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  1. I see this as the right choice too. I keep reading comments from folks who conflate the closing of Morgan Square to automobiles to the Main Street Mall of the 70's and 80's. I don't understand this line of reasoning.
  2. IMO the DRB is doing their job. That is, ensuring projects conform to code and can pass the test of time. Look, 60 years ago the Cabana Inn and the Travelodge opened at Pine and Main. The buildings are still there and are still operating as "motels" but are eyesores. If the Fairfield Inn project is done right, it could last for decades and not be an eyesore. The last thing we want is a suburban looking motel downtown that won't pass the test of time.
  3. Hearon Circle is a disaster. Way too many entrance and exits causes dangerous backups on northbound Asheville Highway and the northbound Business I-85 entrance ramp. Glad to see a plan to fix it is developing.
  4. An Ingles supermarket would be successful on the southside but the former Sav-a Lot location is too small a footprint for this chain. I agree that the southside is a much different place than it was just a few years ago but I seriously doubt it can attract a major grocery chain at this time. Let's be realistic and accept a Piggly Wiggly or an equivalent and hope that a major chain (Publix?) opens in the near downtown (Northside?) area soon.
  5. Closing off Morgan Square to vehicular traffic makes a LOT of sense to me. What I've noticed is that much of the congestion is from people looking for elusive parking spots. Most thru traffic avoids the square altogether and uses other streets. With the right planning more cars can be directed around the square I want Morgan Square to be a gathering place for families and not choked with cars. Eliminating streets opens up places for people to hang out and more space for outdoor events. Let's make Spartanburg unique.
  6. From the vantage point of the West Main / Daniel Morgan Avenue intersection that garage looks enormous!
  7. I'm 63 years old and have lived and worked in Spartanburg most of my life. These photos bring back mostly good memories. One of the most striking changes has been the area now referred to as Renaissance Park. Most of this area was industrial with warehouses and a railroad spur servicing it.
  8. Fantastic historical resource. Its fascinating how dense downtown was in 1956!
  9. Poor quality photo but look real close and you'll see: -New parking garage at courthouse -Northside apartments under construction -Bon Haven apartments under construction -Renaissance Park apartments behind CCC Can't pick out The Ellington from this photo but it's there
  10. I hope this new project invests closer to the city of Spartanburg rather than closer to...
  11. Spartanburg is beginning to attract high quality developers.
  12. A Fairfield should work well downtown. That brand has been inching up in quality and amenities over the last decade. And, much stronger brand recognition than Cambria. This project has WOW written all over it!
  13. A Fairfield should work well downtown. That brand has been inching up in quality and amenities over the last decade. And, much stronger brand recognition than Cambria. I love the rendering. Wow, right up against the street! It's the kind of infill downtown needs
  14. I'm not surprised the DanMor got canceled but not for reason you may think. Sure, there's a lot of apartments being built or planning to be built but I don't think the market is saturated yet. Occupancy rates, at last check, were high and demand seems to be strong. I think this particular developer is more risk averse than developers with larger portfolios and better access to capital and financing. This is my guess why the project was canceled The downside to the cancellation is the DanMor could have been a catalyst for more Grain District development. I don't think the lack of retail made any difference. Right now, there's hardly any demand for retail space anywhere.
  15. I attended Blue Duck's presentation to One Spartanburg last year. They know what they're doing and have everything figured out. But I agree, this will be a fun summer in downtown Spartanburg.
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