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  1. Sparkle City Eateries

    When Bill Barnet (former mayor) purchased the former Abby's Grill building last year I knew that something substantial would eventually occupy this space.
  2. Possible new County Courthouse & City/County Government Center

    I hate city hall and can't wait to see it obliterated. Agree that at least some of the courthouse be saved. But, with the mold problems becoming a public relations disaster, saving the courthouse may not be an option.
  3. Greater Spartanburg Projects & Developments

    Anyone know what is going on at the former Wilson World / Radisson / Clarion Hotel on Fairforest Road? There is a lot of activity there Construction equipment, workers, trucks, etc
  4. Sparkle City Eateries

    The H-J report is correct. The late owner, and a partner with the Columbia group, was a relative of mine. The Columbia partners are now out of the picture. The current owners are Spartanburg based and totally committed to their pub. I had heard about the outdoor seating and think that's a swell idea.
  5. The Montgomery Building

    Will the bay window panels be replaced?
  6. Sparkle City Eateries

    There are downtown T.G.I. friday’s but mostly in BIG cities (Midtown Manhattan, Chicago, Indy, etc) but none in small cities. Nevertheless, this location is prime and needs a well capitalized chain. Ruth’s Chris?
  7. Sparkle City Eateries

    Agree. I was never gah-gah about Wild Ace. I don't think this location will remain vacant for long.
  8. Greater Spartanburg Projects & Developments

    Under the radar is the Inman Mill renovation. There’s a ton of construction going on there. Should be a great addition to the Inman community.
  9. Northside Developments

    Good report! Help me understand what a “hipped” roof is. Thanks.
  10. 2018 Wish List

    Before seeing my 2018 Wish List let's see what happened in 2017: A Renaissance Park office building announcement. 5-story Gibbs Building was announced and eventually approved by DRB. At least one top-tier restaurant announcement for one of the several vacant Morgan Square buildings. Mezcal, Starbucks. At least one top-tier restaurant announcement for East Main / Liberty near the soon-to-be renovated Bishop Furniture Building. Spill the Beans (maybe not "Top Tier" but a good start) A destination retailer for the vacant Leader / Rome night club building on Morgan Square. At least one top-tier restaurant announcement to anchor the Montgomery Building's ground floor. Little River Roasting (maybe not "Top Tier" but a good start) A big development announcement (residential, retail, office) for the Grain District to complement the new AC hotel. The Farmer's Table relocation / real estate office in former Hub Bub building. A solid tenant for the former Lockwood Greene headquarters on I-26. U-haul An announcement by city and county officials for a joint city hall / county office building. Preferably a high-rise and in a prominent location. Voters approved 1-cent sales tax. An encouraging beginning to an exciting project. Now for 2018: More development (residential, commercial) in the Grain District to complement the AC Marriott Hotel. Carried over from my 2017 wish list, a top-tier restaurant announcement to anchor the Montgomery Building's ground floor. Carried over from my 2017 wish list, a destination retailer for the vacant Leader / Rome night club building on Morgan Square. Another development announcement for the East Main / Pine Street gateway intersection. Architectural renderings of the new county office building. A high-quality tenant is announced for the former Abby's Grill building. Another Royce Camp mixed-use building downtown. A redevelopment plan for the historic Coca Cola building on West Main Street. And now for the big one: another downtown hotel announcement.
  11. AC Hotel on West Main

    I drove into town Monday evening from the westside and the downtown skyline from St. John Street above Wakefield was impressive! Each window in the Montgomery Building was backlit, the first time I can remember seeing that. QS-1, as usual, was illuminated. The AC Marriott's spotlights were lit. And, it appeared that every light in every apartment of Church Street Lofts was turned on.
  12. What will become of the Coca-Cola building?

    First, I’m not surprised that Coke is leaving. It was just a matter of time in my opinion. Second, I think it’s just a matter of time this building is repurposed into something really exciting. I can picture William Cribb imagineering a restaurant concept that dovetails nicely with the building’s unique architecture.
  13. The Montgomery Building

    I'm mildly optimistic because (1) the city will (or is supposed to) improve the streetscaping around the MB which should help with pedestrian access, (2) with 70+ apartments, offices, and other retail, there should be demand for a coffee shop, and (3) no such shop is in the immediate area serving "The George" and the courthouse area.
  14. Sparkle City Eateries

    Just curious, what "impact" on local businesses worries you? I'm not trying to be sarcastic just wanting to better understand your point. THANK YOU! I think this means that downtown HAS arrived!
  15. AC Hotel on West Main

    This sign is at the southeast corner of the property? Have other signs been placed elsewhere? Sorry to ask but I've been out of town and unable to check out the hotel's progress for myself.