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  1. LOL. I guess this is the "Pink" answer to Orangetheory Fitness. Either you like Pink or Orange or you hate it.
  2. Ugh! Doesn't fit that area at all. Looks like they could have found a spot further out Lauren's Rd or on Haywood. Oh well.
  3. What's going on the outparcel at McAllister Square (201 S. Plesantburg @ Antrim Dr)? The old Suntrust building was razed and construction has started on something new. I'm guessing it's another bank.
  4. Agree 100%. Let Publix and the bookend twin HT's thrive and perform well. Lot's of central business areas would love to have just one of those two grocers. Don't take away business from them with another competitor. All Downtown needs is an empty grocery building like the empty Bi-Lo on North Main.
  5. Heck even UpTown would have made more sense on that ridge.
  6. I would love to see Warby Parker put a second SC location here either downtown or Green Ridge. (Haywood already has LensCrafters). Closest is King St. (Charleston) or Southend (Charlotte).
  7. Yes maybe it expired and you have the real deal Apple store not far away at the mall.
  8. No mention of Madewell as coming soon in the Haywood directory. Lucky Brand coming soon to Haywood and Pei Wei Asian Diner.
  9. Greenville music scene- Nashville Lite.
  10. Bids out for new O'Reilly Auto Parts at 1315 S.Pleasantburg which would be the old Bi-Lo store at Mauldin Rd. Odd for that large building unless they are subdividing it for several tenants.
  11. Has construction started on the new Harris Teeter ?
  12. 9/30/22. That's what the listing says. Nice building for a dollar store. Wasn't that the Ethan Allen Furniture store before it moved to Woodruff Road?
  13. Family Dollar building across from Bob Jones on N. Pleasantburg For Sale/Lease. Family Dollar vacating on 9/30. https://www.colliers.com/en/properties/±18318-sf-retail-space-available-for-sale-or-lease/usa-1184-n-pleasantburg-dr-greenville-sc-29607/usa1106759
  14. You just can't have nice things. https://www.wyff4.com/article/keep-the-cardboard-at-home-city-requests/40891071
  15. Pasta Addict leaving Gather Greenville for The Slice in Simpsonville per WYFF.
  16. Agreed Downtown doesn't need another grocery store. They need to let the twin Harris Teeter's (especially North Pointe) and Publix on McBee perform well. Just what they need is another empty supermarket building Downtown. Also not far away is a Food Lion in the old Kmart Plaza on Church and Ingles on Poinsett @ Cherrydale. Funny I forget that Upton's was in the old department store next to Publix at Mc Square briefly in the mid 90's. I always think of that as Meyers/Arnold still when I ride by it. Uptons was a cheap replacement for Meyers/Arnold.
  17. Yes they have already cleared that large tract of land. Looks like there may be something going in further down Augusta Road at Garrison Road across from that former small Michelin office building . Survey stakes and trees and a old house being taken down it looks like. Large piece of property. Could be industry or a subdivision????
  18. Can they not put a 3 or 4 story pyramid with spire on top of one of these boxy developments that lights up at night and can be seen for miles like the PNC building in Raleigh? https://www.highwoods.com/find-your-space/detail/pnc-plaza
  19. I am really surprised they didn't put like a vertical hanging Harris Teeter sign on the side of the building at the Stone Ave entrance to NP. They have little visibility from Stone. I really don't care for the layout there with the stand alone big box and the back facing WH. I wish they had put Apartments over the store or parking underneath some way but regardless it is nice to have grocery in that area again.
  20. Did they ever get the splash pad fixed on the riverfront near Hampton Inn? Thought I saw where it wasn't working either. https://www.wyff4.com/article/unity-park-splash-pad-temporarily-closed/40298367
  21. That's what I thought too but more so upset that the money would have been better spent on affordable housing at a time when apartment rent is becoming out of reach for many.. It is becoming a huge problem. Almost impossible for many (even employed) now to find a unit where you are only spending the recommended 30% of your income on rent.
  22. Yep. I believe it was in a space around where Planet Fitness and Mr K's books is now.
  23. Thanks. Now it makes sense. Been saying that Burlington/ Michael's S/C is ripe for redevelopment forever. Isn't Burlington moving to Green Ridge soon? They just opened a new store across from Cherrydale. Michael's should relocate back to Verdae Village in the old Stein Mart spot.
  24. Even more. Sandwich manufacturer 300 new jobs in the North Greenwood Industrial Park not far from Symrise, Caterpillar and Colgate Palmolive. That section of Hwy 25 north of Greenwood on a roll. https://www.indexjournal.com/news/breaking/sandwich-manufacturer-brings-37-9-million-facility-300-jobs-to-greenwood/article_c4f86740-9e6d-5fd4-938e-56a7c54452d8.html
  25. I disagree. Outlet's were that way back in the day when many clothes were made in sewing rooms here in the USA and you could go to their outlets to buy seconds and rejects with minor flaws at a discount but not so much anymore. They are selling pretty much the same stuff that you find in their regular stores. It's all made cheaply overseas.
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