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  1. roads-scholar

    New County Courthouse & City/County Government Center

    Does anyone know how many levels the parking garage will be? The courthouse will be imposing, that’s for sure.
  2. roads-scholar

    Wish List 2019

    OTO may be smaller but they're COMMITTED to Spartanburg whereas ESA wasn't. GDJ may be slowing but Junior isn't. He's the future/
  3. roads-scholar

    Wish List 2019

    Makes a lot of sense to me!
  4. roads-scholar

    Wish List 2019

    I love these "wish list" threads and its been fun looking back at them over the years... Below was my 2018 "wish list" and what's happened and what's not happened. More development (residential, commercial) in the Grain District to complement the AC Marriott Hotel. Nothing yet. Carried over from my 2017 wish list, a top-tier restaurant announcement to anchor the Montgomery Building's ground floor. Sidewall Pizza Carried over from my 2017 wish list, a destination retailer for the vacant Leader / Rome night club building on Morgan Square. Bowling ally / event center. Another development announcement for the East Main / Pine Street gateway intersection. Nothing yet. Architectural renderings of the new county office building. Nothing yet. A high-quality tenant is announced for the former Abby's Grill building. Peddler. Another Royce Camp mixed-use building downtown. Nothing yet although I've heard rumors. A redevelopment plan for the historic Coca Cola building on West Main Street. Nothing yet. And now for the big one: another downtown hotel announcement. Cambria Suites. Now for 2019: A quality replacement for the old Sears location at Westgate Mall. An exciting redevelopment plan for the Coca Cola building on West Main Street. A quality development on the West Main Street "gateway" into downtown. Architectural renderings for the new city-county office building(s). A destination retailer / restaurant downtown. Perhaps in the Greenwalds (Wild Wing) building, Some action on the new Smith Drug building on East Main Street. Seeing steel rise on the new Cambria Suites hotel. We already have a BBQ festival but can it get bigger?
  5. roads-scholar

    Spartanburg Off-Topic

    I'm mystified. This is the first time I've seen / noticed these shields. If there's a "plot" to make Daniel Morgan a "bypass" route its news to me.
  6. roads-scholar

    The Future of Spartanburg's Downtown Memorial Airport

    Two views of the airports recently reconstructed runway.
  7. roads-scholar

    Spartanburg Off-Topic

    The "Roads-Scholar" discovered these shields this morning. The first on East Main Street approaching North Pine Street. The second on North Pine Street just before Daniel Morgan Avenue.
  8. roads-scholar

    Sparkle City Eateries

    I also heard or read where Eggs Up Grill was opening on Reidville Road and SC-290.
  9. roads-scholar

    The Montgomery Building

    Agree too. Fix or improve the core assets and everything else will fall into place. In the last few years: Morgan Square Cleveland Park Downtown Airport Memorial Auditorium East Main Street straightening Montgomery Building. And a lot more we have to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Eve.
  10. roads-scholar

    The Montgomery Building

    I drove by the MB this morning. Crews are repaving St. John Street and workers are putting the finishing touches on the building's exterior. Curious: I thought the Church Street and St. John Street sidewalks were to be widened?
  11. roads-scholar

    Sparkle City Eateries

    I dined at The Stsndand Saturday night. Arrived at 6, left at 8. The restaurant was not packed but busy. Patrons all seemed pleased. Wait staff seemed chipper. Food was prepared as I ordered.
  12. roads-scholar

    Smith's Drug Store Redevelopment

    I love it! It doesn't conform to other downtown buildings but I don't think it needs to conform. Main Street needs a touch of contemporary architecture. Other positives: Six stories - wow! 59 units - wow! Fills up the entire space and the parking lot - wow! And I think the drive thru is kind of cool. - wow!
  13. roads-scholar

    Cambria Hotel (Old HBJ Lot)

    Looking at the Cambria Suites website this design looks similar to other Cambria hotels around the country
  14. roads-scholar

    Cambria Hotel (Old HBJ Lot)

    Its interesting that Google Streetview shows some sort of site work going on at this address. I'm not an authority on design but really like that something contemporary is going up on a prominent downtown intersection. The building may appear in the rendering to be "bland" but it will give downtown a fresh look. Can't wait to hear what the DRB says about it.
  15. roads-scholar

    Cambria Hotel (Old HBJ Lot)

    119 rooms! I’m thrilled.