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  1. roads-scholar

    Spartanburg Area Economic Developments

    The Tyger River Industrial Park has landed some big investments.
  2. roads-scholar

    Smith's Drug Store Redevelopment

    I'm going to beg to differ (and will probably receive howls of protests!). Many suburban pharmacies have drive-thru's, why shouldn't a downtown pharmacy have one? A drive-thru seems to make perfect sense to me, especially as downtown's density increases. Smith's has stuck with downtown when most others have bailed. Why not accommodate their simple request? A handful of parking spaces on Main and Dunbar streets won't cut it. The overall rendering looks great. Okay, now rip me to pieces.
  3. roads-scholar

    Renaissance Park Projects & Developments

    Does anyone have an update on the Gibbs/Cajka office project? I've been out of town and haven't even been downtown in at least a month. 200-unit luxury apartment development at Renaissance Park - any news on where this project is? Again, I haven't been downtown in a while.
  4. roads-scholar

    The Montgomery Building

    Looks nice. Thanks for posting!
  5. roads-scholar

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    The Smith Drug store "new construction" is intriguing. Anyone care to speculate on this?
  6. roads-scholar

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    The photo from the 40's is one I haven't seen before. I remember shopping at The Leader in the late 1960's but didn't realize the store had been around that long.
  7. roads-scholar

    Public Art

    I believe this art is located at the intersection of Heywood / Skylyn and Drayton Road. Its stunning at night.
  8. roads-scholar

    The Future of Spartanburg's Downtown Memorial Airport

    Airport park dedication and grand opening this Saturday.
  9. roads-scholar

    The Montgomery Building

    The detail being put into this building is just amazing. Thanks for the close-up.
  10. roads-scholar

    Sparkle City Eateries

    When Bill Barnet (former mayor) purchased the former Abby's Grill building last year I knew that something substantial would eventually occupy this space.
  11. roads-scholar

    New County Courthouse & City/County Government Center

    I hate city hall and can't wait to see it obliterated. Agree that at least some of the courthouse be saved. But, with the mold problems becoming a public relations disaster, saving the courthouse may not be an option.
  12. roads-scholar

    Greater Spartanburg Projects & Developments

    Anyone know what is going on at the former Wilson World / Radisson / Clarion Hotel on Fairforest Road? There is a lot of activity there Construction equipment, workers, trucks, etc
  13. roads-scholar

    Sparkle City Eateries

    The H-J report is correct. The late owner, and a partner with the Columbia group, was a relative of mine. The Columbia partners are now out of the picture. The current owners are Spartanburg based and totally committed to their pub. I had heard about the outdoor seating and think that's a swell idea.
  14. roads-scholar

    The Montgomery Building

    Will the bay window panels be replaced?
  15. roads-scholar

    Sparkle City Eateries

    There are downtown T.G.I. friday’s but mostly in BIG cities (Midtown Manhattan, Chicago, Indy, etc) but none in small cities. Nevertheless, this location is prime and needs a well capitalized chain. Ruth’s Chris?