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  1. The Wild Ace building will become an events center.
  2. Note "Charles Street" from this Spartanburg street map circa 1938.
  3. Wow! I drove by this site today and the transformation is amazing. Can't wait to see this project take form.
  4. I'm terribly concerned with every small business, not only in Spartanburg but everywhere. The longer this goes the more casualties we're going to see. I think the good news is that downtown Spartanburg has turned a corner and its place as a destination is set. This should bode well for future investment.
  5. Ah, Saturday was a lovely day!
  6. Irrespective of the columns the building will be imposing.
  7. As a longtime supporter of the airport I think this a great idea. There are many people in Spartanburg who have no idea the city has a downtown airport. This sign will help change that.
  8. USC Spartanburg, uh Upstate, certainly needs a replacement for the Hodge Center. Its a glorified high school gym. For the school to move to the next level it needs an arena. More and more colleges and universities are constructing on-campus arenas that are often booked for non-university events. I'd love to see a downtown arena but, let's face it, the money ain't there.
  9. Sam got the Residence Inn up pretty fast.
  10. Remind me...is the “Silver Hill Project” the high density apartment complex or the single family homes?
  11. From FP’s website: J M Smith Corporation will remain one of the South Carolina upstate’s largest corporations and will continue to operate as the parent company for Smith Drug Company, RX Medic and SMS. Upon closing of the transaction, the J M Smith Corporation’s board will consider whether to use the sale proceeds for reinvestment in the company, reduction of indebtedness, share repurchases, shareholder dividends or a combination thereof.
  12. Do you think Initial Q and Underpin will get some branding on their building? The Broad Street side of the building is especially lacking in branding and signage.
  13. I’m concerned. All I’ve heard during the last year is “a lot of developers and investors are looking at Spartanburg”. If that’s true WHEN will they begin developing and investing? What’s happened to the Bon Haven development? What’s happened to the Cambria project? What’s happened to the Smith Drug project? What’s happened to the senior living project on 29? What's happening to the empty C&S Bank building on Morgan square?
  14. Bronco will be a good traffic generator for this shopping center.
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