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  1. I can see why they went to the effort of getting gold plated windows, that aesthetic is really paying off /s
  2. What a weird rendering, no context at all
  3. For some reason Lincoln at Dilworth also does not have trees planted on Morehead
  4. These pictures were taken last night where Harding place turns into Greenwood Cliff Rd. A couple houses were just recently demolished and it looks like they are about to put up fencing around the block ljfek
  5. Does anyone which architecture firm designed this?
  6. A few houses were demolished this past week near the corner of East blvd and Lombardy Cir. Are there any current plans to build something here?
  7. There seems to be a decent amount of activity at the corner of Mockingbird Ln and hedgemore Dr, any body know what is being built here?
  8. Does anyone know when they will begin construction on the Office tower and hotel?
  9. I saw a house was recently demolished diagonally across the street from that site, is this related at all?
  10. honestly I'm prepared to be underwhelmed, but hopefully I'm wrong
  11. What building is it that is being constructed in the second picture?
  12. Why has this been taking so long? Has Roy just been working on it by himself?
  13. That is the Chongqing World Financial Centre. I visited there a couple of years ago and it's a really nice part of the skyline especially at night. If anyone is interested in the cyberpunk aesthetic; which I love, you should make it a priority to visit Chongqing. If Charlotte could have a little more of the gritty chaos and neon lights that is Chongqing, Charlotte would be such an exciting place and definitely stand out among other American cities.
  14. In your second picture, is that a tall building off in the distance?
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