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  1. I fear its dead. The scope and cost of the project may have been beyond the means of the owner/developer.
  2. I attended a chamber meeting regarding this topic earlier in the week and... It was generally agreed that the number of events (9) was way too short. However, there was some confusion over (1) permitted events, and (2) events on private property. The chamber has promised to look into this discrepancy. The consultant was focused only on the need to increase the capacity of Morgan Square. He is not a designer or traffic engineer. Most also felt that the city needs to do a better job "programming" events. In other words, a better mix of events and better scheduling. Many attendees felt that Barnet Park is underutilized. However, the park is presently too far removed from commercial activity. Morgan Square and downtown in general were identified by One Spartanburg respondents (3,180 people) as the places that need the most focus.
  3. Hope the parking deck will be something other than a brutalist structure (i.e. hospital parking deck on Wood Street).
  4. The news that The Standard was closing was a bit disturbing until I read the article. it seems the new operator and his family have good experience and knowledge. However, the name "Dray Bar and Grill" seems a little odd. Oh well!
  5. I thought their pizza and service was excellent. But, of course, I haven't been there in several months. Losing The Peddler as an anchor tenant didn't help but the location, parking, and attached motel is not advantageous either.
  6. I see that Aldi has a location in Highland Park, Michigan. Highland Park is an enclave city completely surrounded by Detroit and known for crime.
  7. The big supermarket chains (Aldi and Lidl included) won't consider "inner city" locations. At least that's what it seems. I know the profit margins of grocers are extremely thin and perhaps their rationale is that stores in these locations can be risky.
  8. Folks. Reidville is booming with residential development. If you haven't been out there, you ought to.
  9. Interesting that there's been a steady hum of construction there for many months. The final product should be awesome.
  10. Agree this is a great move. The Pine/Main location is somewhat hidden.
  11. https://www.goupstate.com/news/20190910/city-council-oks-historic-designation-for-old-star-mill-project Star Mill on the Northside.
  12. Wild Wing is definitely not moving (at least to the old Wild Ace location). That deal is dead.
  13. I haven't viewed the podcast yet but did see the chamber's presentation on this topic at their Downtown Business Council meeting. Fascinating information!
  14. Spring Street between West Main and Broad. now that would be cool.
  15. Any details on WHERE downtown? I love the rendering!
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