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  1. Interesting to see how this view compares to June 8th, the last time I photographed the project from this vantage point.
  2. If this eyesore of a building is demolished and an attractive storage facility is constructed (i.e. John B White Blvd where the Camelot Cinema once stood) this would be a huge improvement. BTW, that building was a Bi Lo supermarket that was constructed in the 70's.
  3. I was hoping that Converse Street would be freshly resurfaced. I guess not.
  4. Located in the terminal building of the downtown airport is the Clear Skies Cafe. Its a small place with limited seating and a modest menu (relatively inexpensive burgers, dogs, wraps, sandwiches, etc.). Its been in business for a few months now but today was the first opportunity I had to try it out. To be sure, its not fine dining but a great place to experience Spartanburg's aviation history. BTW, the airport 95 years old this year.
  5. Lots of workers on site this afternoon.
  6. After reading about CSL, it's business model and leadership, my opinion regarding this project is beginning to change. I'd still prefer a performance venue but this company seems to have the bona fides to pull this off and do it well.
  7. Learned today that David M Schwarz, the architect for the Chapman Cultural Center and AC Hotel will be the lead exterior architect for the new city-county building. McMillan Pazdan Smith will be the lead "boots on the ground" and interior architect.
  8. Had lunch at El Paso last week. It was very good.
  9. After talking with someone last night I believe this is it.
  10. I'm hearing rumblings of a major development out West Main. Along with the streetscaping this could be a game changer. Fingers crossed.
  11. Looks like the demolition of the old Wendy's at Pine and Henry is about to happen. I'm hearing something exciting and unique will be taking its place.
  12. Congratulations to our great neighbor - Cherokee County!
  13. I need to learn more about the e-sports market and e-sports phenomenom before commenting but my instincts tell me this is not the best use for the Carolina Theater. I'm curious who the developer is and what input the residents of the MB will have on this.
  14. I'm the last person to say why airlines choose one market over another. But what I can say is that what market is being served and by whom today is likely to change tomorrow. I'm also old enough to remember the lean times at GSP - in the early days Piedmont and Southern provided point-to-point service to regional destinations. Later Eastern Airlines was the only game in town with daily "Whisperjet" nonstops to Atlanta and Charlotte. What I'm saying is that airlines will come and go but the overall trajectory of GSP with respect to airline service and passenger growth has been positive. And I believe we'll see more airlines and destinations including international service within 20 years. It wasn't that long ago the airport had open air concourses, no jet bridges, a single pair of restrooms, a tiny coffee shop, and a puny 7,600' runway.
  15. Your knowledge of the airport and the airport commission is sorely lacking. First, Roger Milliken has been dead since 2010. There's no such thing as "Milliken Leadership". But when alive was Mr Milliken an instrumental and visionary chairman of the airport commission? Certainly. Second, the airport commission was chartered by the state before construction of the airport even began in 1961. The commission isn't going away and it's ludicrous to suggest it be replaced by the City of Greenville. I doubt anyone in city hall wants that responsibility. A large commercial airport is a complex operation requiring professional management and independent oversight. Even the smallish Greenville Downtown Airport is run by an independent commission. To be sure there are cities who run their airports. Chicago is a notable example. But I argue that independent commissions or transit "authorities" with oversight over professional management is preferable to politicians and bureaucrats. Third, the chairperson of the airport commission is Minor Shaw, daughter of Buck Mickel, a protege of Charles Daniel, who along with Roger Milliken was the force behind building the airport. Mrs Shaw is exceedingly well respected for her commission leadership. Finally, the commission has performed its role admirably for six decades. I strongly challenge your assertion the commission is a "joke". Under their wise oversight the airport has steadily grown from a tiny, some would say quaint facility (it only cost $10 million to build in 1962!) to one that is nationally recognized for its attractiveness, convenience, ease of use, lack of congestion, connections, cargo growth, and vision for expansion. Airport commission meetings are open to the public, minutes are published, and the commissioners are profiled on the airport website.
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