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  1. What will become of the Coca-Cola building?

    First, I’m not surprised that Coke is leaving. It was just a matter of time in my opinion. Second, I think it’s just a matter of time this building is repurposed into something really exciting. I can picture William Cribb imagineering a restaurant concept that dovetails nicely with the building’s unique architecture.
  2. The Montgomery Building

    I'm mildly optimistic because (1) the city will (or is supposed to) improve the streetscaping around the MB which should help with pedestrian access, (2) with 70+ apartments, offices, and other retail, there should be demand for a coffee shop, and (3) no such shop is in the immediate area serving "The George" and the courthouse area.
  3. Sparkle City Eateries

    Just curious, what "impact" on local businesses worries you? I'm not trying to be sarcastic just wanting to better understand your point. THANK YOU! I think this means that downtown HAS arrived!
  4. AC Hotel on West Main

    This sign is at the southeast corner of the property? Have other signs been placed elsewhere? Sorry to ask but I've been out of town and unable to check out the hotel's progress for myself.
  5. Downtown Projects & Developments

    Strolled up and down Magnolia Street yesterday and observed a lot of activity inside Miyakos. It won’t be long.
  6. The Montgomery Building

    Excellent article with some fascinating history too.
  7. Spartanburg City Council

    Junie White is extremely popular especially with his loyal Eastside base. I don't expect him to lose. Todd Horne is probably a few years away but is very promising . The young lady too has promise but isn't ready for this job. City Council - maybe. Mayor - not at this time. White took a principled stand and did not appear at the candidates forum last week. I thought he should have been there. A good crowd (the H-J reported as 200) showed up.
  8. Possible new County Courthouse & City/County Government Center

    The informed parties, regardless of their political persuasion, recognize there's an immediate need and the funding mechanism makes good sense. But there are voters who distrust government so much they'll never support a tax increase.
  9. AC Hotel on West Main

    Times they are achanging when someone says that Spartanburg is doing something better than Greenville! I do think developers in Greenville have overdone it with the sterile [ugly] "boxes". But I've complained on this forum about too many of our new buildings mimicking Spartanburg's textile mill heritage. I'm happy the AC Marriott is unique and has a timeless look.
  10. Renaissance Park Projects & Developments Big news for downtown. Thoughts?
  11. Aug Smith on Main (Bishop Furniture building renovation)

    I thinks its wonderful that Spartanburg Methodist College wants to promote itself downtown. Sure, I'd love to have something more substantive in the space but I see a win-win here. A win for the building and developer - they get a solid tenant, and a win for SMC - it gets to promote itself to a growing number of people who are living, working, and visiting downtown. You never know, SMC could become another Spartanburg school with classes downtown. SMC's president seems intent on improving the school's presence and visibility. Bravo to his efforts!
  12. Sparkle City Eateries

    Glad to know you liked Mexcal and gave it an "excellent" review. This type of Mexican restaurant ups the ante in Spartanburg's ethnic offerings.
  13. Bon Haven to be demolished?

    I hope all who opine on the Bon Haven matter won't put all the blame on the Cleveland family. They're no longer influential or as wealthy or as involved in the community as they once were. However, their philanthropy was generous and well meaning. Many years ago South Church Street (between Church Street Lofts and Marion Avenue) was lined with large homes. When the street was widened (circa 1968) the homes were torn down. However, by then they were decrepit and in poor condition. In hindsight maybe they should have been left alone. At one time they may have been "grand" but I remember them as eyesores. I don't remember grand homes on North Church Street but that could have been before my time.
  14. Westgate Watcher

    Big Lots seems like a good fit for that shopping center.
  15. Spartanburg Area Economic Developments

    I believe that the Eastside, while attractive, lacks adequate highway "connectivity" to I-85 and points south.