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  1. I never tried their pizza but heard it was good. I also was confused by their hours of operation. When driving and walking by and before the pandemic their business hours seemed consistent. But since April, 2020 they've been all over the place it seems. When I have seen patrons, the place has always been moderately busy. Maybe staffing issues?
  2. I see the word "grocery" shown on one of the renderings. Interesting.
  3. My money is on more medical. Seems logical for this location. However, I could see a high-density mid-rise apartment building there too.
  4. Below was my wish list for 2021: A solid tenant (or tenants) for the Coca Cola building on West Main Street. Nothing A development announced for the Grain District on Daniel Morgan Avenue south of the AC Marriott Hotel. DanMor groundbreaking? DanMor is dead but earth is moving at the Grain District. No announcements. Another downtown apartment / condo project. Perhaps one that will enhance the skyline. There is an exciting development proposal for East Main Street in the works. More development at the Pine / Main intersection. Nothing. Finally, a quality tenant for the proposed Gibbs office building project at Renaissance Park. Nothing. Should we assume this one is dead? An announcement regarding Milliken Village (tenants, construction timetable, etc.). Nothing. A redevelopment plan for Westgate Mall. Nothing. More housing, affordable and market rate, in the city. Certainly. Announcement regarding the former blood bank building on East Main. Nothing. Announcement regarding the redevelopment of Hillcrest Shopping Center. Signs are up. Stein Mart building being renovated. Rumors are that Hobby Lobby will open at Hillcrest . Small Wish list for 2022: An BIG announcement for the Grain District. Construction to begin on downtown Fairfield Inn. The East Main Street condo/apartment deveiopment will get the green light and a timetable for construction will be announced.
  5. I don't like Mast General. Before they went "corporate" and "hip" and decided to set up in cool downtown areas they were a "destination" retailer in far away Valle Crucis, North Carolina. There's nothing in their overpriced stores that would make me want to shop there s we anymore. Now the LH is exclusive to Spartanburg and has invested in this community. Owners are usually onsite. Nice quality products too.
  6. Attended tonight the ribbon cutting of the newly renovated One Spartanburg headquarters building. Both interior and exterior upgrades represent a stunning and impressive improvement from the drab office space the organization had prior.
  7. Drove by Hillcrest this afternoon and noticed heavy equipment performing demolition/reconstruction at the former Stein Mart building.
  8. I was employed in the auto industry (for a major manufacturer, not a dealership) early in my career and worked in the department where the planning of dealerships locations and relocations were made. The process of choosing dealer "points" is rather complex (akin to sausage making ) and too involved to for me to go into great detail here. However, some important factors are: State dealer franchise laws Manufacturer franchise requirements Vehicle registrations by market segment Income levels and trends in a particular market Growth potential and trends in a particular market Finding a dealer investor This may surprise you but state dealer franchise laws and finding a dealer investor are the two most critical and challenging considerations. State franchise laws vary wildly from state to state and are often written in such a manner as to discourage, rather than encourage, new dealer points and relocations. South Carolina's laws pertaining to locations and relocations were some of the more lenient in the country during my time but could have changed. Dealerships are extremely costly to operate, hence finding a dealer investor with deep pockets can be difficult. That's why consumers are seeing more "chain" dealer operators rather than independent dealers, especially in metropolitan markets. Another recent factor is consumer buying behavor. More and more car buyers prefer the online purchasing experience rather than visiting brick and mortar dealerships. Dealerships aren't going away anytime soon but the need for a dealership in every market will probably diminish. The auto company I worked for had more than 5,000 dealerships as late as 1980. Recessions, retrenchment of dealer points, and others causes have resulted in this number dropping to around 3,000 today. Why doesn't Spartanburg have any luxury brand dealerships? Its the factors I've mentioned above plain and simple. As the market continues to expand luxury automakers and dealer investors will be looking at Spartanburg. Hey, its possible that Spartanburg is already being looked at.
  9. Piggly Wiggly has a banner hanging from the front entrance. Progress!
  10. That stretch of North Church needs a boost or catalyst. This looks like a good start.
  11. Agree that riff-raff does congregate at c-stores but the people at QT "generally" keep that stuff under control. It's not perfect but better than most.
  12. A QT or even Circle K would be an improvement at this intersection. The bowling ally and parking lot has been looking run down for years now (at least its exterior) and both strip centers across Main and Webber are shabby and in need of upgrades. If not for Mon Ami... Moreover, this area needs an attractive and well lit c-store. If I lived out there I'd be pleased.
  13. Agree 100%. "Game changer" is almost too modest a description for this development.
  14. I love your boldness! Your GREEN corridor makes the most logical sense for a simple (non-freeway) spur to US-29. But tying into I-85 and Business 85 cost money and our friends at SCDOT are averse to anything that costs money. The I-85 / Gossett Road connection seems to me underutilized. Maybe a connection there? Your RED and BLUE corridors make the most sense when it comes to a longer term and extensive bypass which would presumably include a connnection with US-176 and SC-295. I'm prepared for the howls!
  15. "Eventually" something's got to happen to alleviate traffic on the eastside. Its only going to get worse. A north-south connector of some sort needs to be planned and funded soon and before property values skyrocket and NIMBYism makes it politically problematic. Whitestone-Glendale / Clifton-Glendale / Plainview / Cannons Campground is a bandaid and not a long-term solution. Long term something futher east roughly paralleling the Pacolet River is the only thing that makes sense.
  16. Noticed a surveying crew down there this morning. Not sure what that meant.
  17. A bypass between South Pine and I-85 via East Main (another one of my pipe dreams) needs to be built. Should have been built decades ago.
  18. IMO the priorities are: New interchange at I-26 and US-176. Try turning toward Inman or Quik Trip after exiting from eastbound I-26. Its almost impossible and even dangerous during rush hour. Interchange for Clark Road and I-26 with improvements to clark all the way to SC-9. This could alleviate traffic on Old Furnace Road. Pipe Dream: Extend I-585 northward toward Boiling Springs.
  19. I see this as THINKING BIG and THINKING BOLDLY, something that is in short supply these days in the good ole US of A. And, anything Bill Barnet is involved in gets my attention.
  20. Holy moly! If this happens Spartanburg will roar! Fingers [double] crossed. I wonder if a hotel component is part of this project?
  21. I'm wondering that since all these buildings are a hodgepodge the developer will tear 'em all down and construct something more substantial.
  22. For those of you who like maps and aerial imagery: https://livingatlas2.arcgis.com/sentinel2explorer/ Not hi-res but appears very current.
  23. Now Wal Mart: https://www.goupstate.com/story/news/2021/10/19/walmart-announces-plans-build-spartanburg-county-distribution-center-create-400-jobs-2024/8519730002/
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