad ready. Frustrating seeing them staging the materials for the apartments in the area where the store was going all this time.
  12. Tru Hilton under construction caught fire this weekend. https://www.wyff4.com/article/upstate-hotel-catches-fire-burns-for-hours-as-crews-work-to-put-out-flames/28153166
  13. 385 from DT to 85. What a mess the way they have patched it . It's just bump after bump as the asphalt goes from old to new to old in small sections for miles. Are they not going to resurface the whole thing? It screams we don't have enough money for that now.
  14. LOL. Is that giant mural of what looks like a polo style shirt on a body supposed to be a hint of the tenant going there?
  15. Existing? I thought the building was gone.
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