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  1. roads-scholar

    Renaissance Park Projects & Developments

    Checkout the city's Facebook page and you'll see it there. The rendering looks impressive to me.
  2. roads-scholar

    What others are saying about Spartanburg

    The "Burg" mentioned in a publication that I've just learned about.
  3. roads-scholar

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    A huge improvement! I just hope all the “ground floor retail” spaces in this building and others downtown get filled.
  4. roads-scholar

    Spartanburg Area Economic Developments

    I suppose some might spin this by saying that Greenville County is doing what is right
  5. roads-scholar

    The Future of Spartanburg's Downtown Memorial Airport

    Most people don’t realize this but the airport has been closed for the last two weeks while the runway is being reconstructed and lengthened. Lighting and navigation aids will be modernized too If I’m not mistaken the airport is scheduled to reopen August 23rd.
  6. roads-scholar

    Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport

    I began this thread eight years ago and still find the story of the airport fascinating. Mr. Miliken and Mr. Daniel were true visionaries back in the late 50’s when very few people - in Spartanburg and Greenville were unwilling or unable to see the future of aviation. Spartanburg has always fought to keep it’s name in the airport’s brand. Lately, “Spartanburg” seems to have found its way into airline’s websites and apps. A couple of years ago I walked up to the counter of a large international airport and mentioned that my destination was Spartanburg. Lo and behold the agent knew exactly where I was headed and promptly stuck a GSP bag tag on my luggage. I encourage everyone to read read or re-read what I wrote back in 2010 about the airport, it’s conception, birth, and formative years. More than 90 percent of the airport’s property sits within Spartanburg County including most of the 11,000 foot runway and the entire terminal building. But downtown Greenville is only 13 miles by car from the terminal, perhaps the reason it’s sometimes referred as “the Greenville airport”.
  7. roads-scholar

    Spartanburg Photo of the Day

    Thanks! I never noticed the "W" on the pediment.
  8. roads-scholar

    Northside Developments

    Wow, WSPA is actually devoting some airtime to Spartanburg!
  9. roads-scholar

    Greater Spartanburg Projects & Developments

    Agree with everything you say about Todd. He's young, good looking, visionary, personable, smart, and loves his city. He'd make an awesome mayor. Your assessment of Junie may be a bit too harsh, though. He's been part of the community for a long time and is well liked. I'm not aware that he has any enemies; only friends. I don't think he has the "vision thing" but he's been fortunate to have, as you say, the chamber people doing that for him. What Junie provides is stability, wisdom, and a grandfatherly leadership style that seems to be working well as our city continues to grow and transition. We could do a whole lot worse! That said, I hope Junie calls it quits after this term and someone like Todd, if not Todd, takes his place.
  10. roads-scholar

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    Interesting name (142 Social). I love Magnolia Street and glad to know that ugly building will be modified.
  11. roads-scholar

    Spartanburg Off-Topic

    I know Chris and feel he can do a competent job BUT not sure about his expertise with financial institutions. Memmott was brilliant at putting together complex deals with banks.
  12. roads-scholar

    Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport

    The article is a bit confusing to me. I'm not really sure if this is posturing on the part of some county delegation member or what. According to the airport website, Spartanburg already has representation on the airport commission - Bill Barnett, Hank Ramella, and Doug Smith. I know two of these men personally and can attest to their commitment to Spartanburg's best interests vis-a-vis the airport.
  13. roads-scholar

    Sparkle City Eateries

    My bride and I had dinner at The Flat last Friday evening and our burgers were top notch. The service was a bit "flat" (no pun intended) but I'd attribute that to the fact the place had only been open for a few days. We loved the decor and the unique menu choices.
  14. roads-scholar

    Sparkle City Eateries

    Magnolia Street is becoming quite the destination for dining! Anyone have any ideas when the Wild Ace Pizza (the old C&S Bank Building) will be occupied and by whom?
  15. roads-scholar

    The Grain District

    Living in several current and former minor league cities (including Spartanburg) I can tell you that fans often tire and become disinterested in their teams and stadiums. Attendance wanes and the owners begin seeking new and profitable venues. i see Spartanburg's best chance for a return of professional baseball when a team starts looking to relocate. If the financial incentives are right a team owner may relocate here and even construct his own stadium. I'm not so sure about soccer. Its growing in popularity, yes, but Spartanburg and the Piedmont have a long tradition with baseball. I'm sure local baseball fans will embrace a team if the stadium is attractive and located in the right place. By the way, rules that govern minor and major league baseball territorial rights give existing franchises the "right of first refusal" on new franchises located in their own county and in those counties that abut their county. Finally, Spartan is right. I believe that most people in Spartanburg won't drive to Greenville for a minor league baseball game. A major league [exhibition] game, maybe.