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  1. The new library out in Allendale is now taller than Kirkhof Center. Seems like that frame is going up quickly, too. I was going to get pictures, but I can't get on the site. These are up to date, though:
  2. I looked at the web cam for the Allendale construction, and the vertical steel pieces are starting to go up:
  3. There's now a live "Construction Cam" to watch the building go up. First vertical walls seem to be in place. http://gvsu.edu/library/newbuilding/
  4. They're putting the jib on the tower crane out in Allendale today. Sorry for the fuzzy photo -- all I had with me was a phone, no camera, but this does show the scale of the crane. That's Kirkhof Center in the foreground and the bell tower to the right. The crane is behind Kirkhof.
  5. I was in Allendale today. The foundation is in for the tower crane, and it looks like they've opened a hole in the basement foundation of Kirkhof adjacent to the new library site. I didn't have my camera with me. I'll make sure to have it next time; there was a lot going on out there. The lawn by the pond is all dug up, too.
  6. Has anyone been out to Allendale to see where the new library is going up? I've been told they're putting up a tower crane. Edited to add: Just found this page of photos from the GVNow site -- http://www.gvsu.edu/gvnow/index.htm?articleId=87EBF63E-EAD7-C1E4-43479CBC3C97631B
  7. There are at least three carriers on that tower. All three are actively working to remove equipment. Interior demolition will progress in the meantime so that the structure can come down as soon as the tower is moved.
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